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"Whatever lies he's fed them, the soldiers at the Forts have sworn allegiance to Flameheart as their new master."

Forts of the Forgotten is the second Adventure in Sea of Thieves. It began on March 24, 2022 and ended on April 7, 2022. The adventure's story is centered around rescuing the captive residents of Golden Sands from the Sea Forts recently brought forth from the Sea of the Damned.

Official summary

With the Sea Forts in place and their soldiers pledging allegiance to Flameheart, the fog cloaking those afflicted islands has mostly vanished, although Golden Sands remains as stubbornly shrouded as ever. Unwilling to leave the Outpost’s denizens to an unknown fate, Belle has continued her search and has an idea of their location at last.

Pirates will soon have reasons other than riches to face the Phantom hordes, for it’s in the newly manifested Sea Forts that the hapless captives have been imprisoned. If they’re not saved from the intimidating Phantom Jailor and those he serves, Wonda and her neighbours are sure to face a sticky end before too long.

Pirate crews looking to enact a daring rescue (not to mention earn an exclusive Memento from this Adventure) should sharpen their swords and prepare themselves to lay siege in ‘Forts of the Forgotten’, running from March 24th to April 7th. After all, who knows what useful information Flameheart’s prisoners might have gathered during their time in captivity…?

Adventure Recap before The Shrouded Deep

Wonda-ing Free

Across Flameheart’s Sea Forts, the prison cells have fallen silent and the Jailors who guarded them have been sent back into the void. This is all thanks to the valiant efforts of pirates acting on Belle’s behalf, fighting through Phantoms to release the inhabitants of Golden Sands Outpost from imprisonment.

Conversations with those captives soon revealed that the Reapers’ devious ambitions were centered on Wonda, resident weaponsmith of Golden Sands and known to be just as skilled at her craft as her sister Wanda, who had formerly served at Flameheart’s side.

Attempting to coerce Wonda into taking her sibling’s place, the Servant of the Flame chose to lay innocent lives on the line. Had Belle not intervened, Wonda’s stubborn refusal to surrender seemed destined to end in a binding ritual, sealing the prisoners’ souls away in Enchantment Vessels – possibly forever.

Veiled Threats

When talking with Wonda after her release, pirates picked up on a strange rumour she’d overheard from Phantom guards: namely, that Flameheart has somehow captured one of the Ancients, a mysterious people that once inhabited the seas we sail today.

Unlikely as it may sound, this ghostly gossip certainly holds meaning for Belle. Flameheart’s need for a skilled warmonger, a surplus of Dark Relics and his renewed interest in the Sea of the Damned all seem related to an artefact Belle names as the Veil of the Ancients. An artefact last seen disappearing into the maw of a near-mythical Megalodon…


Deeds are challenges related to the Adventure but reward Renown:


Promotional image of the Mementos.
Image Memento Description Requirement
Jailor's Cutlass.png Jailor's Cutlass "A sword plundered from the merciless Phantom Jailor who imprisoned Wonda and her friends." Complete the Adventure.
Freer of Forgotten Forts emblem.png Freer of Forgotten Forts "A Title awarded to those who rescued the imprisoned inhabitants of Golden Sands Outpost." Complete all Deeds during the Adventure.


Chapter One: The Adventure Begins...

  1. As you approach any Outpost tavern, Larinna can be heard beckoning you over. Speak with her and choose the "[BEGIN ADVENTURE] I'm ready to speak with Belle." dialogue option to begin the Adventure. Once she has delivered the dialogue, begin your sail to Golden Sands Outpost.
  2. Once you arrive at Golden Sands Outpost, you will find Belle standing in front of the tavern. Speak with her to complete the first chapter.

Chapter Two: A Risky Rescue

  1. Speak with Belle at Golden Sands Outpost by selecting the "[CONTINUE ADVENTURE] I'm ready to save some prisoners" dialogue option. She will give you instructions on your objective.
  2. To finish this chapter, you must complete the following objectives:
    1. Locate and travel to Sea Forts. You must complete at least three Sea Forts; one in each of the original three regions.
    2. Defeat at least one Phantom Jailor at a Sea Fort and acquire its Prison Cell Key.
    3. Use the Prison Cell Key to free the prisoners trapped in the cell on the lower level of each Sea Fort, and speak with each one.
      • Optional Deed: Speak with all imprisoned residents of Golden Sands Outpost once the cell has been unlocked. There is one Deed for each individual NPC spoken to, so you will need to travel to multiple Sea Forts to complete every one of these Deeds.
    4. Deliver at least one Enchantment Vessel to Belle. These can be found on the floor of each Prison Cell, along with the prisoners.
  3. Once each objective is completed, return to Belle at Golden Sands Outpost. Speak with her and select the "[COMPLETE ADVENTURE] Wonda mentioned Flameheart has an Ancient held captive..." dialogue option.

Chapter Three: Ancient Answers

  1. After a short section of spoken dialogue, the Adventure will complete and the Jailor's Cutlass will be awarded immediately.


Chapter One Dialogue

Beginning Adventure


So, I hear killing those Soulflame Captains was not so smart after all.
Belle tells me it weakened the boundary between worlds.
Flameheart has been able to pull memories from the Sea of the Damned and imprisoned the folks from Golden Sands in them.
They're old-looking forts, Forts of the Forgotten. Hmm, that's got a nice ring to it!
Take this note, Belle will fill you in on the rest.
She's waiting for you at Golden Sands Outpost.

Larinna: While the Adventure has been activated

Dialogue icon.png

The prisoners need our help! Head to what's left of Golden Sands Outpost and look for Belle.

You said something about Sea Forts?

Well, whatever you call them. They're big, they're heavily defended and they're full of angry Phantoms
If Flameheart's plan was to bring his reinforcements from the Sea of the Damned, it looks like it succeeded.
Whatever lies he's fed them, the soldiers at the Forts have sworn allegiance to Flameheart as their new master.
Mind you, in the wider world, Sea Forts tend to be packed full of plunder. Perhaps these are, too?
I suppose pirates could attempt to claim a Fort for themselves... Just don't expect Flameheart to surrender them easily!

Belle wants to speak with me?

I'm not surprised. Word of what happened at Shipwreck Bay has been spreading in recent days.
Clearly, Belle thinks you have what it takes to help her bring the residents of Golden Sands Outpost back home.
She seems to have taken their disappearance personally - which is good, because I have no idea where to start searching.
I suspect you don't have a lot of time to mount a rescue, so you'd best get yourself ready for anything.
Once you've prepared, come back and speak with me. I'll point you in the right direction!

Belle: Completing Chapter One

Dialogue icon.png

Good, you're here! I assume that means you got my message. We have some prisoners to save...


(Voiceover starts and Chapter One completes)



Greetings. I now know which memories Flameheart has chosen to bring forth
from the Sea of the Damned and why. We must act fast!

Chapter Two Dialogue

Beginning Chapter Two


[CONTINUE ADVENTURE] I'm ready to save some prisoners!

There's no time to waste!
Flameheart has taken the inhabitants of Golden Sands, he was seeking a new right-hand in Wanda's sister,
but just like her sister, she is stubborn.
These people are little more than pawns in his game.
Should she continue to refuse him, he will have his Phantom Jailors dispose of them.
The Forts are here. I fear for the souls of those trapped within,
there are fates worse than death within the Sea of Thieves...

Belle: During Chapter Two

Dialogue icon.png

Head out to a Sea Fort and do whatever it takes to rescue the prisoners! Be sure to bring me any Enchantment Vessels you find. They may prove useful...


Prisoners: During Chapter Two


Dialogue icon.png

Boy, am I glad to see you! I was about to wish my soul goodbye. Flameheart clearly thought I'd drop everything to replace my sister as his new Warsmith. Fat chance.
Well, he lost his rag completely then - he kidnapped everyone from Golden Sands to 'persuade' me to join him. I don't respond well to blackmail, so here we all are in this hovel.
If the Jailor's gone, we'd better break out while we can. The guards were muttering something about Flameheart capturing an Ancient? Must be talking rubbish.



Dialogue icon.png

You're certainly a sight for sore eyes! Thanks for breaking us out - you'll be drinking for free so long as I'm behind the bar!



Dialogue icon.png

INCREDIBLE! I was about to mount my own daring escape, but you impress even me! Now to swim aaaaaaall the way BACK to Golden Sands!



Dialogue icon.png

Oh thank heavens - you've saved us! I was worried how long I could keep up my cheerful demeanour before it turned to strained mirth.



Dialogue icon.png



Senior Trader Mavis

Dialogue icon.png

You took your time. Thanks for the rescue. Well, that's enough pleasantries - I've got money to make.


Hugh the Hoarder

Dialogue icon.png

Oh, a pirate's come to rescue us. I bet you're just in it for the reward. Well, all you're getting from me is a curt thank you. Now, my gold better be EXACTLY as I left it...


Madame Olga

Dialogue icon.png

You triumph over the accursed Jailor! But there is another prisoner, one far more ancient than we... but I forget myself. A thousand thanks to you, bold pirate.



Dialogue icon.png

Finally, someone coming to our rescue! I was getting sick of weevil-filled biscuits and rancid bilge for our evening meal.


Chapter Three Dialogue

Completing Adventure


[COMPLETE ADVENTURE] Wonda mentioned Flameheart has an Ancient held captive...

You have saved the souls of Golden Sands and they will return home in due course.
With the Dark Relics found, the fog will soon lift,
though it does seem to linger over Golden Sands...
Souls... Wonda... Ancients...
How could I have been so foolish! The Forts are only the beginning.
Flameheart is seeking the Veil of the Ancients!
An artefact capable of breaking down the barrier between the Sea of Thieves and the Sea of the Damned...
...last I heard it was in the belly of the pale beast...
I know how to call it, but who is capable of...
Merrick! I must speak to Merrick.
As soon as I have everything in order, I will find you again.

Progress Log

Chapter One Beginning

With Flameheart's Sea Forts now having fully manifested in the Sea of Thieves, Belle has returned in their wake. She brings news of those who have been missing ever since the destruction of Golden Sands Outpost.

Chapter One End
A meeting with Belle at Golden Sands Outpost revealed the truth behind the residents who once inhabited the islands - they are now helpless prisoners of Captain Flameheart's loyal Phantoms.

Chapter Two Beginning
Having reunited with Belle, the race is on to save the Golden Sands residents from Flameheart's Sea Forts, before their lives can be placed in even greater peril by his nefarious schemes.

Chapter Two End
A daring raid on Flameheart's Sea Forts and a battle with a Phantom Jailor has earned the residents of Golden Sands their freedom, and put paid to the Dark Ritual that would have bound their souls.

Chapter Three Beginning
Flameheart's prisoners have been freed, and a strange truth has come to light. Wonda overheard something important during her incarceration. It is time to speak with Belle about what it might mean...

Chapter Three End
Learning that Flameheart has found a way to access knowledge of the Ancients has given Belle fresh insight into his actions. She leaves on a mysterious mission to speak with Merrick of The Hunter's Call, for it seems the Shrouded Ghost has something to do with Flameheart's plans.


  • During the Adventure, Sea Forts use Phantom Cannonballs instead of standard Cannonballs when firing upon approaching ships.
  • The Prison Cell Key found during this adventure has a unique key jangle sound effect when picked up.
  • The note given before starting the Adventure, and the note given for Chapter I of the adventure have the same text, however, they have different font sizes.



Forts of the Forgotten Cinematic Trailer

Forts of the Forgotten Gameplay Trailer

Patch history

  • (March 24, 2022)
    • Adventure Begins.
  • 2.5.0 (March 10, 2022)
    • Sea Forts now maintain a physical presence on the Sea of Thieves.
  • 2.4.2 (February 10, 2022)
    • (March 3rd) Ghostly visions of Sea Forts began appearing upon the seas.

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