Gift Seeker of The Wilds

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The Gift Seeker of The Wilds Voyage is a Mercenary Voyage in Sea of Thieves. The Voyage is time-limited for the duration of The Festival of Giving (2019) during December 2019.

The Voyage

The Gift Seeker of The Wilds is a two Chapter Mercenary Voyage with two X Marks the Spot Maps per chapter. The Voyage takes players to two Fortresses to dig up Gifts and eventually fight a Skeleton Lord. The Voyage is considered complete when the two Maps have been completely dug up.


  • Chapter 1: One X Marks the Spot Map on a Fortress in The Wilds Region with 3 X's. Each of these X's has a chance to uncover either a Humble Gift (worth Doubloons) or the rarer Generous Gift (worth 10 Doubloons). Once dug up, the next chapter will begin.
  • Final Chapter: Players are given another Map on another Fort in the Region. The main difference of this chapter is that one of the X's will spawn the Skeleton Lord Mutinous Helmsman. This Skeleton Lord has all the moves of the Skeleton Lords from Tall Tales, however he has a lot less health than the average lord. Beware that if your crew should wipe to the Mutinous Helmsman, then he will disappear. Make sure that at least one Crew Member stays alive. The Mutinous Helmsman will drop a Villainous Bounty Skull and a special Skeleton's Orders Map.
  • Skeleton's Orders: The Skeleton's Orders Quest is easy to miss, since it has to be picked up from the ground and the Skeleton Lord can despawn after the whole crew dies. The Skeleton's Orders Map will give the Crew an additional X Marks the Spot Map on the same Fort with 1 more X's. This map always uncovers a Generous Gift.


"Find buried gifts in The Wilds and take them to the Reaper's Hideout."