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The Humble Gift is a type of Gift Item in Sea of Thieves. The contents of these Gifts are a mystery, however, the Reaper's Bones Company seems to value these packages and is willing to reward players with Doubloons and Reputation for them. There are various Commendations for gifting these packages to other Crews and having them sell the gifts instead.

Where to find

Humble Gifts are the more common type of Gift and can be found in the following locations:


Humble Gifts can be sold to The Servant of the Flame at The Reaper’s Hideout for Doubloons and Reaper's Bones Reputation and Emissary Value (if sailing as a Reaper's Bones Emissary).

The following is the reward chart for the sold Gift:

Emissary Grade Doubloons Emissary Value
No Emissary Doubloons 0
I Doubloons 2700
II Doubloons 3591
III Doubloons 4509
IV 10 Doubloons 5400
V 12 Doubloons 6750



Plundered Prizes emblem.png
Plundered PrizesSell 600 of any Trading Company items while flying the Reaper's Bones Emissary Flag.
  • Grade I: 120
  • Grade II: 240
  • Grade III: 360
  • Grade IV: 480
  • Grade V: 600
Lock icon.png Unlocks Dawn Hunter Set items for purchase.
Fearless Reaper emblem.png
Fearless ReaperSell 320 of any Trading Company items while flying a Grade 5 Reaper's Bones Emissary Flag.
  • Grade I: 60
  • Grade II: 120
  • Grade III: 200
  • Grade IV: 240
  • Grade V: 320
Humble Giving emblem.png
Humble GivingDeliver a Humble Gift.+Doubloons
Humble Giving for Many emblem.png
Humble Giving for ManyDeliver 25 Humble Gifts.+10 Doubloons
Lock icon.png Unlocks the Frostbite Bucket, Frostbite Compass, Frostbite Pocket Watch, Frostbite Spyglass, and Frostbite Flag for purchase.
Humble Giving for All emblem.png
Humble Giving for AllDeliver 50 Humble Gifts.+15 Doubloons
Lock icon.png Unlocks the Frostbite Banjo, Frostbite Concertina, Frostbite Drum, Frostbite Hurdy-Gurdy, Frostbite Figurehead, and Frostbite Sails for purchase.
Charitable Giving emblem.png
Charitable GivingGive a Humble Gift to another crew and have it delivered.+Doubloons
Charitable Giving for Many emblem.png
Charitable Giving for ManyGive 15 Humble Gifts to other crews and have them delivered.+10 Doubloons
Charitable Giving for All emblem.png
Charitable Giving for AllGive 30 Humble Gifts to other crews and have them delivered.+15 Doubloons

Pirate Chat Wheel

Here is the Pirate Chat Wheel for the Humble Gift: "I've got the Humble Gift"

"Let's deliver this to The Reaper's Hideout!"

"Hiding the Humble Gift!"

"Let's leave this at The Reaper's Hideout for other crews to give!"

"Protect me!"

"Dropping the Humble Gift!"

"Moving the Humble Gift!"

"Take this off me!"

Humble Gift Wheel.png