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The Seabound Soul is the name of the November 2019 Monthly Content Update, released on November the 20th. The Content Update is divided into two major elements: The Seabound Soul Tall Tale and the Ashen Treasures Mercenary Voyages. In addition, the update introduces the accidentally officially leaked Fire element, new Arena Commendations and items and of course, new additions to the Pirate Emporium and Black Market.

The Seabound Soul Content Update was preceded by the Fort of the Damned Content Update and followed by the December Festival of Giving (2019) Update.

New features

The Seabound Soul Tall Tale

Main article: The Seabound Soul

The crumbling remains of a once-proud Galleon, the Blackwyche, gave Shipwreck Bay its name. Now a ghostly voice calls out from the wreckage. Journey to Shipwreck Bay and seek the captain’s journal in the heart of the Blackwyche to uncover a secret history of binding and betrayal…

Ashen Treasures

Main article: Ashen Treasures

Duke has heard rumours of skeletons gathering ancient Ashen Tomes and keeping them under heavy guard. They are going to great lengths to protect the mysterious pages within, locking the Tomes inside Ashen Chests and keeping the Ashen Keys in isolation. This level of organisation is worrying – something big is brewing!

Time-limited Mercenary Voyages

Ashen Treasure


Main article: Fire

The seas just became a lot more hazardous as this month’s update introduces fire! Whether you’re cooking, sailing through a storm or locked in fierce combat with a rival player or skeleton crew, the threat of your ship (or yourself) bursting into a brilliant ball of flames is now ever-present. You have been warned...

Arena features

Main article: The Arena

Stocked with Firebombs – Looking to cause some havoc in The Arena? Ships will be stocked with firebombs for those pyromaniacs on your crew, and respawning ships will even receive a restocked supply!

Arena Ship Customisation – You will now see a ship customisation chest in the Sea Dog Tavern where you can customise your ship’s wheel, cannons, capstan, and figurehead for the next contest. Your team colour will still be represented on the sails, hull and flag so that you can see rival crews.

Other features

Interactive Campfires

Main article: Campfire

Players can now build and light campfires found on islands across the Sea of Thieves. You’ll need wood in order to rebuild a campfire and your ingenuity to light it. Once lit, you can cook away to your heart’s content, as long as you keep it supplied with wood – but be warned, the smoke emanating from a campfire can be seen by other crews. Protect that Splashtail!

Water Barrel

Main article: Water Barrel

There is now a handy Water Barrel on each ship. Head to the middle deck of the Galleon or bottom deck of the Brigantine and Sloop to find it! Run up to it and interact, pumping some water into the barrel so you can grab it for your bucket to help deal with those fires.

Ammo Crate

Main article: Ammo Crate

Portable Ammo Crates can now be found washed up across the Sea of Thieves. These can hold a stack of 50 ammo for your guns and can be carried to the Ammo Chest found on your ship or on an island to restock the Ammo Crate supply.

Collector's Chests updates

Main article: Collector's Chest

Players will now be rewarded with a Collector’s Chest that contains gold and artefacts inside once they complete any Riddle Quest. This change allows us to increase the rewards players get for completing Riddle Maps to bring them more in line with the rewards players receive for completing X Marks the Spot Voyages. Gold inside the Collector's Chest can be taken immediately and is awarded to the whole crew, but any artefacts found inside are vulnerable and need to be returned to your nearest Outpost!

Players have been scouring the world and uncovering Collector’s Chests, washed up on beaches and even hidden in shipwrecks. Those empty Collector’s Chests will now be packed full of rewards, with a chance to find a range of valuable reward items and even gold that can be collected straight from the chest into your crew’s wallets. They can even be found in Forts, Skeleton Ships, Krakens and Megalodons. Head out there and hunt them out!

Collector’s Chests packed full of rewards and gold have now been added to the vaults of Skeleton Forts. The Fort of the Damned (Raid) even receives a full Collector’s Chest with a range of valuable rewards in addition to all the previous Fort rewards!

New items

The Seabound Soul items

Players will be able to unlock two new Items after finishing The Seabound Soul Commendations:

New Sea Dogs Company items

Glorious Sea Dog items

Players will finally be able to purchase the remainder of the Glorious Sea Dog Set Clothing and Vanity items after acquiring the Captain of Silvered Waters Commendation (Place in the top three in 100 Arena matches):

Triumphant Sea Dog items

This update introduces new unlockable Triumphant Sea Dog Set items, which are blue variations of the Glorious Sea Dog Set items. These items can be unlocked by completing the new Sea Dog Commendations, which require players to use Glorious Sea Dog items in the Arena setting. The full set will cost players a total of 1,180,042 Gold.

Triumphant Sea Dog Clothing

Totaling 317,577‬ Gold

Triumphant Sea Dog Equipment

Totaling 184,685 Gold

Triumphant Sea Dog Weapons

Totaling 230,480‬ Gold

Triumphant Sea Dog Ship Customisation

Totaling 447,300 Gold

Ashen Dragon items

Main article: Ashen Dragon Set

The new Ashen Dragon Set items are available for purchase:

Totalling 92,590‬ Gold

New Black Market items

Desirables for Doubloons

This month, players will have to put aside 610 Doubloons if they want to buy everything from the Black Market.

Wild Rose Weapons

Continuing the beloved Wild Rose Set, this month offers the Wild Rose weapons. Collect the Wild Rose Cutlass, Wild Rose Blunderbuss, Wild Rose Eye of Reach and Wild Rose Pistol, all available for Doubloons.

Totalling 275 Doubloons

Wailing Barnacle Equipment

Not wishing to leave sets unfinished, Jim has stocked the previously unattainable Wailing Barnacle Set items! Available for Doubloons, players can pick up the Lantern, Compass, Spyglass, Shovel, Bucket, Tankard, Speaking Trumpet and even Fishing Rod of the Wailing Barnacle.

Totalling 185 Doubloons

Forsaken Ashes Ship Cosmetics

Jim has recovered a shipment of the once-forgotten Forsaken Ashes Set ship cosmetics, allowing players to complete the set. The Forsaken Ashes Cannon, Capstan and Wheel are all available for Doubloons.

Totalling 150 Doubloons

Goodies for Gold

This month, players will have to put aside 1,363,950 Gold to buy everything from the Black Market.

Dirty Rotten Bilge Rat

How about something for your gold? This monthly update offers a twist on the Dirty Rotten Bilge Rat Set clothing set. Players can acquire the full set by digging into their gold reserves!

Totalling 325,125 Gold

Inky Kraken

Fans of the original Kraken Ship Set will be pleased to find the Black Market now offering the Inky Kraken Set design, available for gold! With the full set available for purchase, you can sail away in devastating style.

Totalling 1,008,000 Gold

New Emporium Items

The Pirate Emporium has been restocked with rare goods and festival treats freshly smuggled into the Sea of Thieves. To see the exciting new items on sale, head to the Pirate Emporium from the Sea of Thieves main menu before jumping into the game, or at an Outpost via the Emporium outlet above the Order of Souls tent!

Counting Bundles, players will have to put aside a total of 15,869‬ Ancient Coins to purchase everything added to the Emporium (Note that Pet Outfits can only be purchased if the Player already owns the Pets).

Seasonal Items

The Pirate Emporium is celebrating the Sea of Thieves’ first Festival of Plenty! With a range of festival-themed player instruments and outfits for all the pets, there’s something for everyone to celebrate with their crew. These Festival of Plenty items are time-limited for The Seabound Soul update, so snatch them up before they return to the vault.

Festival of Plenty Instrument Bundle

Festival of Plenty Pet Outfits

Totalling 1,494 Ancient Coins

New Pets

The Skeleton Cockatoo and Marmoset have now left the Pirate Emporium, but fear not – their real-life counterparts have arrived! Head to the pets section to find a range of colourful crested Cockatoos and agile Marmosets. With the introduction of these new breeds, Bilge Rat and Sea Dog outfits are available for both animals.


Main article: Marmoset

Marmosets are a new type of Monkey. There are 5 colour variations to choose from:

Totalling 2,495 Ancient Coins


Main article: Cockatoo

Cockatoos are a new type of Parrot. There are 5 colour variations to choose from:

Totalling 2,495 Ancient Coins

New Pet Outfits

Aside from the Seasonal Festival of Plenty Outfits (see above), this update introduces the Sovereign Pet Outfit and all the previous types of outfit for Cockatoos and Marmosets:

Sovereign Pet Outfit

Introducing a more regal look for your loyal companion. Each pet can now dress with distinction and don the new Sovereign outfits. Go to the pets section of the Pirate Emporium to purchase an outfit, then head to the Pet Chest to equip it.

Totalling 1,494 Ancient Coins

Marmoset Pet Outfits

Totalling 498 Ancient Coins

Cockatoo Pet Outfits

Totalling 498 Ancient Coins

Pet Bundles

For the duration of The Seabound Soul update, you can pick up discounted bundles for the Cockatoo and Marmoset, each dressed in a regal Sovereign outfit.

Marmoset Sovereign Bundle

Cockatoo Sovereign Bundle

New Emotes

Variety Emotes Bundle 3

Variety Emotes Bundle 3 adds a range of new emotes to the Emporium. Tell crewmates how you really feel with the I Love You emote, or voice your frustration in the most expressive way possible as you sail towards that rock with the new Despair emote, amongst a range of other new offerings.

Admiral Emote Bundle

Main article: Admiral Emote Bundle

Always felt a little superior, more refined than those scruffy pirates around you? Pick up the Admiral Persona Bundle for a fresh new set of core emotes with a whole new level of class!

Huntress Ship Collection

Main article: Huntress Set

Prepare for a perfectly dark ensemble! Freshly sourced from the Carrington Institute of Pirate Ship Design comes a ship representing Perfect Dark: the Huntress Ship Collection. A Huntress Ship Bundle is also on offer which includes all the regular ship cosmetics at a stealthy discount.

Huntress Ship Bundle

Main article: Huntress Ship Bundle

Collector’s Huntress items

Totalling 1,598 Ancient Coins

Commendations, Titles & Achievements


The Following Commendations are available as a part of the Seabound Soul Content Update

The Seabound Soul Commendations

At Shipwreck Bay, a ghostly voice calls out from the remains of the Blackwyche…

Mercenary Voyages Commendations

Ashen Treasures Commendations

A time of upheaval on the Sea of Thieves, as evils long buried return to wreak havoc.

New Sea Dogs Commendations

New Titles

The following are all the Titles introduced with the Seabound Soul Content Update

Title Requirement
Scholar of Curses Sell all five Tomes of Curses.
Glorious Sea Dog Own all of the 33 Glorious Sea Dog Clothing, Vanity, Equipment, Weapons and Ship Parts
Triumphant Sea Dog Own all of the 33 Triumphant Sea Dog Clothing, Vanity, Equipment, Weapons and Ship Parts
Ashen Seeker Earn Duke Departed, Ashen Chest Seeker and all Ashen Key Seeker Commendations. (time-limited)

New Achievements

Achievements have been added for progressing through The Seabound Soul and Ashen Treasure in-game Commendations. A total of 75 Gamerscore is available to earn from this update and these Achievements will persist in the game for future updates.

  • The Seabound Soul Achievements:
    • The Seabound Soul [10G] - You completed The Seabound Soul
    • Fire & Ash [30G] - You completed all commendations for The Seabound Soul
  • Ashen Treasure Achievements:
    • Tome of Curses I [5G] - You sold the Tome of Curses I.
    • Tome of Curses II [5G] - You sold the Tome of Curses II.
    • Tome of Curses III [5G] - You sold the Tome of Curses III.
    • Tome of Curses IV [5G] - You sold the Tome of Curses IV.
    • Tome of Curses V [5G] - You sold the Tome of Curses V.
    • Tome of Curses Collector [10G] - You sold all 5 Tomes of Curses.




The Content Update video: