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A Torn Map is a type of Quest in Sea of Thieves pieced together from Torn Map Parchments during a Wayfinder Voyage offered by the Gold Hoarders Trading Company.


Torn Maps can only be acquired during a Wayfinder Voyage issued by Gold Hoarders Trading Company Representatives on Outposts. Players start every Wayfinder Voyage with a Golden Wayfinder Compass in their Quest Radial Menu. To gain access to the Torn Map itself, Players need to use the Wayfinder Compass to locate and dig up Torn Map Parchments that then reveal pieces of the Torn Map in the Quest Radial Menu.


The Torn Map is the second Quest Item of Wayfinder Voyages and only appears as soon as the first Torn Map Parchment is found with the Golden Wayfinder and dug and picked up. The Torn Map will then be found in the Quest Radial Menu right next to the Golden Wayfinder Compass.

Torn Maps are essentially X Marks the Spot Maps that need to be pieced together from the found Parchments. The number of Torn Map pieces required to complete the Map is dependent on the difficulty of the Wayfinder Voyage, with Maps ranging from 3-6 Parchments. Players can guess how many Parchment pieces they need by counting the vague shapes of Map sectors on the unfinished map.

When completed, the Torn Map should reveal a Large Island with a single X hidden on it. Since the completed map still has missing spaces between the torn map parchment sectors, the X may sometimes be obscured by being placed between the sectors. In this case, Crews will have to carefully look for the edges of the X between the sectors and estimate its location. Player Crews do not need to dig up all Torn Map Parchments to finish the Voyage. If the first Parchments already reveal the location of the X and Players recognise the Island then they can finish the Voyage early.


The X will always reveal a Collector’s Chest with Gold and a single Treasure Vault Key inside. Additionally, any Dug Map Parchments may spawn Gold Hoarder Skeletons that have a chance to drop Trinkets when killed. All Treasure received from the Voyage can be sold to the Gold Hoarders for Gold, Reputation and Emissary Value when sailing as Emissaries. Instead of selling the Treasure Vault Key, players can choose to locate the Gold Hoarders Treasure Vault instead and loot its contents - piles of Gold, Treasure Chests and Trinkets, with the chance to acquire a Chest of Ancient Tributes by solving the puzzle in the Vault.

Emissary Mechanics

Any Crews sailing as Gold Hoarders Emissaries will receive Emissary Grade Reputation for digging up Torn Map Parchments and picking up and placing any acquired Treasure items on their Ship.


  • When Players accept a Wayfinder Voyage and have other active Quests, they will notice a missing Quest between the Golden Wayfinder Compass and other Quests. This opening is left for the Torn Map once acquired.