Vault Raiders

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Vault Raiders is a three week long event themed around the Gold Hoarders, with a Bilge Rats Voyage focusing on Treasure Vaults. Players are tasked to earn Favour with the Gold Hoarders by completing repeatable challenges, with rewards unlocking at increments of 50 Favour.

Players can track their progress in-game using the Event Menu, or online at the Event Hub page.

Official summary

The Gold Hoarders’ treasure is under threat, so they need pirates to sail out on Voyages and bring it safely back. They’ve recruited the Bilge Rats to help too, but only allowed Larinna to offer Voyages to a particular Treasure Vault, meaning many pirates’ paths are destined to cross! Opening Treasure Vaults, handing in certain types of chest or completing other special actions during this Event will earn the Gold Hoarders’ Favour. Reaching Favour totals awards you a themed weapon or new Title. Different actions will be particularly helpful to the Gold Hoarders’ efforts each week – they'll send word of the best ways to earn additional Favour!



Image Reward Requirements
Gold Hoarders Cutlass promo.jpg Gold Hoarders Cutlass

Unlocked at 50 Favour.

Gold Hoarders Pistol promo.jpg Gold Hoarders Pistol

Unlocked at 100 Favour.

Gold Hoarders Eye of Reach promo.jpg Gold Hoarders Eye of Reach

Unlocked at 150 Favour.

Gold Hoarders Blunderbuss promo.jpg Gold Hoarders Blunderbuss

Unlocked at 200 Favour.

Invader of Glittering Vaults Title promo.jpg Invader of Glittering Vaults Title

Unlocked at 250 Favour.

Repeatable Challenges

Earn Favour by completing challenges to unlock Gold Hoarder rewards and boost your Seasonal Renown!

Players may complete any of the following seven challenges to earn Favour.

Image Favour Requirements
VR 5 Favour Captains Chest.jpg 5 Favour Selling a Captain's Chest to the Gold Hoarders.
VR 10 Favour Miles.jpg 10 Favour Sailing 10 nautical miles while on a Gold Hoarders Voyage.
VR 10 Favour Stronghold Chest.jpg 10 Favour Selling a Stronghold Chest to the Gold Hoarders.
VR 10 Favour Gold Piles.jpg 10 Favour Collecting all the gold piles in a Treasure Vault.
VR 10 Favour Open Vault.jpg 10 Favour Opening a Treasure Vault.
VR 20 Favour GH Voyage.jpg 20 Favour Completing a Gold Hoarders Voyage.
VR 25 Favour Ancient Tributes.jpg 25 Favour Selling a Chest of Ancient Tributes to the Gold Hoarders.