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Wind is a game mechanic serving as the means of applying meaningful speed to a player ship's movement.


Any player on board a ship will be able to see the wind blowing as gentle, wavy, semi-transparent white lines.

Flags being flown will also flap in the wind according to the wind's direction.

Being aware of the wind's direction is a crucial part of sailing, as it affects the overall speed of the vessel.

Sailing speeds

Different ship types sali at different speeds depending on the wind direction.

Upwind Crosswind Downwind
Fastest Brigantine Brigantine Galleon
Middle Sloop Galleon Brigantine
Slowest Galleon Sloop Sloop


  • The changing direction of the wind is always the same direction for every location on a server.
  • Unlike the storm, wind direction is not the same across different game servers.
  • A common misconception is that the Sloop is faster than the Brigantine upwind. This is in fact not true, as upwind the Brigantine is the fastest, followed by the Sloop[1] and then the Galleon.