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Costume Emotes are Emotes in Sea of Thieves that are built into certain Costumes, and are mostly exclusive to their related Costumes.

To perform a Costume Emote, equip the related Costume, then open the Pirate Wheel of Emotions and select the "Costume Emotes" sub-menu. This sub-menu only appears while an appropriate Costume is worn.

List of Costume Emotes

The following is a list of all the current in-game Costume Emotes:

Image Name Related Costumes
Absent Heart Emote.png
Absent Heart Emote
Amber Inspector Emote.png
Amber Inspector Emote

Banjo Smash Emote.png
Banjo Smash Emote
Banshee Cry Emote.png
Banshee Cry Emote

Bite of Apple Emote.png
Bite of Apple Emote
Blow Bubbles Emote.png
Blow Bubbles Emote
Bon Voyage Emote

Charge Up Emote

Civilised Drink Emote
Constant Companion Emote

Courtly Dance Emote.png
Courtly Dance Emote
Dust to Dust Emote

Evil Cackle Emote.png
Evil Cackle Emote
Evil Laugh Emote.png
Evil Laugh Emote

Fix Leg Emote.png
Fix Leg Emote

Flaming Fuse Emote.png
Flaming Fuse Emote
Hunter's Harpoon Emote

Ice Sculpture Emote.png
Ice Sculpture Emote
In for the Kill Emote.png
In for the Kill Emote
Jack Sparrow Wiggle Emote.png
Jack Sparrow Wiggle Emote
Lamp Juggling Emote.png
Lamp Juggling Emote

Lunar Scroll Emote.png
Lunar Scroll Emote
Pensive Piccolo Emote
Personal Growth Emote.png
Personal Growth Emote

Petal Storm Emote.png
Petal Storm Emote
Pumpkin Spin Emote.png
Pumpkin Spin Emote

Redd's Heckle Emote

Sales Pitch Emote
Sand Shaker Emote.png
Sand Shaker Emote

Shining Pegasus Pose Emote.png
Shining Pegasus Pose Emote
Soaked to the Skin Emote.png
Soaked to the Skin Emote

Splash Dance Emote.png
Splash Dance Emote

Stargazing Emote.png
Stargazing Emote
Summon Bats Emote.png
Summon Bats Emote

Swordpoint Stance Emote
Tiny Tree Emote.png
Tiny Tree Emote
Victory Cackle Emote

Where Is It Emote.png
Where Is It Emote
Wulf Howl Emote


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