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Shops are located at Outposts, and offer Cosmetic re-skins of any customisable Items in exchange for Currencies.

Types of Shops

Outpost shops

Found at every Outpost, these shops sell items that can be bought for gold or Doubloons. Some items will be locked with requirements that must be reached before they can be bought.

Shop Details
General Clothing Shop Sells Clothing and Vanity items.
Equipment Shop Sells a variety of Equipment.
Weaponsmith's Shop Sells Weapons.
Shipwright Shop Sells Ship Customisations, Ship Decorations, and Trinkets.

Pirate Emporium

Shop Details
Pirate Emporium A premium shop that sells items in exchange for Ancient Coins which can be earned as rewards or purchased with real-world currency.

Trading Company shops

Trading Company shops, run by their representatives, offer promotions, and cosmetics corresponding to their company.

Icon Shop Details
Gold Hoarders icon.png Gold Hoarders Shop Run by the Gold Hoarders representatives at Outposts
Order of Souls icon.png Order of Souls Shop Run by the Order of Souls representatives at Outposts
Merchant Alliance icon.png Merchant Alliance Shop Run by the Merchant Alliance representatives at Outposts
Athena's Fortune icon.png Athena's Fortune Shop Run by the Pirate Lord in his office at Athena's Fortune Hideout
Reaper's Bones icon.png Reaper's Bones Shop Run by The Servant of the Flame at The Reaper's Hideout

Bilge Rats

Icon Shop Details
Bilge Rats icon.png Bilge Rats's shop Run by Larinna outside Outpost Taverns, and sells Letters of Recommendation, currency exchange options, and a small stock of emotes.

All items are bought with Bilge Rat Doubloons.

Athena's Fortune Hideouts shops

Icon Shop Details
Athena's Fortune icon.png Athena's Fortune Shop Run by Legendary Luke in the tavern at Athena's Fortune Hideout
Athena's Fortune Shipwright Run by Legendary Liz on the docks at Athena's Fortune Hideout

Other shops

Image Shop Details
The Finest Trading Post.png Sea Post Shop Found at every seapost, these small shops offer a daily rotating stock of three cosmetics selected from the stock found in the regular Outpost shops (excludes Emporium and Company shops).
Umbra-lagoonofwhispers.png Umbra's Tattoo Outlet Umbra at Lagoon of Whispers offers a small selection of unique tattoos, with some that are also found at the General Clothing Shop.
Mêlée Island General Store.png Mêlée Island General Store Found in the town of Mêlée Island, this shop offers quest items for the Sea of Thieves: The Legend of Monkey Island Tall Tales.
Citizen of Mêlée.png Citizen of Mêlée Found in the town of Mêlée Island, this shop offers quest items for the Sea of Thieves: The Legend of Monkey Island Tall Tales.

Patch history

  • 2.4.2 (February 10, 2022)
    • New filters are now provided while browsing shop stock, allowing players to cycle through all items, owned items, and unowned items for easier access.
  • 2.0.4 (June 19, 2019)
    • Purchase Complete Audio – When completing a purchase, the audio sting is now tied to the amount spent.
  • 2.0 (April 30, 2019)
    • Just Browsing – Finding that specific hat you’ve been eyeing up has never been easier. There are now category filters at all the shops to help you browse by a specific category of item.
  • 1.2.4 (August 30, 2018)
    • Shop Purchase Updates - The flow of purchasing items from shops has been improved, featuring some shiny UI updates.
    • Titles from shops are correctly removed when purchased.
  • 1.1.5 (July 4, 2018)
    • Shop Clutter – Player Titles no longer remain in the shop when purchased, reducing the amount of clutter in the clothing shops.
    • Header and footer UI in shops is now consistent with the rest of the UI menus.

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