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The next update to Sea of Thieves is here! Read on to find out what Update 2.0.4 has in store.


  • The Arena Matchmaking Update – Some changes have been made to matchmaking in The Arena and players are now more likely to be pitted against a new rival crew after each contest. Your own crew will remain the same, and this change will only affect who you face in The Arena. Producer Jason Cross goes into more detail in this Forum post.
  • The Hunter’s Call and Sea Dogs Letters of Recommendation – Duke now offers Letters of Recommendation for The Hunter’s Call and Sea Dogs Trading Companies that can be purchased with Doubloons.
  • ‘The Shroudbreaker’ Tall Tale Book – To reduce player frustration when accidentally starting ‘The Shroudbreaker’ Tale inside the tavern, the area surrounding the Tall Tale Voting Book has been redressed and the barrel removed.
  • ‘The Shroudbreaker’ Ship’s Log – To improve initial discoverability for The Magpie’s Wing ship’s log, players will now find a more detailed map of the sunken ship location in their Quest Book at the start of the Tale. Other potentially confusing island and region references have also been removed. The ship’s log itself is now placed in the centre of the room on the Captain’s chair to aid discoverability.
  • ‘Art of the Trickster’ Explosion Trap – The explosion trap sequence has been revised to reduce the chances of Tale failure due to the Trapmaker’s Key exploding.
  • Damaging the Capstan – Direct hits to a ship’s capstan will no longer cause the capstan to drop, although it will continue to take damage.
  • Purchase Complete Audio – When completing a purchase, the audio sting is now tied to the amount spent.
  • Tale Summary – Players could previously press [2] or [Y] on the Tall Tales Reputation page to view more information about a given Tale, such as the start location. This ‘More Info’ functionality is now also provided on the Tale Summary Page.
  • Improved Kill Contribution for Kraken and Megalodon Encounters – Participation tracking has been improved for players and crews engaging in Kraken and Megalodon encounters. Damaging the beast now counts towards killing it even if the player or crew subsequently leaves the encounter. Players will find that unlocking Commendation progress for winning these encounters is now much more consistent.
  • Improvements to ‘Let Games Read to Me’ – When ‘Let Games Read to Me’ is enabled in the Xbox settings, any text messages and pirate chat messages sent from players will be read out. To learn more about ‘Let Games Read to Me’, see our Accessibility Guide.
  • Reputation Page Loading Spinner – The Reputation Page now displays a loading spinner as the tabs become available.
  • Rowboat Audio – Players will now hear audio when interacting with functions of the Rowboat such as climbing in, sitting and using the oars.
  • Fishing Keybinding – Players can now equip the fishing rod through a keybind in the game settings page.

Fixed Issues


  • Dropping any item near the underwater entrance to the uncharted reef caves will no longer cause the item to float to the ceiling and become irretrievable.
  • The Guardian of Athena’s Fortune Title is now once again available for purchase in the Pirate Hideout when players become eligible.
  • The Huntress Figurehead is now once again available for purchase from Shipwrights in every region.
  • When regenerating health from cooked food, taking damage no longer causes a delay to the health bar updating.
  • The Venomball variety of Cursed Cannonballs can once again be found in barrels throughout the world.
  • The top food barrel on the Brigantine can once again be interacted with.
  • The ‘Mega Keg’ now correctly shows fuse VFX when lit underwater.
  • The sword dash animation now plays when under the effects of snake venom and taking damage from skeletons.
  • Jumping with a Merchant Crate no longer causes the player’s left hand to disappear.
  • Floating treasure now correctly glints at a distance after server migration.
  • Jumping into the rafters of Seapost shops will no longer result in players getting stuck.
  • Players can no longer clip through the cannon base in the Wanderer’s Refuge cave lair.
  • Resolved missing collisions on rock clusters at the Shores of Gold, Shores of Plenty and Sailor’s Bounty.
  • Resolved missing collision on skeleton on Ashen Reaches.
  • Removed plant placed inside a rock at Fetcher’s Rest.
  • Resolved floating beach texture on Galleon’s Grave Outpost.
  • The wooden parts of the Merchant Alliance Outpost structures no longer move in the wind.
  • The wooden steps on Morrow’s Peak Outpost now look charred as intended.
  • Gunpowder Kegs spawned under the Molten Sands Fortress watchtower can now be picked up.
  • Holding objects over water in caves and in the Pirate Hideout no longer causes a ghosted outline to be visible.
  • Players will no longer safe-teleport while swimming underneath the jetty at Stephen’s Spoils.
  • Crook’s Hollow waterfall VFX now appear correctly.
  • Feeding a pig no longer heals the player.
  • Player can no longer force their radial menu to become stuck on-screen.
  • Skeletons no longer appear to get their weapons stuck in their skulls when switching to a banana.
  • Washed-up cargo crates should now contain valid delivery notes.
  • The Skeleton Fort Key now has appropriate pirate chat options.
  • Harpoon tethers now stay attached to Rowboats when they are attached to and detached from a ship.
  • Audio should now consistently play across the whole game as intended. If you encounter any missing audio on this build, please raise support tickets as normal.
  • Disconnecting and reconnecting audio devices on Windows 10 no longer causes audio to stop playing.
  • Players can no longer see through some areas of the walls and ceiling in Devil’s Ridge cave areas.
  • Players can once again interact with their ship’s grog barrel after server migration.
  • Players reaching the limits of the Devil’s Shroud should no longer find themselves becoming stuck in server migration.
  • Players approaching an Order of Souls NPC wielding an item should no longer see the item float into a different position.
  • Players should no longer find missing textures inside the Pirate Hideout tunnels beneath Ancient Spire Outpost.
  • Players will no longer see an unequipped title alongside their gamertag in the top corner of the menu UI.
  • The ‘What’s New’ section on the game’s front end has been optimised and now loads images much more quickly.
  • Player inventory limits will now be correctly displayed when players are on the Ferry of the Damned or in the Sea Dogs Tavern.
  • Players will no longer be identified by gender when speaking to Tristan in the Sea Dogs Tavern.
  • Taking a bite of food while interacting with a barrel should no longer cause the incorrect state to be shown in the barrel UI.
  • Barrel inventory UI should no longer become stuck if multiple people are adding and removing items at the same time.

The Hunter’s Call

  • Players should no longer find themselves able to swim into the air after fishing in island pools.
  • Players are no longer able to walk underwater on Tribute Peak while holding the fishing rod.
  • Bait will no longer be seen floating in the air if a player leaves the game while wielding a rod with bait equipped.
  • Resolved a typo in the description for the Stormfish.

The Arena

  • Cannon splash damage now correctly counts towards cannon kills for the Iron Sea Dog Commendation.
  • The Rum ‘n’ Bass Achievement no longer unlocks with rival crew members.
  • Player crew icons will now show the correct team through migration.
  • Player kill notifications will now display correctly when defeating rival players with guns.
  • The Sea Dogs Reputation page now shows the correct number of items available.

Tall Tales – Shores of Gold

  • ‘The Shores of Gold’ – Resolved an issue where players would find that previously completed Commendations for ‘The Shores of Gold’ were showing as no longer completed even though the rewards had already been granted. Players may find that progress towards these Commendations since the previous release has been reverted. We’re aware of this issue and will be working to resolve it as soon as possible.
  • Players will now correctly receive progress towards the Sailor of Athena’s Fortune Commendation while their crew have both an Athena’s Fortune Voyage and a Tall Tale active.
  • Items stored in a Collector’s Chest will no longer appear to pop out of the chest when opening it while held.
  • Puzzle Vault VFX now correctly reset after failing a Vault.
  • Collector’s Chest sound effects for items held inside now play correctly when spinning on the spot.
  • Approaching skeleton camps during Tall Tales will now show subtitles and voices at the same distance.
  • Skeleton Captains and Lords that use combat dialogue should now correctly cycle through a variety of phrases and not repeat lines back-to-back.
  • Spike traps on Sailor’s Bounty and Shores of Gold should now consistently play VFX.
  • Puzzle Vault braziers can no longer be relit with a lantern once they have been extinguished by rising water inside an active Vault.
  • Players will no longer see a placeholder chequerboard texture in the Quest Book when rapidly sprinting and stopping while reading.
  • Skeleton Captains and Lords that use combat dialogue should now correctly stop speaking, screaming or wailing once they are defeated.
  • While inside The Arena, the Tall Tales Reputation page no longer shows all Tales as unlocked and displays available Commendations and rewards.
  • Showing the Quest Book to another crew member correctly shows the right page, even if the book holder has been turning pages out of sight.
  • ‘The Shroudbreaker’ – Players should no longer find duplicated Vault medallions if their crew migrates servers while in the process of collecting the medallions for the Vault.
  • ‘The Cursed Rogue’ – The Quest Book now correctly references the Shores of Plenty in appropriate puzzles.
  • ‘The Cursed Rogue’ – Briggsy’s “getting tired” voiceover line is now correctly subtitled.
  • ‘The Legendary Storyteller’ – Leaving Briggsy’s Chest behind once the wooden plank has been removed will no longer fail the Tale following a server migration.
  • ‘The Legendary Storyteller’ – Players should now be able to dig up Briggsy’s Chest even if they dig very close to trees on the initial dig.
  • ‘Stars of a Thief’ – Players should now find the Reef Monument Statue accepts both Star Gems and progresses the Tale even if a crew has migrated while collecting Star Gems previously.
  • ‘Stars of a Thief’ – Players can no longer get stuck between puzzle blocks inside the Crab Vault.
  • ‘The Art of the Trickster’ – Revised trap activation on Sailor’s Bounty to ensure traps consistently activate when stepping on the plates.
  • ‘The Art of the Trickster’ – Upon defeat, the Captain of the Lair will no longer drop items inside rocks.
  • ‘The Art of the Trickster’ – Players can no longer see out of the environment from inside the Trapmaker’s Lair on Sailor’s Bounty.
  • ‘The Art of the Trickster’ – Players will now hear consistent SFX when approaching spike traps on Sailor’s Bounty.
  • ‘The Art of the Trickster’ – Players can no longer get out of the world on Sailor’s Bounty.
  • ‘The Fate of the Morningstar’ – Losing a Skeleton Key now correctly states which key has been lost on the Tale failure banners.
  • ‘Revenge of the Morningstar’ – The Morningstar outfit descriptions no longer reference ‘9’ items of clothing in the set.
  • ‘The Shores of Gold’ – Players will no longer be able to interact with Mermaid Statues after finishing the Tale.
  • ‘The Shores of Gold’ – Players are now able to redo the Compass Room Lock puzzle once opened.
  • ‘The Shores of Gold’ – Swinging log traps now correctly connect with players when expected.
  • ‘The Shores of Gold’ – The Devil’s Shroud now correctly matches the visuals on the ship’s map.
  • ‘The Shores of Gold’ – Players will no longer be seen to walk above the ground outside the Compass Vault.
  • ‘The Shores of Gold’ – Players can no longer see through the geometry in specific areas.
  • ‘The Shores of Gold’ – The Gold Hoarder will now correctly stow his items before performing an animation.
  • ‘The Shores of Gold’– Players can no longer see out of the environment from inside the chasm area on the Shores of Gold.
  • ‘The Shores of Gold’ – Players can no longer become stuck between a set of island rocks on the Shores of Gold.
  • ‘The Shores of Gold’ – Players should no longer become stuck on the Shores of Gold if their ship sinks after completing the Tale.
  • ‘The Shores of Gold’ – The pond on the Shores of Gold now renders correctly when viewed through the waterfall.
  • ‘The Shores of Gold’ – Prevented the Gold Hoarder from walking underneath the wooden platforms, which sometimes led to him getting stuck.

Known Issues

  • ‘Art of the Trickster’ Lair Spawning – Crews may find that skeletons stop spawning after their crew dies during the Trapmaker’s Lair fight.
  • ‘Stars of a Thief’ Totem – After placing the Star Jewels in the statue to retrieve the totem, leaving the area and returning will cause the statue to close and the totem to be lost.
  • Sea Dogs Tavern Purchase Delays – Players who purchase an item from the Sea Dogs Tavern shop shortly before migrating to a new server will not immediately see the purchase in their inventory. The purchase has been successful, but will only be shown when the player returns to the Tavern after their next contest.

Download and Installation

Download size:

  • Xbox One: 4.74 GB
  • Xbox One X: 6.30 GB
  • Windows 10: 6.30 GB

Xbox Installation Instructions can be found here.
PC Installation Instructions can be found here.