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Legendary Luke is the shopkeeper at the Athena's Fortune Shop in the Athena's Fortune Hideout. They sell cosmetic items to Pirate Legends and players ranked in Athena's Fortune.


After 2.3.0

Dialogue icon.png

Welcome, pirate! I'm Legendary Luke, and this is the best shop in the whole Tavern of Legends!

Isn't this the only shop in the tavern?

No! Well, all right, yes. But the Pirate Lord's been teaching me to have more self-confidence, and I'm confident that my shop is the best one.
Although I suppose that it's also logically the worst one... Oh... Oh no, there's the fluttery stomach again.
Ooh, I know. I'm Legendary Luke, and this is MY best shop in the whole Tavern of Legends!
You don't seem convinced. Maybe I should get around to reading that book I bought all about self-assertiveness.
Just as soon as I can pick up the courage to ask Louise to return it...

What's special about your shop, Luke?

Well, for one thing, I'm only allowed to sell to Pirate Legends and not their other guests. Sorry, but it's in the Pirate Lord's orders.
Secondly, some of my speciality sets tend to be on the expensive side. But if you're a Pirate Legend, I imagine you mut be prospering!
Also, I sometimes take in cosmetics that used to belong to the Bilge Rats. If you missed out on one of their Events, I may have you covered.
Oh, and I offer special hair dye options that'll give you colour combinations you can't find anywhere else! Whew.

Why can't I buy some of your stock?

Ah, you see, Athena's Fortune is more than just a tavern. It's a bit like a Trading Company - somewhere you can earn a reputation.
If you speak with the Pirate Lord, he'll offer you some Legendary Voyages. You can even sail as one of our Emissaries, if you're feeling bold!
Oh, and if you find any Legendary treasures, hand them back to the Mysterious Stranger at one of the Outpost taverns.
That'll build up your reputation around here, and I'll be allowed to sell you new and ever more exquisite belongings.

Legendary Luke

Initiating conversation

• Sorry, I'm a bit nervous.
• Oh, uh, didn't see you there. ?
• I 'ope you'll see something you like.

Ending conversation

• Ugh.
• Now that wasn't so bad, was it Luke?
• Uh, I think I need to sit down.

Before 2.3.0

Dialogue icon.png

Hi! Legendary Luke, they call me. I'm overcoming a little shyness, so... um... please...look at... the stuff... in my shop...

Well, I'd love to see your wares.

Of course! If it's ghostly gear you want, I'm your man.
My sales patter needs work, though. I'm only talking as much as I am now thanks to some confidence lessons from His Pirate Lordship.
That man's not scared of anything. What a pirate! What a speaker! What a leg!
I... I mean... his wooden leg... you've seen it? I... sound... a bit silly... now.

Luke, you don't seem used to talking to people.

That's right! I barely said a word to anyone for years, after I died.
See, I was so shocked by how I died, that it would just make me freeze up.
Sometimes I'd try to speak and then just a great big yelp would come out!
Hah... so... oh... listen to me... going on... still talking...
...buy something?

How did you die, if I may ask?

It's no secret. It was just such a shock to me that it really affected me, you know, in the brain sort of area.
Struck by lightning during a sunny day, while at that precise moment my first mate shot me in the back, making me drop my gunpowder barrel.
Which I wasn't holding properly, because I was choking on a lump of banana... at the... time...
...maybe I'm... not... you know... quite ready... to talk... about it...

Patch history

  • 2.5.3 (June 26, 2022)
    • Luke now has voiceover lines when speaking.
  • 2.4.2 (February 10, 2022)
    • New filters are now provided while browsing shop stock, allowing players to cycle through all items, owned items, and unowned items for easier access.
  • 2.3.0 (September 23, 2021)
    • Added new dialogue.
  • 2.0.17 (July 29, 2020)
    • Changed interaction prompt label from "Athena's Fortune Shop" to "Luke".
    • Added dialogue.
  • 2.0.14 (April 22, 2020)
    • Changed interaction prompt label from "Shopkeeper" to "Athena's Fortune Shop".
  • First Release (March 20, 2018)
    • First introduced as "Shopkeeper" with no dialogue.