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Sudds is an astronomer and ex-crewmate of Captain Briggsy, he clerks at The North Star Seapost.


Sudds obsessed over ancient legends about the constellations in the Sea of Thieves. The famous pirate Captain Briggsy grew an interest and employed him as a navigator. He used enchanted spyglasses to observe the stars, and gave one to Briggsy so she could solve the riddles of The Ancients. When the pirate departed to find the Shores of Gold, they buried Sudd's spyglass in case he would need it again. He later directs pirates to uncover the tool in Stars of a Thief.


Dialogue icon.png

Eh! What do you want? Have you come to look at the stars?

What are you searching for?

It's not a matter of what, it's a matter of who! All Sudd's friends are up there in the heavens.
The Sleeping Bear, the Proud Eagle, eh-heh Sudds knows them all very well, so he does!
If you know where your friends are, you'll never be lost and you'll never be lonely!

Why are you out here?

My old Mum, she used to say... Well, uh, maybe I'll save that story for later.

Do stars have names?

They surely do, eh-heh! But the Sea Queen and the Singing Snake ain't just one star, oh no no no.
We call 'em constellations! Like Orion and the Big Dipper, but the skies here don't look the same as in other places.
Out here you have to make new friends, like the Smiling Shark or the great Warrior, so's you can find your way home!


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