Tribute Peak

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Disambig.png This article is about the island hidden within the Devil's Shroud. For the Tall Tale or other possible meanings, see Shores of Gold (Disambiguation).

Tribute Peak, also known as The Shores of Gold, is an elusive island located within the Devil's Shroud at the coordinates Y-3.

To sail here safely, a ship must have the Shroudbreaker equipped, making the island only accessible during the Shores of Gold Tall Tale. As the island exists within the Devil's Shroud, it cannot be categorised into any of the known regions.

Tribute Peak is a compass shaped island with four Vaults for each cardinal direction, and one main chamber in the centre. Beneath the island is the The Belly of Gold, a labyrinth-like cave system where the Gold Hoarder resides.


The island features:


  • While it is technically possible to cross the Devil's Shroud to Tribute Peak without the Shroudbreaker by constantly bailing out water and repairing holes in the ship, getting too close to the island will safe-teleport the player back to the Sea of Thieves with a new ship.
  • If a ship sinks while at Tribute Peak, it will also respawn there too.
  • Multiple Campfires and Animals can be utilised at the checkpoints in The Belly of Gold to provide food for players in preparation for the encounters within.