Voice Actors

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Actor Character
Alastair Parker
Alex Norton
Amelia Tyler
Annabelle Dowler
Andrew Wheildon-Dennis
  • Ancient
Anthony Howell
Ben Cura
Brian George
Christina Parker
Cissy Jones
Clive Wood
Corey Burton
  • Drunk Pirate
  • Male ghost
Daniel Cerqueira
Dee Bradley Baker
  • Parrot
Ed Stoppard
Edward Dogliani
Elexi Walker
Ewan Bailey
Fanos Xenofós
Forbes Mason
Francis Magee
Jared Butler
Jessica Hayles
Jonny Glynn
Jon Vincent
Katherin Kingsley
Kevin McNally
Lisa Caruccio Came
Leslie L. Miller
Lucy Gaskell
Lydia Leonard
Mariam Haque
Matthew Gravelle
Mick WIngert
Nicolas Asbury
Nisa Ward
Pandora Colin
Rachel Atkins
Rebecca Lee
Robbie Stevens
Robin Atkin Downes
Silas Carson
Steven Hartley
Susannah Fielding
Tim Watson
Tuyen Do
Wally Wingert
  • Heckling Pirate