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Duke is an NPC who is a member of the Dark Brethren and was once the representative for the Bilge Rats.

Duke was previously responsible for keeping players up to date on current events on the Sea of Thieves, encouraging crews to investigate and take part through his offerings of Bilge Rat Adventures and Mercenary Voyages. He also hosted the Black Market, a shop offering various Time-Limited Items and cosmetics in exchange for Doubloons or Gold. All of these duties have been taken over by the leader of the Bilge Rats, Larinna.

Official Description

Best known to local pirates as the former representative of the Bilge Rats, Duke once took up residence in the tavern to provide adventurous alternatives to work offered by the Trading Companies. Unfortunately for Duke, his reckless approach and ask-questions-later attitude saw him embroiling pirates in schemes that often caused more harm than good. He was ultimately replaced by Larinna, and left the tavern to contemplate his place on the Sea of Thieves.

Duke will always be a wild card, and pirates can be sure of drama whenever he shows his face. In recent times he's fallen in with bad company, treading a dangerous path as a member of the nefarious Dark Brethren. Just how far he will travel down that path remains to be seen...[1]


Early allegiances

Duke, originally known as Edmond, was a member of the crew of the Burning Blade and served under Captain Flameheart. He was exiled for disagreeing with Flameheart's changed principles and went into hiding for years before joining Eli Slate and the crew of the Morningstar to help defeat Flameheart.

During the battle against Flameheart, Duke boarded the Burning Blade and, with the help of Demarco Singh, blew it and everyone aboard up. Years later, Duke would awake on the Ferry of the Damned. He was given a second chance at life with his skeleton curse removed by the Ferryman but would also lose a great deal of his memory. He would soon join the newly formed Bilge Rats as their main representative.

Bilge Rats

Ever since The Hungering Deep, Duke represented the Bilge Rats in the taverns, providing exciting challenges for adventurous pirates through his Bilge Rat Adventures and Mercenary Voyages, rewarding Doubloons and unique cosmetics.

During Smuggler's Fortune, Duke took the fortunes he found from inside all the Reaper's Chests that had been sold to him and set up a Black Market to sell even more cosmetics.

Duke left his post at the taverns during The Seabound Soul, replaced by Stitcher Jim, who claimed that Duke had entrusted the Black Market and Bilge Rat business to him while a note from Duke could be found pinned to Tavern counters, explaining that he had gone off to find Larinna, leader of the Bilge Rats for help against the increased skeleton activity.

He would remain missing through Festival of Giving, until returning during Legends of the Sea, injured and covered in bandages from an attempt to investigate Flameheart's lair, the Heart of Fire. When confronted about his time away, Duke seemed oblivious of any note or mission to find Larinna. With Duke back at his post as Bilge Rat ambassador, healing from his wounds, his "trustworthy" assistant, Stitcher Jim, decided to run off into The Devil's Roar to chase a lead on Flameheart's return.

With Flameheart presumably amassing a fleet, the Pirate Lord enlisted Duke's help to hand out special voyages to prepare pirates for the dangers that would soon sweep the Sea of Thieves in the times to come.

Duke seemed to slowly recover in the Tavern and continue his duties, until Larinna, the leader of the Bilge Rats returned during Vaults of the Ancients and kicked Duke out of the Tavern. Larinna took over all of Duke's responsibilities, while Duke himself traveled to the Lagoon of Whispers to take a break alongside Umbra, where he learned to write down his thoughts.


Without telling Umbra, he absconded to Mermaid's Hideaway on an investigation into some legends of a certain treasure. After what seemed a long and fruitless endeavor, he discovered some strange markings at various islands, pondering his finds at Kraken's Fall before fleeing from skeletons to hide at Wanderers Refuge. He then camped on the shores of Old Salts Atoll for a short while to investigate Cursed Mermaid Statues. When approached by pirates he would mention feeling cold and strong lingering headache.

He had seemingly disappeared after his stop on Old Salts Atoll, only to be spotted unexpectedly among the villainous company of Davy Jones, Wanda, and the Gold Hoarder, as a fellow member of their Dark Brethren. It is revealed that he was lured to them by the Sirens' song, and has since had his eyes opened to their belief that the pirate's life is a lie and brings nothing but anguish.

Duke was last seen in the Sea of the Damned accompanying Wanda, Amaranta, and an abducted Merrick.


Current dialogue

There is no current dialogue for Duke.

Previous Seasonal dialogue

Mid-Season 2 (Patch 2.1.1):
Found at Old Salts Atoll on the north-west beach.

Dialogue icon.png

The call... G-Getting stronger... Perhaps... Perhaps they found... That poor crew, I was too slow...

Duke, you don't seem well...

Just a headache... swam too close... statue. But now I know... we only stop for the Gems, but they're... so much more...
The clue... Of course it tumbled down, down...
Oh, but then the trail went cold... Are you cold? I feel cold...
I only cared... about the treasure... And now the call, the sea... It's all going to end, it's... argh, my HEAD...
Sorry, my friend. I th-think... I have to go.

At the start of Season Two (Patch 2.1.0):
Found at Wanderers Refuge in the hidden cave.

Dialogue icon.png

AHHH! Don't startle me like that! I thought you might be one of... THEM.

One of... them, Duke?

The skellies! I think they might be following me, now that I know that they know that I know... Or maybe that's just what they WANT me to think!
We've been thinking of them as brainless boneheads, but don't you SEE? The clues I've been finding are in their language. They're searching for something, just like me...
Now I understand why I found one clue underneath a skull...
...Another at a grave site...
...And another in the depths of the earth!

During Season One (Patch 2.0.23):
Found at Kraken's Fall by the island's beacon.

Dialogue icon.png

Hail, pirate! Here hunting for gold? Well, I'm after something even more valuable - the truth! Knowledge is power…

You seem pretty intense today, Duke…

Hah! That's because I'm finally on the right track. I let myself get distracted by tales of a treasure that probably doesn't even exist.
But while I was searching other islands, I started to stumble upon clues as to what's really going on out here.
I found one clue near some sort of… altar… thing. It looked like it was set up for a ritual, at least!
I stumbled upon another while I was… Where was it again? The place I was investigating last month.
I had to hold my breath to find another. I'm not sure that place even has a name. If only I can work out what they mean!

During Season One (Patch 2.0.21):

Dialogue icon.png

Oh, hello. I didn't expect to meet anyone else here. Don't mind me…

What are you doing out here?

Chasing legends… searching for a treasure that'll help me find the answers I'm seeking, assuming it even exists.
That's why I didn't tell Umbra about my trip. I couldn't bear it if she though I'd been taken for a fool… again.
I don't expect you to believe me, but something big is happening, and I'm going to get to the bottom of it once and for all!
Well, don't let me interrupt your Voyage, or whatever it is you're doing. It's about time for me to move on…

During Season One (Patch 2.0.20):

Dialogue icon.png

Hail, pirate! It's always nice to have visitors, although our paths might not cross here again…


I've made the Lagoon of Whispers my home, thanks to Umbra, but now I can feel the call to adventure burning inside me once again!
The world is changing, and I have to change with it. Somebody needs to piece together what's happening in the forgotten corners of the seas.
I may not have a ship of my own just yet, but I'm determined to head back out onto the waters and reclaim my reputation, whatever it takes.
I just… I just need to think of a way to break the news to Umbra before I go…

Previous dialogue at Lagoon of Whispers

During Festival of Giving (2020)

Dialogue icon.png

Look who it is! What brings you here to the Lagoon of Whispers? Just checking in on me, I hope!


Don't worry! I know Larinna found my old Voyage stash… but those are yesterday's adventures to me.
Nothing's better than the fresh sea wind blowing in your face… and to be far away from the Outposts!
Don't you ever ask yourself- why does the Ferryman save us? Why?!
For the stories! He brings us back to share a tall tale about our adventures. That's more important than anything. Nothing else matters.
Why sail these seas at all? Why don't we all leave and say goodbye to it all? It's the stories. Always was.

During Fate of the Damned

Dialogue icon.png

Oh, hello! Are you here to celebrate the Festival of the Damned with me? I don't have anything for sale this year, I'm afraid…

There's a Festival?

Oh, yes! At least I hope so. The original was largely my idea, it would be nice to think it's become an annual tradition.
Pirates would honour the dead by collecting coloured flames from the Ferry, decorating their ships, that sort of thing.
Of course, last year things took a more sinister turn over at the Fort of the Damned. I never should have believed Stitcher Jim!
He swore he had nothing to do with it, but now I'm sure that Jim and his 'beloved' were practicing nasty rituals out there in secret.
Perhaps they were testing out their Dark Relics before heading to Shipwreck Bay… Oh well. That's all in my past now.

Nothing for sale?

When Larinna found out about my Black Market dealings I thought for sure she'd close it down. Instead, she took charge of it!
You'll need to speak with her if there's something you're looking to buy. Make sure you've got plenty of doubloons.
All I can offer you right now is a friendly face and a chance to rest your legs, I'm afraid.

What else is new?

I was hoping you could tell me! I'm a little out of the loop, though I hear the Bilge Rats are passing out Mysterious Notes nowadays.
Imagine it - current events written down and delivered to you, like… like some sort of newsparchment! Amazing stuff.
If there's any excitement or adventure to be had, I'm sure someone will slip you a note about it before long.
Mind you, it'll never have that personal touch, not like coming to chat with your old friend Duke. Time marches on, I suppose.

During The Search for Wild, Plentiful Shadows of Fate Voyage

Before Finding Duke's Special Grog

Dialogue icon.png



Finally! Somebody else has stopped by to see their old mate Duke! You must be missing me when you stop by the tavern, yeah?
Wait… don't tell me. Larinna sent you? Something about Shadow of Fate skellies in the area? Aw… I knew it was too good to be true.
Well, a crew of Bilge Rats did pass by, as it happens, and they had plenty to share. I'll tell you what I know - if you'll have a grog with me!
Not just any old gorg, mind you - I'm in the mood for some of my special supply! I just need to remember where I buried it…
Find it for me and I'll tell you everything. There's no use trying to sell it - it's too potent for even the Hoarders to handle. Also, it stinks.
Go on, find my special grog and we'll share a drink for old time's sake. It's buried around here somewhere, near where I left my shovel!

After Finding Duke's Special Grog

Dialogue icon.png



Ah, that's the good stuff! Puts hair on our tongue. You should probably steer clear, though, you looked woozy enough just holding it.
Still, a deal's a deal. See, the other crew that arrived before you did seemed pretty well-prepared by Bilge Rat standards.
They even had an island map, a place Shadows of Fate have been spotted. I'm certain that's where they were heading next.
Duke's special grog may have made them a bit absent-minded, though, because they left their map behind! Here, you can take it.
My sailing days are over, it seems, so the map's no use to me. But, uh, don't be a stranger! I'll be here. I'm always here…

During Vaults of the Ancients

Dialogue icon.png

Looks like it's the island life for old Duke now. Going to be on my own for a while and probably for the best. The pirate life isn't what I thought.

How are you finding island life?

Well, it certain is a breath of fresh air, but I'd gotten used to the pungent power of the tavern.
I miss downing grogs with rowdy pirates, but I had to move on after that mess with Stitcher Jim.
Life is healthier out here and Umbra's keeping an eye on me. Maybe it'll be good for me?
I don't really know where a Bilge Rat goes when the bilge water dries up…

What about the Bilge Rats?

I lived for that ragtag band, but just look at the mistakes I made. I got the Bilge Rat name sullied by the plots that brought Flameheart back!
Larinna decided that she had to take the reins… I don't really understand her new ideas, but she's the best of us. She'll steer us right.
I just can't help but feel a little useless, now. I can't keep up with Larinna!
She has these grand ideas about seizing the day… but I take life at a different pace these days.

So is this your next big adventure?

Who knows? I don't know what my place is in the Sea of Thieves, now. The Bilge Rats were about freedom, but I'm not sure that's possible.
I don't agree with the Reaper's Bones' methods, but they get the idea. Better to be free than try to belong somewhere you don't.
For the time being, I'm helping Umbra to build this place up a bit. Make it nicer for her, since she always looks after me.
And practising the hurdy, of course!

Previous dialogue at Taverns

During Ashen Winds

Dialogue icon.png

Why not stop for a grog, friend? It's a lot safer than roaming around outdoors now that the Ashen Lords have returned…

What are these Ashen Lords you mentioned?

Trouble, that's what! Elite commanders, transformed by Flameheart himself to act as his most trusted and powerful troops.
They cut a swathe of destruction last time Flameheart rose to power, but disappeared shortly after he was defeated.
I hoped they'd turned to dust long ago, but it seems they've only been hiding… Waiting for their master to return, I suppose.
I'd sooner battle a kraken armed with only a spoon than go toe-to-toe with an Ashen Lord! Actually, that could be our next Bilge Rat event…
Don't look at me like that, I was only thinking out loud.

I thought the Bilge Rats loved a bit of excitement?

Excitement, yes. Adventure, yes. Drinking, always!
Fighting for my life against a towering, flame-spewing abomination, on the other hand…
I'll stick to the tavern, thank-you. Someone's got to keep the Black Market stocked!

What else can you tell me?

Word on the waves is that four Ashen Lords have returned so far. Each used to hold a particular position in Flameheart's army.
Captain Grimm was a sly one who constructed lairs and fortresses to hold all the treasure they stole. A few are still standing!
Red Ruth was the alchemist responsible for designing weapons, including cursed cannonballs for the Burning Blade.
Old Horatio was a nasty piece of work, so they say, in charge of constructing ships and pressganging skellies to crew 'em!
As for Warden Chi, she ran the prison where they threw anyone that Flameheart wanted kept alive. Well, barely alive…
So now you know who you're going up against. That grog must be sounding pretty good about now, eh?

During Haunted Shores

Dialogue icon.png

Have you seen them? Flameheart's ghostly ships, I mean? If you're feeling brave, I'm selling Voyages that'll take our fight to him…

Ghost ships? You mean skellies?

Quite the opposite. These are spectral ships summoned from the Sea of the Damned by Flameheart himself!
At least, that's what Madame Olivia tells me. They might not even have a crew… At least nothing you can stick a sword into!
Worse still, I've heard they attack with volleys of shrieking, tormented spirits. It makes me a bit queasy, honestly.
Still, a true Bilge Rat never shies away from danger! Your cannonballs should do the job. There's power in iron, you know…

Where do I find these ships?

I've heard from other Bilge Rats that they seem to patrol near islands. It's almost as if they're waiting to be found…
The Order of Souls cares about skulls still carried by the ghost ships, so you could check with them for bounty Voyages.
They'll only offer them to pirates with sufficient reputation, but your old mate Duke convinced Olivia to let the Bilge Rats help.
Come and see me if you think you're ready to take on a whole fleet - we need all the pirates we can recruit to foil Flameheart!

Flameheart's causing trouble?

And then some! Ashen skeletons, ghost ships, the Heart of Fire… He's waging war on multiple fronts, just like when he was alive.
He even had family, once, but it wasn't enough to keep him away from the Sea of Thieves. Not when there were battles to fight!
Scuttlebutt says he's personally assembling a huge armada, the "Fleet of the Burning Blade", somewhere out there.
Not even the Order of Souls is desperate enough to send pirates against HIM. Not yet, anyway…
Ugh, I've given myself goose bumps now. Look, all up my arms. Another grog will calm me down…

During Lost Treasures

Dialogue icon.png

Sorry friend, I have no Voyages for you today but I will gladly accept a grog, kind of you to offer! I can suggest a way to make gold though…

How do I go about making this gold then?

Emissary work is the big way to get rich right now! Speak to the Trading Companies at the Outpost and they will tell you more.
You can make more money - and imrpove your standing in the Company faster - than you normally would for each Voyage you take.
The longer you cling to Emissary status the better Grade you get and the more you make!
Just beware treacherous rogues like The Reaper's Bones. They would sink you and take your Emissary Flag just to make a name for themselves!

Who can I be an Emissary for?

You can work for the Hold Goarders - sorry, one grog too many - Gold Hoarders, and the Order of Souls and Merchant Alliance!
A Pirate Legend could even work for Athena's Fortune as an Emissary.
You could also help The Reaper's Bones… if you're the sort who wants to ruin everything we've built! Like Stitcher Jim, making a fool of old Duke!
Bilge Rats may love freedom too, but those brigands threaten the entire Sea of Thieves. The Pirate Lord set up this balance for a reason…
Larinna is furious with me for allowing Jim and his ilk to get such a foothold. What if she… strips me of my Bilge badge?!

Can I get anything special for being an Emissary?

Of course! For one thing, you get access to company uniforms and you can earn special Voyages if you get to Grade V.
Also, your contribution to your Company is marked in the Emissary Ledger. When it closes at the end of a month, the pirates in each Tier get rewards!
Cosmetics, titles, nice extras to show your prowess off to other pirates. I know you like healthy competition.
It's a great way to rise up in your Company too, for their rewards and some new ones. They're even promoting pirates beyond the Master level!

During Ships of Fortune

Dialogue icon.png

Ahoy, pirate! Come, peruse my Black Market, or… oh, I don't know. Just buy old Duke a grog with that lovely Emissary money coming in!

No Voyages, Duke?

Not this month, no. Sorry. I just haven't been myself lately. The Trading Companies have plenty on offer, though.
In fact, they're paying out plenty of gold if you can pledge to represent them as an Emissary.
Me… I'm just busy keeping the Black Market afloat!
Why did I go into business with Stitcher Jim?!

What is this Emissary business?

The Trading Companies are all trying to boost their standing on the Sea of Thieves… make a big show of their strength and value.
Maybe it's their fear of Flameheart, or a bid to impress the Pirate Lord. In any case, if you make a one-off pledge of gold, you can become one.
Emissaries gain Grades as they perform the duties of their Company, getting paid extra too. The longer you keep that Emissary Flag, the better!
Of course, pirates will be pirates. Sail under one of those Flags and you might as well tell everyone you're carrying loot aplenty.

Stitcher Jim got himself into some hot water…

Oh, I know! And pulled me right into the pot as well!
After all, I vouched for him when he returned. Thought he was a changed man. I still believe he was, you know.
I think that paramour of his got him twisted. You've seen what they built, the Reaper's Hideout?! All in the name of true piracy, they say.

During Heart of Fire

Dialogue icon.png

Here for a grog, a Voyage, or both? Fair warning, I only have one and it's for Pirate Legends only. Pirate Lord's orders, sorry! But it's a beauty…

A Voyage for Legends only? What's that about?

The Pirate Lord wants to ensure that the very best pirates are ready to respond if Flameheart launches some kind of attack.
So, he's funded a special Athena's Run Voyage that will really test your mettle! It's going to be chaos…
Now, only Legends can take it, but there's nothing stopping everyone else from crewing up with a Legend. Or ambushing one…

Where is this special Voyage happening?

Thieves' Haven and some of the surrounding islands. All those Legends, hitting the same spot…
I recommend finding a spot nearby, taking a full keg of grog and a spyglass and enjoying the show!
Oh, and the Pirate Lord wanted to ensure that his Legends had some prizes to seek worthy their stature.
But… you don't have to be a Legend to sell them to the stranger over there in the corner. So don't be afraid to steal some!

Still no sign of Stitcher Jim?

The last I heard, Jim had a real bee in his bonnet about this whole Flameheart business. I told him it's too dangerous!
He ran off to the Charred Parrot in The Devil's Roar, chasing a lead. Maybe you should see if he's okay?
I was a bit annoyed that he took off. Seemed personal, somehow…
Then again, he's a Bilge Rat now, a daredevil of the seas. I can hardly criticize him for following his nose, even if it gets burned…

During Crews of Rage

Dialogue icon.png

Flameheart is out there… whatever he's up to, things are heating up in The Devil's Roar. Let's nab some Chests of Rage and fight fire with fire!

What can we do to help?

Throw some cold water on the skellies! Molten Sands Fortress is especially hot right now… maybe Flameheart's heating things up in the Roar.
And Cursed Chests are now bursting with fire - Chests of Rage! They're dangerous to pirates and skeletons alike when they blow their lids.
The rage comes from the souls of crews bound inside. A cursed fate! They also contain Ashen Jewels… feels like a recipe for dark magic to me.
I've got some Bounty Voyages here for you to seek out these Chests of Rage and sue them to put the heat on the skellies for a change.
The same Voyages should also lead you to Ashen Chests and Keys. We should keep confiscating those Tomes!

There are more Tomes to collect?

That's right. Tomes of Resurrection. They're locked inside Ashen Chests, so you'll need to find Ashen Keys to unlock them!
You may encounter the Key Masters who have what you need if you follow my Raging Fire Voyages.
The best places to find Ashen Chests right now are from Skelly Ship battles, or by braving the inferno at Molten Sands Fortress.

Chests of Rage sound dangerous…

They are. They just keep getting hotter and madder until they vent all their rage as burning flame! I believe it's a reaction to Flameheart's presence.
Maybe there's a way to cool them off? Either way, the Gold Hoarders know how to handle Cursed Chests, so they'll buy them from you.
If you want to double your money, you could also take them to The Reaper's Hideout. That Masked Stranger sure is generous lately…

During Legends of the Sea
Duke has returned, covered in bandages, with no knowledge of the note supposedly written by him explaining his absence.

Dialogue icon.png

Yes, yes, don't fuss. 'Tis but a scratch. Buy a grog for a weary sailor, won't you?'

You're back! Your note had us worried.

Um… what note?
I'm fine, anyway…
More or less.

Things have been chaotic as ever around here!

So I hear… Pendragon appearing, all these Tomes and rituals… and talk of the return of the dreaded Flameheart! Things are bad, mark my words.
But don't despair, we're still pirates! In fact, I have a free Gilded Voyage for everyone! These lucrative Voyages will please the Trading Companies.
Or… you could make twice the gold if you take your loot to The Reaper's Hideout. The masked lady will pay you… you know, Jim's beloved.
The same goes for any more of those strange gifts you find, or even Reaper's Chests - you'll get more Doubloons.
Oh, I hear Umbra's camping at the Lagoon of Whispers. I once shared an adventure with that great woman! When that chapter closed, I got a tattoo to remember her.

Did you manage to find Larinna?

The head Bilge Rat? Not a bad idea, I suppose, but I haven't seen her in years. What gave you that idea.
But I think I did find the Heart of Fire! The very place where Flameheart resides… but I wasn't up to the task.
Look what happened to me! Don't go there, my friend. I'm not even sure I could remember the way.
Hey, at least my Black Market is still open! I knew I could trust Jim. Take a look at my newest stock, or go back through my older items.

During The Seabound Soul
Duke was no where to be found, leaving Stitcher Jim to tend Bilge Rat duties, and only a note hinting to Duke's whereabouts.

Dialogue icon.png

To All My Friends and Customers! I have left on a vital errand - you may notice that the tavern has a grog surplus!


The skellies are getting too big for their bones! I've gone to ask Larinna, leader of the Bilge Rats, for help.

Jim has kindly agreed to run the Black Market for now and take over my Bilge Rat duties. Back before you know it - DUKE

During Fort of the Damned

Dialogue icon.png

Cheers! The Black Market's a success, thanks to pirates like yourself! And you'll want to look good while you're braving that twisted Fort…

Twisted Fort? What's Going on, Duke?

Seriously, go and scout out Old Boot Fort! Someone's worked an evil ritual there… I fear we didn't retrieve the Dark Relics in time.
I'm hearing reports of dangerous Shadow skeletons there which can't even be hurt in daylight. Only a matching Flame of Fate will do!
We're calling them Shadows of Fate. The best person to ask about it is Stitcher Jim, out on Castaway Isle. He's had many brushes with the beyond.
He mentioned that Ritual Skulls are the key, so take a Bounty Voyage from me and I'll send you to find one.
If you're in a hurry to meet your fate, I can also point you to some stashes of Ritual Skulls that us Bilge Rats hid on the Outpost.

So, how's the Black Market going?

Good, very good! I was a little worried about competition from those new Emporium folks, but they're only interested in Ancient Coins.
Oh, fair warning: you should be aware that I can only sell a single Letter of Recommendation per Trading Company each month, now.
The Pirate Lord made some kind of ruling about it. Bah! He hasn't had to earn a living since… since… he died!

During Smuggler's Fortune

Dialogue icon.png

Duke's back on top and I'm launching a brand-new Black Market! Only shh, because it's a Black Market. I've got some unusual new jobs for you, too!

What's this Black Market of yours, Duke?

Remember how I had everyone collect all those Reaper's Chests? Well, many of them contained old, but quite rare and valuable equipment!
And with investment from the Trading Companies - thanks to everyone who helped me rebuild few bridges - I think this could be a new kind of shop!
The Black Market lets you trade Doubloons for rare, special items, some of which might have slipped through your hooks in the past.
I can pay yo with Doubloons for certain Voyages, too, so you'll have plenty of spending money. This is my chance to make a name for myself
Oh, I'm still a Bilge Rat at heart, of course. But this is a chance to make it big! You'll help me find more Reaper's Chests, right?

What's this work you have to offer?

Oh, yes! When I opened all those Reapers Chests, there was some fascinating old equipment. There was also a load of waste rubbish!
Rags, dust and plenty of old bones. Worthless! Well I buried them in Rag and Bone Crates on Shipwreck Bay until I could figure out what to do.
But wait! I had a spot of luck. Stitcher Jim is back and he's turned over a new leaf. No, seriously! That wretched old fool is wracked by guilt.
Jim has buyers on the Seaposts for those Rag and Bone Crates. 'One pirate's trash is another's treasure'… so grab a shovel and get digging!

Who are the Bilge Rats?

We're more of a club than a Trading Company, but we do reward pirates who chase adventure and follow their noses even if they get broken now and then…
Bilge Rats love adventure, rumours, and challenges. Whenever something new is happening on the Sea of Thieves, you can count on me to know about it!

During Dark Relics

Dialogue icon.png

Fancy earning some gold from the Order of Souls… and making me look good to boot?

More money to be made, Duke?

The Order of Souls has entrusted me with an important task - retrieving stolen property! I know, it's not typical pirate work…
The skellies made off with several of their Dark Relics; powerful, mystical objects. Who knows what strange rituals they're attempting?!
But, I have Dark Relic Voyages from the Order, based on their visions of where the items might be. Find as many as you can, pirate. Do it for Duke!
Also… these Reaper's Chests have started showing up all over the place. Beware, they're cursed with the Reaper's Mark, so they invite trouble!
I don't know what's inside the bizarre things, but I smell an opportunity! I'll pay you in Doubloons; which will soon be even more valuable…

During The Reaper's Run of Wanderers Refuge

Dialogue icon.png

Ready for some more mercenary work? This one won't be so gentle!

Sounds… dangerous!

I hope so! Us Bilge Rats have got a taste for making the Companies compete, so we bring you.… Mercenary Voyages to The Wilds and Ancient Isles!"
These voyages offer a mixture of tasks and rewards, but mercenary life isn't a cruise. I also present my latest challenge… THE REAPER'S RUN!
Oh. I was hoping for a roll of thunder. Reaper's Run Voyages keep you returning to one island, making you easy pickings for other pirates!
Not risky enough? Think you're as brave as a Bilge Rat? Okay… run the gauntlet with the Reaper's Mark flying!

During The Mercenary Voyage of the Rum Runner

Dialogue icon.png

Ahoy! I'm craving some new adventures. Let's play these stuffy Trading Companies against each other!

What did you have in mind, Duke?

I'm offering Mercenary Voyages that will have all the Companies kissing your boots. A notorious rum runner scattered their stash and everyone wants a taste!
I could get used to this… complete a full voyage and I'll let you buy something special to commemorate the occasion. Assuming you're up to it?
Oh, and these voyages are a great way for new pirates to dip their toes. Bring your friends, load your guns and get out there, causing trouble!

Between Shrouded Spoils and The Mercenary Voyage of the Rum Runner

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Oh, hi! Um…. remarkable weather lately… and have you seen the price of grog? Um… let's talk about you for a change!

So… any wild adventures afoot this week, Duke?

Adventures! Um… Well, adventures, let's see…
Tina's grog tastes a bit funny, maybe there's a… weevil in the barrel?
I… um… I also thought I saw a shifty pirate. Or not. Maybe.
Okay, okay, it's quiet right now. Even the Bilge Rats have days off!
Why don't you follow your nose? Go poke a Skeleton!

During Shrouded Spoils, while Gilded Voyages were available

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Season's Greetings to you, pirate! Come to get your Gilded Voyage?

You seem to be in a festive mood, Duke!

I love this time of year, my friend. A warm fire, a song, plenty of egg grog. Happy days!
And I have the honour of dishing out Gilded Voyages, courtesy of the Pirate Lord himself!
Now, His Pirateness only has so many of these to go around, so he was very specific: ONE voyage per pirate!
So, choose wisely and pick a Voyage that suits you, because you only get one. But it'll be lucrative – a real holiday gift!
Giving these out, I feel like I should be a big, fat man with a white beard… Oh. Hey, stop laughing!

During Shrouded Spoils

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Haven't seen fog this thick in a while! Makes racing off into the unknown a little more treacherous… all the more fun for us Bilge Rats!

What's causing all this fog?

I haven't the foggiest idea! But I do know that the skeletons are using it as cover while they build up more forts and crew more ships.
Even the megalodons are acting up. We're seeing new ones emerge from the deep, all different colours."
It's not all bad, though. There are more spoils to be had, too. Our shipwrights have been hard at work on new capstans, wheels and cannons.
The fog may be rolling in, but there's still plenty of pirating to be done!

During Festival of the Damned

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Don't look so serious, it's the Festival of the Damned! A new festival where we celebrate dodging death!

The Festival of the Damned?

Yep, something new we've cooked up to honour the fallen, but also to celebrate the Ferry that lets us stay pirates forever!
But there's more. On the Ferry itself, the Ferryman will allow dead pirates to capture a coloured flame, depending on how they died.
We honour him by bringing those flames back here and lighting other lanterns and beacons with them.
The most memorable deaths change the colour of your flame… blue for those eaten by sharks, purple for death by venom. I found the white one very tricky…
If it's a Bilge Rat challenge you're after, try finding them all, or lighting all the beacons we've built around the Sea of Thieves!

During Forsaken Shores

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You might want to fill a few barrels for your ship, pirate. Soon everyone will be sailing east!

Why are people going east?

Rumour is, The Devil's Shroud has lifted there. Nobody knows why, but a region we thought lost has finally opened again!
The Devil's Roar… an extremely dangerous place, with volcanoes, boiling water, earthquakes…
I can't wait! It'll be a Bilge Rat's playground! Better still, some pirates have started a new Outpost over there!
Imagine that; a new base to explore from, to have adventures from… a new tavern to drink in! Think you've got what it takes to tame the Roar?
Some long-lost pirate captain is overseeing things. They say she was already living out there! Must be one tough lady.

During Cursed Sails

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Grab a grog while the taverns are still open! Have you seen the banners?

What's going on with these banners?

We're being called out! It seems a skeleton captain calling herself Warsmith has united crews of skellies against the outposts!
Have a look and you'll see where they intend to do battle. Good luck to you! As for us Bilge Rats, we're itching to know what caused all this.
Something's not right. Even I've never seen skeletons amass like this! But, I heard the shipwright at Golden Sands knows something about it.
When you aren't busy blasting holes in skelly ships, go see if you can find out the truth! Trust me, us Bilge Rats can smell a story.

During The Sunken Curse

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Ah, you look like the sort who isn't scared of a little light drowning…

So, what's new around here?

The Bilge Rats, as always, have been first to catch wind of local weirdness! How d'you feel about swimming? And malevolent curses?
See, these strange mer artefacts have been sighted lately. You'll find them underwater, but they harm whoever gets near!
If you're brave enough, you can swim down and destroy them. Just a warm-up for us, naturally. But you might struggle!
I think a real pirate would have no trouble finding and destroying the artefacts. I did it before my morning grog!

During Gunpowder Skeletons

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Keep your wits about you! The adventures are coming to us now, armed with explosives.

So, what's new around here?

You'll need to speak up, my ears are ringing! The skellies have started using gunpowder barrels to catch out unwary pirates.
Here's a tip from the Bilge Rats, though- shoot the barrels and blow them up before they reach you. Child's play for us, obviously."
We're challenging you to use the gunpowder skellies against the others. Have you got the skill to blow up three skellies at once by shooting the barrels?
Don't stop there, get creative with it! A few stunts like that and everyone will know your name!

During Skeleton Thrones

Dialogue icon.png

Here's to the open sea! You ready to test your mettle with the Bilge Rats?

So, what's new around here?

We Bilge Rats have cooked up a challenge for pirates who love to explore. I doubt you've got what it takes to handle this, but you're free to try.
We've scavenged parts from across the Sea of Thieves and built ten skeleton thrones in truly tricky places. Easy for us to reach, but for you… ha!
It's a real thrill to sit atop the world and survey the seas from our thrones- if you can work out how to reach them…
We challenge you to find and sit in all of them. Some are so big that you'll need to sit with a pirate from another crew. So, put your heads together!

During The Hungering Deep

Dialogue icon.png

Here's to the open sea! You ready to test your mettle with the Bilge Rats?

So, what's new around here?

You noticed the sharks getting excitable lately? Great fun trying to outswim them if you ask me!
Bit of a mystery, really. If you're feeling curious, there's a fella called 'merry' Merrick who seems to know something about it.
He might tell you, if he's sober. Last I heard, he was camped on the South-West side of Shark Bait Cove. Adventure calls, mate!


Journal icon.png To browse the journals written by Duke, please refer to Duke/Journals.


  • Duke was previously voiced by Valentine Kozin, Principal Technical Artist at Rare, before Robbie Stevens took on the role of Duke's voice actor in 2021 for A Pirate's Life.
  • Duke is featured on the Duke Figurehead as he conveniently shares his name with the original Xbox controller, "The Duke".
  • As of his appearance in Dark Brethren, it is still unknown if Duke is a traitor to the Bilge Rats.
  • Duke appears on a Steam Trading Card awarded to players playing the Steam release of Sea of Thieves.


Duke's locations

Patch history

  • 2.2.0 (June 22, 2021)
    • Removed as an interactive NPC, no longer found through regular Adventure play.
  • 2.0.22 (February 18, 2021)
    • Moved to Mermaid's Hideaway, standing next to a ladder in the cave central to the island, just above a submerged Mermaid stone statue.
  • 1.1.0 (May 29, 2018)
    • Introduced.


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