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Disambig.png This article is about the Content Update. For the Event of the same name, see Fate of the Damned Event.

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Time for a suitably spine-chilling Sea of Thieves content update as the cold nights draw in! The Shadows of Fate are back, spreading across the world like a plague, and there are Voyages and Challenges to lead brave crews into action and deliver both answers and rewards. Time to find out the Fate of the Damned...

Fate of the Damned is the name of the October 2020 Monthly Content Update, released on October 28th, 2020. The Update introduces new time-limited Halloween Voyages and Cosmetics with the Fate of the Damned Event. The Fate of the Damned was preceded by the September 2020 Vaults of the Ancients Content Update and followed by the December Festival of Giving (2020) Update.

Fate of the Damned received a smaller Quality of Life patch,, that introduced Gold Hoarder Treasure Vaults to The Devil's Roar Region and a new batch of Pirate Emporium Cosmetics.

New Features

Fate of the Damned Event

The Fate of the Damned update introduces the Fate of the Damned Event that unlocks 6 new Challenges every week for Player Crews to complete. These Challenges take Players all across The Sea of Thieves to defeat Shadows of Fate and Graymarrow. Alongside the weekly Challenges, Crews can also work on the Slayer of Fate Challenges throughout the Event. Both of these Challenges unlock special Soulflame Set Cosmetics and unique Titles.

Fate of the Damned Voyages

Larinna has been preparing the Bilge Rats for the upcoming Festival of the Damned, but most all of them have gone missing. Because of this, Larinna is offering Player Crews new Bilge Rat Voyages to find out what happened to them. There will be a new Voyage each week, focusing on specific Regions of the Seas and specific Flames of Fate and Shadows of Fate Skeletons. The Skeletons have started performing rituals to summon the Ghost of Graymarrow to take on Flameheart their own selves. These Voyages allow Players to easily complete the weekly Fate of the Damned Event Challenges, as well as earn Order of Souls Treasure Items and a Ritual Skull, with which Crews can summon the Ghost of Graymarrow their own selves at the Fort of the Damned.

The following pages lead to the Fate of the Damned Voyages. Note that the pages will be updated as the Voyages themselves become unlocked during the Event.

Events Menu

Main article: Events Menu

Players no longer have to track active Events and their progress within these Events on the Event Hub at the official Webstite! There is a new Events Menu under the Quick Menu that now allows players to see all active Events and their progress in-game! This new Menu will track both Daily Bounties as well as other time-limited Events.

Devil's Roar Treasure Vaults

The November 2020 patch added Wayfinder Voyages to The Devil's Roar Region, introducing the Sun Vault on Ashen Reaches and the Eagle Vault on The Devil's Thirst. These two Vaults can be accessed with the Eagle and Sun Totem Keys respectively and hide Devil's Roar versions of Treasure Chests and Artefacts inside. Like with other Gold Hoarder Treasure Vaults, solving the Medallion puzzle will give players a Chest of Ancient Tributes.

New Event Cosmetics

This year's Festival of the Damned introduces the Soulflame Set Cosmetics that can be unlocked by completing Fate of the Damned Event Challenges or Fate of the Damned Voyages. The Cosmetics can be seen and tracked both in the new Event Menu or in Larinna's Black Market. Some Soulflame Set Cosmetics are also available exclusively from the Pirate Emporium.

New Outpost Cosmetics

The Shark Hunter Ship Set has been completed with the rest of the Ship items becoming available for purchase at the Shipwright Shop

  • Shark Hunter Cannon - 49,000 Gold | A cannon seems like overkill for hunting sharks, until you meet your first Megalodon.
  • Shark Hunter Capstan - 49,000 Gold | Unwind this when the hunt is over and you have a Megalodon meat feast to cook!.
  • Shark Hunter Wheel - 49,000 Gold | Take the helm of a shark-hunting vessel if you aren't afraid of needing a pegleg or two.

New Black Market Cosmetics

Main article: Black Market

Larinna has new stock in the  Black Market ready for those looking to spend their hard-earned coin!

Desirables for Doubloons

This month, players will have to put aside 185 Doubloons if they want to buy all the new items from the Black Market.

Wild Rose Instruments

  • Wild Rose Banjo - 25 Doubloons | A pretty banjo that would be ideal for a little moonlight serenade.
  • Wild Rose Concertina - 20 Doubloons | One thing Rose never mastered was the concertina, since she couldn't have a hand free for battle.
  • Wild Rose Drum - 25 Doubloons | Geroge and Rose learnt to play drums from Merrick. Thankfully, they didn't summon any megalodons.
  • Wild Rose Hurdy-Gurdy - 20 Doubloons | This delicate instrument looks and sounds as elegant as Wild Rose herself.

Aristocrat Clothing

  • Aristocrat Belt - 10 Doubloons | Fine leather and a sturdy buckle to avoid embarrassing incidents whilst in high society.
  • Aristocrat Boots - 10 Doubloons | Boots so beautiful, your underlings will be lining up to lick them.
  • Aristocrat Gloves - 10 Doubloons | Gloves of such soft fabric, your opponent may not even realise they've been slapped with one.
  • Aristocrat Trousers - 20 Doubloons | They're not 'brown' trousers; rather, they're an exquisite melding of hand-picked, earthy hues.
  • Aristocrat Eyepatch - 20 Doubloons | A refined eyepatch that comes in handy should you ever lose your monocle due to surprise.
  • Aristocrat Hook - 25 Doubloons | Even those of noble bearing occasionally find themselves in need of a replacement limb.

Goodies for Gold

This month there are no Cosmetics for sale for Gold.

New October Emporium Items

Counting Bundles, players will have to put aside a total of ‬ Ancient Coins to purchase everything new added to the Emporium.


Skeleton Pets

  • Skeleton Marmoset - 649 Ancient Coins | Time-Limited | If you want an unsettling, eerie, impressive pet that never has to be fed, try a cursed Marmoset!
  • Skeleton Cockatoo - 649 Ancient Coins | Time-Limited | This skeletal Cockatoo is not only amazing to behold, but it also never poops on your shoulder.
  • Skeleton Alsatian - 649 Ancient Coins | Time-Limited | It's well known that dogs enjoy bones, but this skeletal sidekick has taken it a bit far.
  • Skeleton Mau - 649 Ancient Coins | Time-Limited | This pet is just as lively as a flesh-and-blood feline, and won't leave hair on the furniture.


Skeleton Mixed Pet Bundle

This bundle of paranormal pets offers a mighty selection of skinless sidekicks, as it contains a skeleton cat, dog, monkey and parrot. Almost as if there's a running theme!

Skeleton Big Pet Bundle

For those pirates who like their four-legged friends on the larger side - and don't mind if they're a little hard to hug - this bundle bestows a skeleton cat and a skeleton dog.

Skeleton Little Pet Bundle

One skeleton monkey and one skeleton parrot - if you prefer your pets pint-sized, this terrifying twosome will be ideal companions!


  • Lantern Dance Emote - Ancient Coins | Time-Limited Price | When things are gloomy, lighten the mood - and the room - with this cheerful dance.

Soulflame Face Paint Bundle

A collection of four fateful Face Paints designed to send a shiver down the spine!

  • Total Bundle Cost - 149 Ancient Coins
  • Witch Markings Makeup - 49 Ancient Coins | This design doesn't actually confer magical powers, but you can always lie and say it does.
  • The Ferryman Makeup - 49 Ancient Coins | Markings that make your pirate resemble the infamous Captain of the Ferry of the Damned.
  • It's Alive! Makeup - 49 Ancient Coins | If you're feeling dead on your feet, this is a great way to go about expressing your mood.
  • Raven Makeup - 49 Ancient Coins | These moody markings are perfect for spooking your enemis, as well as any nearby poets.

Skeleton Emote Bundle

A skellie will give you a hand in pulling off silly, scary antics using a brand-new prop.

  • Total Bundle Cost - 499 Ancient Coins
  • Skeleton Arm Shush Emote - 149 Ancient Coins | When silence is essential, borrow someone else's finger to really make the point.
  • Skeleton Arm Stamp Emote - 149 Ancient Coins | Don't let this animated skeleton arm touch you! It's been on the dirty ground.
  • Skeleton Arm Attack Emote - 149 Ancient Coins | This skellie may have been disarmed, but it's still god plenty of fight left.
  • Skeleton Arm Dance Emote - 149 Ancient Coins | This is what skellies do when they're invited to a dance, but have no body to go with.


Soulflame Ship Bundle

Celebrate the Festival of the Damned by giving your whole ship a macabre makeover.

  • Total Bundle Cost - 2,499 Ancient Coins
  • Soulflame Figurehead - 599 Ancient Coins | Which shipwright was brave enough to craft this fearsome figurehead? No-one will say...
  • Soulflame Sails - 599 Ancient Coins | Sails emblazoned with an image of the Well of Fates. Perfect for any aspiring soul collector.
  • Soulflame Hull - 349 Ancient Coins | Cloak your vessel in the sombre tones of the recently deceased. Morbid but effective!
  • Soulflame Wheel - 349 Ancient Coins | Keep your ship on course so you can celebrate Sea of the Damned without ending up there.
  • Soulflame Cannons - 349 Ancient Coins | Unleash the fury of the damned against your foes with these cadaverous cannons.
  • Soulflame Capstan - 349 Ancient Coins | This capstan is topped with ethereal fire. Try not to singe yourself when raising the anchor.
  • Soulflame Flag - 349 Ancient Coins | A single flame atop your mast helps cap off the ghoulish Soulflame ship set.

Collector's Ship Pieces

Soulflame Essential Ship Bundle

This bundle contains four key items if you'd like your ship to look spookily supernatural!

New November Emporium Items

The November 2020 patch introduced an additional batch of Cosmetics to the Pirate Emporium.


Hunter's Call Forager Pets

Haughty, majestic pets bred by the Hunter's Call, they enjoy the finer things in life.

Bone Crusher Pet Outfits

Rough and rugged, these hard-wearing outfits prove that your pet is not to be taken lightly.


  • Fightin' Frog Flex Emote - Ancient Coins | Time-Limited Price | A pose that shows off your marauder's muscles, named after a trio of infamous brawlers.

Big Barrel Emote Bundle

  • Total Bundle Cost - 499 Ancient Coins

A set of four Emotes that showcase the true versatility of the humble supply barrel.

  • Barrel Balance Emote - 149 Ancient Coins | Just because the barrel has been emptied of grog doesn't mean you can't have fun with it.
  • Barrel Chug Emote - 149 Ancient Coins | Use this to gently suggest that it might, just possibly, be time to visit the tavern.
  • Barrel Push-Up Emote - 149 Ancient Coins | Such balance! Such poise! Such reckless use of supplies! Don't crush the bananas...
  • Barrel Lift Emote - 149 Ancient Coins | On long Voyages, keep your physique at its peak with some improvised weight training.

Varied Weapon Pose Bundle

  • Total Bundle Cost - 249 Ancient Coins

The weapon you currently have equipped will decide the form of the daring pose you strike.


The Fightin' Frogs Set Ship has been added to the Emporium. Players can still receive all the regular Bundle Cosmetics by completing Act I of the 2020 video game Battletoads that is also available on Game Pass.

Fightin' Frogs Ship Bundle

Fans of Battletoads will love this ship livery set that celebrates our amphibian heroes. Excludes Collector's variants.

  • Total Bundle Cost - 2,499 Ancient Coins
  • Fightin' Frogs Figurehead - 599 Ancient Coins | Frogs were once revered as warrior spirits by the ancients. Invoke their fighting power!
  • Fightin' Frogs Sails - 599 Ancient Coins | These sails were created by three friends, famous for their fighting skills... and skin conditions.
  • Fightin' Frogs Hull - 349 Ancient Coins | This paint seems to give your ship a boost of amphibious power... but don't try to take it on land.
  • Fightin' Frogs Wheel - 349 Ancient Coins | The wheel of choice for any ship that wants to look mean and green.
  • Fightin' Frogs Cannon - 349 Ancient Coins | These mighty cannons pack a real punch... capable of blasting away the darkest of foes.
  • Fightin' Frogs Capstan - 349 Ancient Coins | This capstan's frog ornaments look real enough to give you a nasty rash.
  • Fightin' Frogs Flag - 349 Ancient Coins | Rats have a mysterious aversion to ships that fly this flag.

Collector's Ship Pieces

Fightin' Frogs Essential Ship Bundle

The core components of a Battletoads-themed ship set for crews who are cruisin' to bruise.

Commendations, Achievements & Titles

There are no Commendations or Achievements this Content Update. Instead, all activities and progress, as well as Title rewards are tracked in the Fate of the Damned Event page in-game.


The following are all the new Titles made available:

  • Fated Slayer of Wild Shores - Completed all Goals in the Fate of the Wild Shores Challenge.
  • Fated Slayer of Ancient Sands - Completed all Goals in the Fate of the Ancient Sands Challenge.
  • Fated Slayer of Raging Skies - Completed all Goals in the Fate of the Roaring Skies Challenge.
  • Fated Slayer of Wide Renown - Completed all Goals in the Defeat the Damned! Challenge.
  • Fated Slayer of Dauntless Fury - Defeat 400 Shadows of Fate during the Fated Fortune Event.
  • Supreme Fated Slayer - Completed all of the Weekly Challenges in the Fated Fortune Event!