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Disambig.png This article is about the December 2020 Content Update. For other articles with the same name, see Festival of Giving (disambiguation).

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The halls (taverns) are decked, the chestnuts (Splashtails) are roasting on an open fire, and baby it’s cold outside: time for the Festival of Giving to return to the Sea of Thieves! Crews will discover classic Voyages making a timely comeback alongside special holiday-themed Events in this update packed with rewards and tied with a shiny ribbon.

Festival of Giving is the name of the December 2020 Monthly Content Update, released on December 9th, 2020. The Content Update brings back Gilded Voyages and Festival of Giving Set Items, and introduces new Seasonal Events, Bilge Rat Voyages, Cosmetic Sets, as well as a new Ship Customisation options: Cannon Flares. The 2020 Festival of Giving was preceded by the October-November 2020 Fate of the Damned Content Update.

New Features

New Events

12 Deeds of Giving

Main article: 12 Deeds of Giving

The 12 Deeds of Giving Event will introduce 12 new daily challenges that reward Players with Eastern Winds Jade Set Equipment Cosmetics and the Master of Festivities Title upon completion. The Equipment items will become available for purchase from Outposts after the Event is over.

Plundered Presents

Main article: Plundered Presents

The Plundered Presents Event will reward Players with new Gold Hoarders Set Equipment Items for having other Crews steal/take and sell your own Treasure. Every day, Players get an extra 5,000 Gold for the first 5 Treasure items sold by other Crews. The Equipment items will become available for purchase from Outposts after the Event is over.


Main article: Grogmanay

The Grogmanay Event will be introduced in January, tasking Players with Explosive challenges. These challenges will reward players with an Order of Souls Bucket, Frostbite Cannon and Paradise Garden Cannon Flare when completed. The Reward items will become available for purchase from Outposts after the Event is over.

New Voyages

Gilded Gift Voyages

Main article: Gilded Voyage

Larinna is bringing back Gilded Voyages in the Black Market. These are high-reward versions of Trading Company Voyages and only one can be claimed by every pirate during the Content Update:

Larinna’s Armament Voyages

Larinna is also offering pirates three new Bilge Rat Voyages for free, along with one for Pirate Legends for a cost of 50 doubloons, taking Player Crews to each Region to find dangerous Treasure:

Cannon Flares

Main article: Cannon Flares

The Shipwright Shop is now offering a new type of Ship Customisation option: Cannon Flares. Equipping these from the Ship Customisation Chest will alter the effects of your Cannons muzzle flash when shooting them. The Outpost Shipwright will sell 6 vibrant Flares for anyone. Pirate Legends can buy a Legendary Flare from Legendary Liz in the Athena’s Fortune Hideout. Other themed Flares can also be purchased from the Pirate Emporium, or unlocked through Events.

The following Cannon Flares are made available with the Content Update:

New Cosmetics

A varied range of new Cosmetic Items were added as rewards for completing the various seasonal Events. All of these Cosmetics will be available for purchase from Outpost Shops after the Content Update.

Eastern Winds Cosmetics

These Equipment items will be available as rewards for completing 12 Deeds of Giving Event Challenges. The items are a variant of the Ashen Dragon Set Cosmetics.

New Gold Hoarders Cosmetics

Main article: Gold Hoarders Set

Players will be able to unlock new Gold Hoarders Set Equipment items for completing the Plundered Presents Challenges during the Content Update.

Grogmanay Cosmetics

Players can unlock the following Cosmetics for completing challenges during Grogmanay, available in early January 2021:

Twitch Drops Cosmetics

The 2020 Festival of Giving update also introduces Frozen Horizon Set Clothing and Vanity Items via Twitch Drops, which are received by watching partnered Streamers on Twitch for at least 30 minutes at set dates.

New Emporium Items

Counting Bundles, players will have to put aside a total of ‬7642 Ancient Coins to purchase everything new added to the Emporium.


Glacial Curse Pets

  • Glacial Curse Ragamuffin - 649 Ancient Coins | While this frosty Ragamuffin enjoys being petted, you might want to consider wearing gloves.
  • Glacial Curse Inu - 649 Ancient Coins | This icy Inu is a faithful and affectionate companion - one with a particularly cold nose.


  • Generous Gift Emote - Ancient Coins | Time-Limited Price | Whoever wrapped this gift has left no clues as to what might be inside, the devious fiends.
  • Frozen Horizon Tankard - Ancient Coins | Time-Limited Price | It's normal to prefer your grog chilled, but this tankard might be taking things a bit far.

Bonechiller Costume Bundle

Get two Bonechiller Costumes with a unique emote to spread festive fear across the seas.

  • Total Bundle Cost - 999 Ancient Coins
  • Bonechiller Costume (Beard) - Bundle Only | Dress as a fabled Skeleton Lord, who punishes selfish pirates during the Festival of Giving.
  • Bonechiller Costume (No beard) - Bundle Only | Dress as a fabled Skeleton Lord, who punishes selfish pirates during the Festival of Giving.

Frozen Horizon Weapon Bundle

Freeze your opponents with fear as you head into battle armed with this arctic arsenal!

  • Total Bundle Cost - 499 Ancient Coins
  • Frozen Horizon Blunderbuss - 249 Ancient Coins | Can a blunderbuss that looks like this really be described as a 'fire'arm?
  • Frozen Horizon Cutlass - 249 Ancient Coins | Bring a dash of polar panache to the Sea of Thieves with this distinctive cutlass.
  • Frozen Horizon Eye of Reach - 249 Ancient Coins | Peering down the sights of this arctic armament is likely to result in a cold stare.
  • Frozen Horizon Pistol - 249 Ancient Coins | Prove you're a cold-blooded killer by wielding this wintry weapon in combat.

Festival of Giving Emotes Bundle

When the season calls for generosity and merriment, these emotes are sure to provide both!

  • Total Bundle Cost - 749 Ancient Coins
  • Shiver Me... Emote - 149 Ancient Coins | Even a tropical paradise like the Sea of Thieves can feel a little chilly sometimes.
  • Humble Gift Emote - 149 Ancient Coins | Someone's given you a gift, but what could be inside? THE TRUTH MUST BE KNOWN.
  • Mistletoe Emote - 149 Ancient Coins | Showing affection under mistletoe is one thing. Carrying some around with you is cheating.
  • Smooch Emote - 149 Ancient Coins | Even the most ruthless pirates have a soft and tender side. Express it!
  • Festive Dance Emote - 149 Ancient Coins | Ring in the New Year with a traditional dance, and look forward to the plundering ahead!
  • Festive Song Emote - 149 Ancient Coins | No-one enjoys a sing-song more than a pirate, so long as it happens with a drink in hand.


Frozen Horizon Ship Bundle

A seasonal ship set themed around ice and snow. Excludes Collector's variants.

  • Total Bundle Cost - 2,499 Ancient Coins
  • Frozen Horizon Figurehead - 599 Ancient Coins | Frosty tendrils wrap around your ship's prow as the cold sets in. Chilling but charming!
  • Frozen Horizon Sails - 599 Ancient Coins | Icy sails billowing in the breeze make it feel like the winds of winter have arrived.
  • Frozen Horizon Hull - 349 Ancient Coins | Nine tenths of an iceberg sits underwater. If the same is true of your ship, you're in trouble.
  • Frozen Horizon Wheel - 349 Ancient Coins | Hold on tightly to this wintry wheel to steer your ship - and when you're done, let it go.
  • Frozen Horizon Cannon - 349 Ancient Coins | If a cheeky pirate were to cheat and bring a cannon to a snowball fight, it'd look like this.
  • Frozen Horizon Cannon Flare - 349 Ancient Coins | Turn every barrage into a blizzard during ship combat by making use of this frosty flare.
  • Frozen Horizon Capstan - 349 Ancient Coins | Raise the anchor nice and quickly using this chilly capstan, or your fingers might go numb.
  • Frozen Horizon Flag - 349 Ancient Coins | The vivid blues of this flag would remind pirates of icy glaciers, except they never see any.

Collector’s Ship Pieces

Frozen Horizon Essential Ship Bundle

The core components of a snowy ship are a great way to celebrate the festive season.

Commendations, Achievements & Titles


The following are all the new Titles made available: