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The Black Market is a unique Shop operated by the Bilge Rats in Sea of Thieves. The wares can be accessed by talking to Larinna outside any Outpost Tavern.


The Black Market is where the Bilge Rats peddle their wares, services and Voyages for Bilge Rat Doubloons and Gold. Since Doubloons are rewarded for overcoming special feats for the Bilge Rats, the Black Market is the main place where they can be used as a Currency. In the Market, Players can buy Mercenary Voyages for Bilge Rat Doubloons or Gold that take them on unique Bilge Rat Adventures or simply offer access to hidden Stashes with useful Treasure items for a fee. Players can also exchange their hard-earned Doubloons for Letters of Recommendation for some of the Trading Companies. These Letters are written by Larinna and have the power to convince a single Trading Company of raising a Pirate's Reputation Rank by one. Larinna is also willing to exchange Doubloons for Gold.


Mercenary Voyages

Mercenary Voyages icon.png

Mercenary Voyages offer more adventurous ways to earn rewards and reputation from the Trading Companies.

These voyages are tied to the current Events and will often contain mixed quests, sending Crews towards the newest additions to the game as an introduction to new mechanics or themes.

Desirables for Doubloons

Desirables for Doubloons icon.png

Exclusive items from The Bilge Rats that you can buy with your hard-earned Doubloons.

Cosmetic items sold here are often new recoloured pieces, or missing pieces, from previous Cosmetic Sets which were offered for Doubloons or as rewards. Each time new stock becomes available, the old selection moves to the Black Market Archive at a raised price.

Other offerings include permanent Stash Voyages, Company based Letters of Recommendation and Currency Exchange.

Permanent Voyages

Stash Voyages are expensive, yet quick methods of acquiring specific Treasure Items related to Bilge Rat Adventures.

Letters of Recommendation

Letters of Recommendation give Players a single Reputation Level with a specific Trading Company. Only one Letter per Company can be bought every month.

Currency Exchange

The Currency Exchange service allows Players to convert their Doubloons into Gold.

Removed sections

The Black Market previously featured other shop sections that have since been removed.

Goodies for Gold

Goodies for Gold icon.png

Goodies for Gold featured special items could be bought with Gold.

Cosmetic items sold here are often new recoloured pieces based on previously released Cosmetic Sets that have been sold for gold. Each time new stock becomes available, the old selection moves to the Black Market Archive at a raised price.

Black Market Archive

The Black Market Archive is where the Cosmetic Set items would be found after their introductory Content Update period ended. They would be from the "Desirables for Doubloons" and "Goodies for Gold" sections to the Archive with a new price raised from their initial discount. As of 2.1.1, the Black Market Archive has retired and all of its cosmetics have been moved into their respective Outpost stores.

Letter of Recommendation

Following the removal of The Arena, the corresponding Letter of Recommendation was removed.