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Disambig.png This article is about the adventures introduced prior to seasons. For the adventures introduced after season five, see Adventures. For the gamemode, see Adventure Mode.

Bilge Rat Adventures are events hosted by the Bilge Rats in Sea of Thieves that arrive with Content Updates. All Bilge Rats Adventures have a number of Commendations tied to them under the Bilge Rats Reputation Menu.

Each of these Adventures usually introduce a new feature that is added to the game with Content Updates (Mechanic, Treasure, Enemy, etc), with new Commendations, Cosmetics and Titles related to these Events.


Following the November 2018 Shrouded Spoils update, Players were introduced to Mercenary Voyages that shifted the focus away from the established Adventure theme of past updates to Voyage-focused updates. As per Bilge Rat tradition, these Time-Limited Mercenary Voyages were accompanied by Time-Limited Cosmetics that could be bought by completing commendations and earning Doubloons.

The October 2019 Fort of the Damned (Event) provided both a permanent Bilge Rat Adventure with permanent Commendations and Cosmetics, as well as offering Time-Limited Mercenary Voyages and Mercenary Commendations.

The following November 2019 The Seabound Soul (Content Update) brought along new Bilge Rat Adventures called Ashen Treasures that saw new additions and implementations during the next following few updates.

The beginning of 2020 introduced the Legends of the Sea Update that saw Umbra's introduction to the Sea of Thieves, with a large number of Commendations devoted to finding Easter Eggs and Legendary Player Pirates.

In the February 2020 Crews of Rage Content Update, the Bilge Rats Adventures style was continued with the new Chest of Rage Treasure item introducing both Mercenary Voyages and Adventure related Commendations and rewards.

After the Crews of Rage, there was a longer break from Bilge Rat Adventures, with the next one coming at July 2020, introducing the Ashen Winds World Event and Commendations, related to defeating Ashen Lords and using their Ashen Winds Skull in various situations.

List of Adventures

Skeleton Thrones

Do you consider yourself a well travelled Pirate who knows the map of the seas like the back of their hook? Combine this with eagle-eye precision with your cannon skill and you may well earn your crew some fine booty!

Gunpowder Skeletons

The Bilge Rats have stepped it up! Can you blow this challenge wide open?

The Sunken Curse

Main article: The Sunken Curse

Rumours of artefacts beneath the waves are being whispered across the Outposts, and as usual the Bilge Rats already know all about it!

Cursed Sails

Main article: Cursed Sails

Skeleton ships are causing chaos - have you met them in battle yet?

Cursed Crews

Main article: The Cursed Crews

You heeded the call to arms, uncovered the clues and successfully protected the Sea of Thieves by defeating the skeletal scourge. Cursed Sails’ time-limited campaign has ended, but the skeleton ships remain in the world even as our latest Bilge Rat Adventure begins: Cursed Crews!

Forsaken Shores

Main article: Forsaken Shores

The Devil's Roar awaits - a region with explosive potential for adventure!

Festival of the Damned

Light the Flames of Fate and celebrate eternal pirate life in our new Bilge Rat Adventure: Festival of the Damned!

Shrouded Spoils

Main article: Shrouded Spoils

Great spoils await the boldest of pirates - do you have what it takes?

Mercenary Voyages

Main article: Mercenary Voyages

A collection of time-limited Voyages leading to the latest challenges and adventures on the seas.

Fort of the Damned

An eerie mist rolls into the Sea of Thieves, it transpires that not all the Dark Relics were safely retrieved, and twisted rituals have secretly continued. Dark Forces have begun to emerge from the shadows, seizing an old fort for their evil rituals and opening a window to the Sea of the Damned. Rally your crew and battle through the emerging Shadows of Fate to thwart their evil schemes!

Ashen Treasures

Main article: Ashen Treasures

A time of upheaval on the Sea of Thieves, as evils long buried return to wreak havoc.

Legends of the Sea

Main article: Legends of the Sea

Help Umbra chronicle an ever-growing list of legends - pirates just like you who left their mark on the Sea of Thieves.

Crews of Rage

Main article: Crews of Rage

The recent return of a certain hot-headed Skeleton Lord is having fiery repercussions around the Sea of Thieves! Skeletons are flocking to Molten Sands Fortress while a new kind of Cursed Chest, the Chest of Rage, is heating things up when it blows its lid.

Ashen Winds

Main article: Ashen Winds

Through the treachery of Stitcher Jim and the efforts of all those pirates duped into helping him, Captain Flameheart has amassed the Tomes, Jewels and other ritual ingredients needed to raise up his most loyal followers as fiery Ashen Lords. fr:Aventures des Fonds de cale