Ashen Treasures

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A time of upheaval on the Sea of Thieves, as evils long buried return to wreak havoc.

Ashen Treasures is the name of Bilge Rat Adventures centered around Ashen Chests, Ashen Keys and Ashen Tomes, released aside The Seabound Soul (Content Update) at November 2019 and continuing in the following Updates. Most of the features are permanent additions to the game, with just the monthly Mercenary Voyages and story-related Commendations being time-limited.

Ashen Treasures

The following elements are related to Ashen Treasures

Treasure Items


Mercenary Voyages

Time-limited for the duration of The Seabound Soul (Content Update).

Cosmetic Items

The Ashen Dragon Set items are available for purchase with some of them locked behind Ashen Tomes Commendations:

Commendations, Titles & Achievements

Ashen Treasures Commendations

Time-Limited Mercenary Voyage Commendations

Commendations related to the Mercenary Voyages that came with the Ashen Treasures. All of these were time-limited for the duration of the Month of the Content Update.

Ashen Treasures Titles

Title Requirement
Scholar of Curses Sell all five Tomes of Curses.
Scholar of Power Sell all five Tomes of Power.
Scholar of Fire Sell all five Tomes of Fire.
Scholar of Resurrection Sell all five Tomes of Resurrection.
Ashen Seeker Earn Duke Departed, Ashen Chest Seeker and all Ashen Key Seeker Commendations. (time-limited)

Ashen Treasures Achievements

A total of 140 Gamerscore is available to earn from the Ashen Treasures:

  • Ashen Tome of Curses I Found [5G]
  • Ashen Tome of Curses II Found [5G]
  • Ashen Tome of Curses III Found [5G]
  • Ashen Tome of Curses IV Found [5G]
  • Ashen Tome of Curses V Found [5G]
  • Ashen Tome of Curses Collector [10G]
  • Tome of Power I [5G]
  • Tome of Power II [5G]
  • Tome of Power III [5G]
  • Tome of Power IV [5G]
  • Tome of Power V [5G]
  • Tome of Power Collector [10G]
  • Tome of Fire I [5G]
  • Tome of Fire II [5G]
  • Tome of Fire III [5G]
  • Tome of Fire IV [5G]
  • Tome of Fire V [5G]
  • Tome of Fire Collector [10G]
  • Tome of Resurrection I [5G]
  • Tome of Resurrection II [5G]
  • Tome of Resurrection III [5G]
  • Tome of Resurrection IV [5G]
  • Tome of Resurrection V [5G]
  • Tome of Resurrection Collector [10G]