Ashen Chest Voyage of Legends

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The Ashen Chest Voyage of Legends is a Mercenary Voyage in Sea of Thieves time-limited for the duration of The Seabound Soul (Content Update) during November 2019.

The Voyage

The Ashen Chest Voyage of Legends is a one chapter Voyage consisting of two Treasure Maps with 5 X's each. The X's uncover Ashen versions of Trinkets, with one X on each Island summoning an Ashen Guardian Skeleton Captain and a handful of Skeletons. When defeated, the Captains drop a Villainous Bounty Skull and Ashen Guardian's Notes, which give the crew a Riddle Map on a near-by Large Island, leading players to an Ashen Chest. The Voyage is considered complete when the two Treasure Maps are used up.


The Voyage is counted as complete once all Treasure Map X's have been dug up.

  • Ashen Guardian's Notes: This additional Quest is easy to miss, but is arguably the most valuable part of the Voyage itself. Once picked up by where the Ashen Guardians die, they will give players a Riddle Map to a nearby Large Island (the same Island if killed on a Large Island). Once the Riddles are solved, players can dig up an Ashen Chest, which can either be sold to the Bilge Rats at any Tavern for 10 Doubloons or opened up with an Ashen Key, revealing more valuable Treasure inside. The Ashen Keys will have to be acquired separately.

If done correctly, Player Crews can get 2 Ashen Chests with one Voyage.


"As or with a Pirate Legend, lure out and defeat an Ashen Guardian to find his Ashen Chest!"