Bounty of Raging Ancients

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Retrieve a Chest of Rage from The Devil's Roar, then hunt skeletons in The Ancient Isles.

The Bounty of Raging Ancients is a time-limited Mercenary Voyage available in Sea of Thieves. The Voyage can only be purchased during the February 2020 Crews of Rage (Content Update).

The Voyage

The Bounty of Raging Ancients is a two Chapter Voyage, consisting of an X Marks the Spot Map in The Devil's Roar and a Bounty Map on a Large Island in The Ancient Isles.

The Voyage will reward players with a Chest of Rage, a Firebomb Crate, several Devil's Roar Trinkets, Bounty Skulls, an Ashen Key Master, an Ashen Guardian and The Mutinous Helmsman Skeleton Lord. The Ashen Skeleton Captains and Skeleton Lord can despawn if the whole Crew dies on the Island, thus locking players out of a potential Ashen Key, Ashen Chest or Skeleton's Orders Treasure.


Chapter One

One X Marks the Spot Map with 3-6 X's at either Scorched Pass or Cursewater Shores in The Devil's Roar. The X's uncover a Chest of Rage, a Firebomb Crates and random Ashen Trinkets. One of the X's will spawn an Ashen Key Master who will drop a Villainous Bounty Skull and an Ashen Key. If the whole Crew dies during this section, the Key Master will disappear with its rewards.

Final Chapter

One Bounty Map with 1 Skeleton Captain on a Large Island in The Ancient Isles Region. This fight consists of 7 waves. The first five waves consist of a mix of two types of Skeletons (Shadow, Plant, Gold or Regular). The sixth wave spawns an Ashen Guardian with a handful of mixed Skeletons. The final wave spawns the Skeleton Captain, a handful of mixed Skeletons and the Skeleton Lord The Mutinous Helmsman. The Voyage is counted as complete when the Skeleton Captain dies. The Ashen Guardian and Mutinous Helmsman will despawn when the Crew dies at this stage. The Ashen Guardian drops a Villainous Bounty Skull and Ashen Guardian's Notes. The Skeleton Captain will drop a random Bounty Skull and the Mutinous Helmsman will drop a Villainous Bounty Skull and Skeleton's Orders.

Bonus Chapter

The Ashen Guardian's Notes dropped by the Ashen Guardian give the Crew a Riddle Map on the same Island, which reveals an Ashen Chest.

The Skeleton's Orders that drops from the Skeleton Lord will give the Crew a Treasure Map with 3-5 X's on the same Island, revealing random Treasure from the Emergent Skeleton Captain's Skeleton Order's Treasure Pool.

The Following Treasure can be dug up from the Skeleton's Orders: