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Voyages are thematic collections of Quests that players can choose to embark upon. To begin a Voyage, players must chose a Voyage for a vote on the ship's Captain's Table. Many Trading Companies provide different types of Voyages of varying difficulties.



Before the launch of Season 11, Voyages had to be purchased from Trading Company representatives or from the Black Market at any Outpost. Alternatively, Captains could purchase Captain's Voyages which were more compact versions of regular Trading Company Voyages.

Voyages are now available at any time and without any costs at the Captain's Tables Voyages Menu, as long as they have been unlocked.


In order to begin a Voyage, a crew or alliance member must interact with the ship's Captain's Table to chose a Voyage from the Voyages Menu for voting. If the crew has only one player, the Voyage will begin immediately. If not, the Voyage has to receive a majority vote to begin. Once voted for, the Voyage will become active, indicated with a title card for the Voyage. A Captain's Table can have up to four Voyages put up for a vote, but only one currently active Voyage and one Tall Tale. Once selected, the type of a Voyage is visible on the Captain's Table for all crews to see.

Crews can cancel any active Voyage by voting for it at the Captain's Table.


A single Voyage is usually composed of a variable number of quests and chapters. The difficulty, number of objectives and the overall length of Voyages purchased from the Gold Hoarders, Order of Souls and Merchant Alliance increases with the player's purchased promotions with the respective companies.

Each Trading Company Voyage consists of unique quest types, varying from classic treasure maps to engaging combat or cargo shipping, as well as many more.

A multi-chapter Voyage is indicated by "Chapter One" appearing on the title card of the activated Voyage. These Voyages present quests in chapters, with following chapters appearing only when all the quests of the previous chapter are completed. The completion of a chapter is always indicated with another title card, with the last chapter always being introduced as the "Final Chapter". Once a Voyage is complete, a final title card will be presented to indicate its completion.

List of Voyage types

Voyages are generally themed around the Trading Company that provides them, sending players in search of treasure, locations or NPCs relevant to the company. Destinations from regular Voyages are typically in the three main regions of the Sea of Thieves, while Ashen Voyages, marked by the singed red edges, will be focused in The Devil's Roar.

Quest Table: Company Voyages

Voyages types
Icon Voyage type Trading Companies Details Available Voyages
Gold Hoarders Medley Voyage icon.png Order of Souls Medley Voyage icon.png

Merchant Alliance Medley Voyage icon.png

Medley Voyages Medley Voyages combine the key elements from all of that Company's other Voyages into one long Voyage.
Gold Hoarders Raid Voyage icon.png Order of Souls Raid Voyage icon.png

Merchant Alliance Raid Voyage icon.png Athena's Fortune Raid Voyage icon.png

Raid Voyages Raid Voyages provide an on-demand experience for World Events and other raid locations (excluding Fort of the Damned).
Gold Hoarders Tutorial Voyage icon.png Order of Souls Tutorial Voyage icon.png

Merchant Alliance Tutorial Voyage icon.png

Tutorial Voyages Short voyages for learning the essentials of each Trading Company's early Voyage types: Buried Treasure, Bounty, or Merchant Contract.
Buried Treasure Voyage icon.png Buried Treasure Gold Hoarders Gold Hoarders Study maps to unearth hidden treasure chest buried on small or large islands.
Riddle Voyage icon.png Riddle Gold Hoarders Gold Hoarders Solve short or long riddles to uncover riches hidden on large islands.
Treasure Vault Voyage icon.png Treasure Vault Gold Hoarders Gold Hoarders Recover pieces of a lost treasure map, then unearth a key to an ancient vault of tricks and treasure.
Bounty Voyage icon.png Bounty Order of Souls Order of Souls Hunt down and defeat skeletons on small or large islands.
Ghost Ship Battle Voyage icon.png Ghost Ship Battle Order of Souls Order of Souls Battle a fleet of Ghost Ships and claim the treasures they leave behind.
Merchant Contract Voyage icon.png Merchant Contract Merchant Alliance Merchant Alliance Collect animals from islands and deliver them in good health.
  • A Founder's Merchant Contract
  • An Executive's Merchant Contract
Cargo Run Voyage icon.png Cargo Run Merchant Alliance Merchant Alliance Collect cargo items and deliver them in good condition.
  • A Founder's Cargo Run
  • An Executive's Cargo Run
  • An Ashen Founder's Cargo Run
  • An Ashen Executive's Cargo Run
Lost Shipment Voyage icon.png Lost Shipment Merchant Alliance Merchant Alliance Track down and recover the lost cargo and Manifest of a sunken Merchant vessel.
  • An Executive's Lost Shipment
  • An Ashen Executive's Lost Shipment
Legend of the Veil Voyage icon.png Legend of the Veil Athena's Fortune Athena's Fortune Undertake a Pirate Legend Voyage to restore the mythical Veil of the Ancients.
Voyage of Legends Voyage icon.png Voyage of Legends Athena's Fortune Athena's Fortune A medley of Quests will lead you towards a Legendary Treasure.
  • A Voyage of Legends
  • An Ashen Voyage of Legends
Legendary Search Voyage icon.png Legendary Search Athena's Fortune Athena's Fortune Recover treasures with perplexing propeties.

Quest Table: Special Voyages

Double Quotations Left.png
A selection of exclusive Voyages and time-limited opportunities.
— Quest Table menu
Voyages types
Icon Voyage type Details Available Voyages
Random Voyages These Voyages are not revealed until your crew have voted on them.

They are chosen from any of the Voyages or Tall Tales you have unlocked.

  • A Random Voyage
  • A Random Tall Tale
The Legend of the Sunken Kingdom Dive below the waves to uncover an ancient secret of the deep.
Limited Voyages These Voyages are not always available and are gifted as part of special Events.

Other voyages

Voyages types
Icon Voyage type Trading Companies Details
Emissary Voyages Emissary Voyages are available to Trading Company Emissaries who have reached Emissary Grade 5.

List of legacy Voyage types

These are voyages that had been previously available in Sea of Thieves but have since been removed or replaced.

Bilge Rats Voyages

Purchased from Larinna outside any Outpost tavern.

List of legacy Bilge Rats Voyage types
Icon Voyage type Details
Mercenary Voyages Mercenary Voyages encapsulate a varied collection of Voyages with mixed Quests, chapters, and objectives. They were mostly time-limited for the duration of any given Content Update or event, and required Doubloons instead of gold to purchase. While Mercenary Voyages would reward treasure, many also count for various Commendations to unlock time-limited titles or cosmetics when completed.
Stash Voyages Stash Voyages were Mercenary Voyages that were previously available for purchase from Larinna for a high Doubloons cost. These Voyages would consist of a single Treasure Map for the closest Outpost to uncover one treasure of the following (depending on the chosen Voyage): Ritual Skull, Ashen Chest, Ashen Key.
Athena's Run of Thieves' Haven Previously available from Larinna for 50 Doubloons, this Voyage sends players to Thieves' Haven and other nearby islands to retrieve Athena's Fortune Treasure.
Gilded Voyages Gilded Voyages were special, lucrative Voyages that are offered by the Bilge Rats for a limited time, usually during the holiday season. Gilded variations of Voyages from each Trading Company provided players with a large number of valuable treasures. Players could only obtain one Gilded Voyage per event.

Captain's Voyages

Main article: Captain's Voyages

Captain's Voyages were more compact versions of regular Trading Company Voyages, but were only available to Captains and their captained shipcrews. They can be purchased from the Shipwright Shop at any Outpost and allow players to choose from a variety of quest types, and a mix of shorter or more time-consuming Voyages. 50 of each can be stored in a Captained ship's on-board Voyage Storage, and can be voted upon from the ship's Voyage Table.


Voyager of Lost Souls emblem.png
Voyager of Lost SoulsComplete 250 Order of Souls Voyages.
  • Grade I: 5
  • Grade II: 25
  • Grade III: 50
  • Grade IV: 100
  • Grade V: 250
Title icon.png Rewards the Voyager of Lost Souls Title.
Mercenary of the Ancient Order emblem.png
Mercenary of the Ancient OrderEarn 150,000 gold with the Order of Souls Voyages.
  • Grade I: 1,000
  • Grade II: 5,000
  • Grade III: 15,000
  • Grade IV: 75,000
  • Grade V: 150,000
Title icon.png Rewards the Mercenary of the Ancient Order Title.
Sailor of the Whispering Bones emblem.png
Sailor of the Whispering BonesSail 1,000 nautical miles on Order of Souls Voyages bounties.
  • Grade I: 10
  • Grade II: 75
  • Grade III: 200
  • Grade IV: 500
  • Grade V: 1,000
Title icon.png Rewards the Sailor of the Whispering Bones Title.
Lock icon.png Unlocks Order of Souls Bucket for purchase.
Mystic Devil's Voyager emblem.png
Mystic Devil's VoyagerComplete 5 Devil's Roar Voyages for the Order of Souls
(Completion requires at least one piece of loot to be sold)
+15 Doubloons
Voyages of the Soul emblem.png
Voyages of the SoulDive to and complete Order of Souls Voyages.
  • Grade I: 1
  • Grade II: 5
  • Grade III: 10
Soul Raider emblem.png
Soul RaiderDive to and complete Raid Voyages for the Order of Souls.
  • Grade I: 1
  • Grade II: 5
  • Grade III: 10
All-seeing emblem.png
All-seeingSell Eyes of Souls that you or another pirate earned from completing Raid Voyages for the Order of Souls.
  • Grade I: 5
  • Grade II: 10
  • Grade III: 15
  • Grade IV: 25
  • Grade V: 50


Patch history

  • 1.0.8 (May 23, 2018)
    • On to the Next! - Players can now discard unwanted voyages within the Quick Menu. No more having to propose them on the Captain's Table and cancel them!
  • 1.0.4 (April 18, 2018)
    • Company icons in the voyage pop-up UI are now the correct size.
    • Voyage description text has been increased in size, and should now be easier to read from a distance.