The Sea of Thieves

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Disambig.png This article is about the location. For the video game, see Sea of Thieves.
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Seek a voyage in search of gold, to fortunes unknown and stories untold.
— Written behind the map issued to new players before 2.0.10.

The Sea of Thieves is an isolated area, separate from the rest of the world and located within the upper Caribbean, between Mosquito Island and Anegada in what is now the British Virgin Islands.[1][2]

The Sea of Thieves is described as a "fold in the map", a smaller world to which very few can find passage. The outer limits are surrounded by the Devil's Shroud, a mist that rots wood and corrodes metal, making the crossing to and from the Sea of Thieves very difficult.

The Pirate Lord was one of the first to discover passage into the seas, and discovered the land was rife with cursed treasures and mythical beasts.


The Sea of Thieves is split into several regions of varying unique geography and landmarks.

Other notable locations:

Opening poem

The poem shown in the game's opening cutscene tells of a journey to reach the Sea of Thieves and the Trading Companies who you'll find there.

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Opening poem


Rare treasures and riches vast, from pirate legends in the past
Shared voyages with faithful crew, called to sail the ocean blue
In the sea of thieves, the rumours fare, a fortune lies buried there
Hidden route under fearsome sky, a fortune calls to those that try
The Gold Hoarders seek beneath the sands, the keys to chests within their hands
The Order Of Souls are full of mystery, they came to seek the skulls of history
The Merchant Alliance are seeking coin, a profit made by those that join
Athena's Fortune now calls to ye, to become legend upon the sea


  • The map showing directions into the Sea of Thieves depicts a ship with sails resembling those of the Morningstar.


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