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The Captain's Table or Voyage Table is a stationary item and ship decoration item in the captain's cabin of every ship. It is used to vote for starting and cancelling Voyages or Tall Tales.

Captain's Table customisation is only available to Captained ships.


The Captain's Table can be interacted with by anyone who either has Voyages or Tall Tales in their Quest Inventory. Voyages can be purchased from Trading Company representatives or from the Shipwright Shop on Outposts. To start a Voyage, players must place their selected Voyage down for voting on the table. If the selected Voyage gets the majority of the votes, it will be started and put in the crew's Quest Radial. Likewise, Voyages can be cancelled with a majority vote. Only one Voyage can be active at one time.

Tall Tales cannot be voted for on the Captain's Table and have to be started from the location of the Tale Books instead. When a tale book receives the majority of the crew's votes, it will become active in the Quest Radial and appear on the Captain's Table. Crews can only have one Tall Tale active at a time. When a player has reached a Tall Tale checkpoint, they can put it up for a vote on the Captain's Table to start from that checkpoint instead. Tall Tales can be cancelled via voting on the Captain's Table.


(Please note that this list is a work-in-progress)

  • Total Cost: 4,757,175 Gold
Image Name Source Cost Requires Set In-game description
Admiral Captain's Table.png
Admiral Captain's Table Shipwright Shop 147,000 Gold  Milestones.png 45  Admiral "An empty desk is a sure sign of a well-organised mind."
Aristocrat Captain's Table.png
Aristocrat Captain's Table Shipwright Shop 208,650 Gold  Milestones.png 40  Aristocrat "Any pirate who dares stain this magnificent table with grog is destined for the brig."
Bilge Rat Captain's Table.png
Bilge Rat Captain's Table Shipwright Shop 147,000 Gold  Milestones.png 45  Bilge Rat "A good-as-new table made from an old, broken table - and some glue."
Bone Crusher Captain's Table.png
Bone Crusher Captain's Table Shipwright Shop 147,000 Gold  Milestones.png 45  Bone Crusher "Designed for voting on Bounties, though other Voyages seem to work too."
Captain's Table of the Ashen Dragon.png
Captain's Table of the Ashen Dragon Shipwright Shop 209,850 Gold  Milestones.png 45  Ashen Dragon "You'd better be quick voting on Voyages, in case the parchments start to singe..."
Captain's Table of the Silent Barnacle.png
Captain's Table of the Silent Barnacle Shipwright Shop 208,650 Gold  Milestones.png 45  The Silent Barnacle "Now that it's been scraped clean, this table is as good as any other."
Dawn Hunter Captain's Table.png
Dawn Hunter Captain's Table Shipwright Shop 496,125 Gold  Milestones.png 45  Dawn Hunter "Gather around this table and plan out how you'll claim more unsuspecting prey..."
Eastern Winds Jade Captain's Table.png
Eastern Winds Jade Captain's Table Shipwright Shop 208,650 Gold  Milestones.png 40  Eastern Winds Jade "According to the shipwrights, this table hails from a distant palace. Oh well, it's yours now."
Ghost Captain's Table.png
Ghost Captain's Table Shipwright Shop 1,500,000 Gold
Pirate Legend
Pirate Legend emblem.png
Pirate Legend
Obtained from the Mysterious Stranger after reaching Level 50 in any three Trading Companies.
Ghost "The shipwright seemed really keen to sell this unsettling piece of furniture..."
Imperial Sovereign Captain's Table.png
Imperial Sovereign Captain's Table Shipwright Shop 147,000 Gold n/a Imperial Sovereign "A table that looks its best when it's topped with a Voyage to find even more gold."
Kraken Captain's Table.png
Kraken Captain's Table Shipwright Shop 208,650 Gold  Milestones.png 40  Kraken "Be careful when laying out those Captain's Voyages - the ink's still wet."
Legendary Captain's Table.png
Legendary Captain's Table Shipwright Shop 147,000 Gold  Milestones.png 45  Legendary "This gold-rimmed table has seen more than its share of Legendary Voyages voted on over the years."
Ocean Crawler Captain's Table.png
Ocean Crawler Captain's Table Shipwright Shop 208,650 Gold  Milestones.png 40  Ocean Crawler "A rather weathered piece of furniture that's spent time both above and below the waves."
Parrot Captain's Table.png
Parrot Captain's Table Shipwright Shop 208,650 Gold  Milestones.png 45  Parrot "Don't read your Voyages out loud with a parrot around. You never know what it might repeat..."
Sailor Captain's Table.png
Sailor Captain's Table Ship Customisation Chest
n/a Sailor "If this reliable table wasn't here to hold Voyages, the floor would be full of knife marks by now."
Scorched Forsaken Ashes Captain's Table.png
Scorched Forsaken Ashes Captain's Table Shipwright Shop 208,650 Gold n/a Scorched Forsaken Ashes "If you're called to arms during dinner, this table will keep your meal hot until you get back."
Sea Dog Captain's Table.png
Sea Dog Captain's Table Shipwright Shop 147,000 Gold  Milestones.png 45  Sea Dog "Sturdy and stable - the kind of table that a Sea Dog can really rely on."
Wild Rose Captain's Table.png
Wild Rose Captain's Table Shipwright Shop 208,650 Gold n/a Wild Rose "Rose and George would drag this table ashore on clear nights and eat together, under the stars."


  • Crews can have a single Tall Tale and Voyage active at the same time.
  • Active Tall Tales and Voyages on the Voyage Table are visible to all players, meaning that it is possible to sneak on a ship and determine their current objective.
  • The crew keeps their Tall Tale checkpoints after the Tall Tale has been cancelled.

Patch history

  • 2.6.1 (September 1, 2022)
    • Lunging with a sword at the Captain's Table and then trying to interact with the Captain’s Logbook will no longer cause players’ vision to become blocked.
    • The voting dagger should no longer be seen floating above the Captain’s Table.
  • 2.6.0 (August 4, 2022)
    • Introduced cosmetic variations.
  • 2.5.3 (June 26, 2022)
    • The ‘Place Map Bundle’ tooltip should no longer be shown on the Captain’s Table when a player is not in possession of a Map Bundle.
  • 1.0.2 (April 4, 2018)
    • The Voyage image on the captain’s table now displays the rank (promotion) banner in the top right corner, to keep in line with other areas of the game UI.