12 Deeds of Giving

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12 Deeds of Giving was a time-limited Christmas themed Event in Sea of Thieves. The Event began on December 9, 2020 and ran until January 20, 2021. The Event provided Player Pirates with 12 Goals that were unlocked daily. All previous Goals could be completed retroactively for the whole duration of the Event. Completing each of the 12 challenges rewarded Players with Eastern Winds Jade Set Equipment Items and a Title for completing all of the challenges. The Cosmetics became available for purchase at Outpost Shops after the Event.

Players could track their progress in the in-game Event Menu, as well as on the Event Hub page.

Official summary

Complete twelve festive feats themed around a seasonal song and you'll be richly rewarded!


Image Goal Date Description Reward
Twelve Chickens Drumming.png Twelve Chickens Drumming... December 9, 2020 You or your crew must deliver 12 cooked Chickens to The Hunter's Call. Eastern Winds Jade Drum
Cursed Crews Skeletons.jpg Eleven Cannons Cursing... December 10, 2020 Strike other ships with a total of 11 Cursed Cannonballs while flying the Reaper's Mark flag. Eastern Winds Jade Speaking Trumpet
Ten Legends Searching.png Ten Legends Searching... December 11, 2020 Find and interact with 10 Umbra's Immortalisations across the Sea of Thieves. Eastern Winds Jade Spyglass
Ach Bone-Cronch.jpg Nine Skellies Slaying... December 12, 2020 You or your crew must defeat 9 Skeleton Captains during Bounty Voyages issued by the Order of Souls. Eastern Winds Jade Hurdy-Gurdy
Ach I'm On A Whole New Adventure.jpg Eight Quests Embarking... December 13, 2020 Successfully complete 8 Voyages of any kind. Eastern Winds Jade Compass
Seven Outposts Outing.png Seven Outposts Outing... December 14, 2020 Set foot on all the Outposts across the Sea of Thieves. (Feel free to stop for a grog.) Eastern Winds Jade Tankard
Ach I Don't See Your Ship.jpg Six Ships A-Sinking... December 15, 2020 You or your crew must successfully sink 6 enemy Ships. Eastern Winds Jade Bucket
Ach You Can Always Trust The Untrustworthy.jpg Five Stolen Thiiings! December 16, 2020 Hand in 5 Chests that have been taken from another crew. Eastern Winds Jade Concertina
Four Hauling Booms.png Four Hauling Booms... December 17, 2020 Successfully hand in 4 Gunpowder Barrels of any kind to the Merchant Alliance. Eastern Winds Jade Shovel
Three Fresh Hens.png Three Fresh Hens... December 18, 2020 Catch and successfully hand in 3 (living) Chickens to the Merchant Alliance. Eastern Winds Jade Pocket Watch
Two Total Dives.png Two Total Dives... December 19, 2020 Find and hand in 2 Shipwrecked Treasure Chests to the Gold Hoarders. Eastern Winds Jade Lantern
Ach Kraken Good Job.jpg And a Monster... December 20, 2020 ...that rose from the sea! You or your crew must defeat either a Megalodon or a Kraken. Eastern Winds Jade Banjo
All Deeds Defeating.jpg All Deeds Defeating! December 20, 2020 Complete all of the Goals in the 12 Deeds of Giving Challenge. Master of Festivities Title.