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Hear me, my daughter, and come forth! Come forth and FEAST!

The Kraken is a World Event encounter in Sea of Thieves. A huge, many-tentacled cephalopod-like monster that can focus on and attack any player ship in open water when no other World Event is active. Its full appearance can be seen in The Sunken Pearl Tall Tale.


The Kraken spawns under a ship, darkening the water into an inky-black pool and slowing the ship to a crawl as up to eight tentacles rise from the waves. The tentacles may attack by sucking players up into their mouths, wrapping around the hull, or slapping the ship. The Kraken is a timed encounter where treasure and meat are dropped when each tentacle is defeated. A Kraken will despawn when enough arms have been disabled or shortly after all ships in the ink are sunk.


The Kraken has a chance to spawn on a ship so long as it is in open water away from islands and there is no other active Kraken or World Event on the server, not including Fort of the Damned.

Its spawning is indicated by a musical cue and the water around the ship turning black. Ship movement in the dark water is minimal, but not halted. Drowning speed is dramatically increased in the inky waters.

Kraken arms will spawn in the area of black water. To defeat the Kraken, enough tentacles must be destroyed depending on ship type, with larger ships requiring more damage to destroy a tentacle and more tentacles destroyed to complete the event. If the crew can survive long enough the Kraken will also retreat.

When the encounter is resolved, the inky water rapidly retreats.

Types of ability tentacles

There are four types of arms to the Kraken, each with a different ability:

  • "Inhaler" arms are indicated by a smoke effect on the deck and can suck a player up into the arm. To avoid being sucked up, go below deck or deal damage to the open, inhaling "mouth" of the nearby tentacle. If sucked, the player is rooted in the arm, which will occasionally slap them on the water's surface, dealing a large amount of damage. Eventually, the arm will throw the player into the water a slight distance from the ship. A trapped player can be freed early by damaging the arm, by cannon or by the trapped player's cutlass, or by being harpooned out of its mouth by another player.
  • "Wrapping" arms wrap around the body of the ship, immobilising it and causing damage as it lays on the deck of the ship. Damage the head of the closest tentacle to have it remove its arm easily. Damaging the wrapped tentacle on the deck with a cutlass or gun can also release the arm, but takes much longer and may inflict poison damage.
  • "Slapping" arms quickly spawn and slap hard against the side of the ship, causing movement and damage similar to a Gunpowder Barrel.
  • "Target" arms simply float around sticking straight up for players to cannon, rewarding treasure upon defeat.

Tips and tricks

  • The Kraken is a unique World Event that has a chance of spawning in between other World Events, not including Fort of the Damned. As such, if any are visible then the Kraken will not attack. Furthermore, as a World Event itself, only one Kraken can be active at any one time. Keeping track of when World Events start and how long they will likely last can be a good way to tell when the Kraken will attack.
  • Like the Megalodon, the Kraken can't spawn close to islands. Keeping your ship within one during any world event transitions will make it impossible to be attacked.
  • If no world event is active and you aren't being attacked by the Kraken, this means another ship is under attack by one. You can easily use this opportunity to track down nearby players that may be under attack and easily destroy them, or assist them.
  • The chosen player for each attack is picked at random, and can even choose the same ship twice in a row. As such, the more ships that are possible targets, the better chances you have of not being selected. This results in a 1 in 5 chance if the server is filled and all ships are in the open sea. If multiple ships are docked or sunk on the server, beware that you are very likely to be targeted by a Kraken.
  • If clearing a world event, always be ready for a Kraken follow-up attack. If clearing a skull fort your crew can simply wait until another world event spawns to leave the fort, however, this can be very problematic with Ghost Fleets or Skeleton Fleets, as both generally require you to be in open waters to finish them and gather the loot. A solution is upon clearing, immediately head to a nearby island and use a rowboat to gather the loot dropped by the ghost or skeleton ships.
  • The easiest way to avoid a Kraken fight is to try not to panic, turn your ship 180° and try to sail out of the inky area as quickly as possible. This still requires some luck and supplies as the Kraken may tighten its grip around you and the larger ships like the Galleon and the Brigantine slow down to a crawl in the ink, making it much harder to get out of the ink and not get pushed around by the tentacle lashes.
  • When too low on supplies to swim out of the inky area, having a rowboat is the next best thing as the rowboat's speed isn't as inhibited as the speed of the ships in ink. Swimming above the inky water will not damage you, giving you a chance to collect your supplies onto the rowboat and paddle into safety. The only danger here is either the sharks that cannot be seen in the inky water or when the tentacles try to suck a player in. Apart from dragging the player down in the water, being sucked in by the tentacle does not damage the player too much, when fought free from.
  • The Kraken will not attack individual players who are off the ship or are on a Rowboat but can still target players in the ink with the sucking attack even without a ship.
  • Tentacles can be damaged by both Cannonballs and Weapons. However, guns deal only a fraction of the DPS a cannon can deal. Only use them if there are no cannonball angles or simply no ammunition. Generally, swords deal the most DPS to a tentacle wrapped around the ship while the Eye of Reach is usually the best option for other tentacles.
  • Firebombs and Blunderbombs do the same damage as cannonballs if shot out of a cannon. Don't be afraid to use them if cannonballs are in low supply.
  • The Kraken will take longer to defeat based upon which ship it attacks. A Sloop only needs to kill around 2 to 3 tentacles, the Brigantine 5 to 6 tentacles, and the Galleon 7 to 8 tentacles to make the Kraken leave you alone.
  • Shooting the open "mouths" on the tentacles seems to be the fastest way to defeat them, either getting more chances at loot or dealing quickly with the more dangerous limbs.
  • If a Kraken tentacle grabs you and you have a Cutlass equipped, you can lunge out of its mouth.
  • Players can be saved from a Kraken's clutches with the Harpoon.
  • The Kraken leaves a ship very vulnerable as it is very easy to be sabotaged and sunk by other ships. Not only can they stay out of the ink and shoot you with cannonballs from afar, but sneaky pirates can also swim a bit below the surface to board your ship and even blow it up with a Gunpowder Barrel. Be very mindful of your surroundings when attacked by a Kraken. If possible, try to take over the controls of the enemy ship and steer them into the Kraken's range, as it will start to attack them as well.
  • Skeleton Ships can target a Kraken if nearby, and can also spawn randomly at any point during the attack. In this situation, the Kraken will wrap itself around the Skeleton Ship and attack it, trying to sink it. This can be very beneficial as a result, as the Skeleton Ship will keep the Kraken distracted, within cannon range and deal damage to it.
  • Megalodons can also spawn anytime during a Kraken encounter and can make a bad situation much worse as both will ignore each other and the Megalodon can be a massive problem with potentially knocking crewmembers into the water. However, a very good idea in this scenario is to Harpoon the mega, which can easily drag the ship out of the Kraken's clutches.
  • As with other open world Encounters, the Kraken must be hit with at least one Cannonball from your ship to count towards defeat commendations.


When a tentacle is defeated, circling birds will mark the location of the treasure where it was destroyed.

In addition to 1 piece of Kraken meat, Kraken tentacles will drop 1-2 of virtually any treasure other items (e.g. Treasure Chests, Artefacts, Bounty Skulls, Mermaid Gems, Trade Good Crates or a Message in a Bottle) with the exception of a Chest of Legends or Box of Wondrous Secrets. The loot will drop at the exact location where the tentacles were slain and can be collected even before the battle is complete.

Each tentacle rewards the following upon defeat:

  • 1 Kraken (meat)
  • 1-2 pieces of virtually any random treasure items


Kraken Hunter emblem.png
Kraken HunterDefeat 1 Kraken+10 Doubloons
Lock icon.png Unlocks the Kraken Capstan for purchase.
Master Kraken Hunter emblem.png
Master Kraken HunterDefeat 5 Krakens+20 Doubloons
Title icon.png Rewards the Master Kraken Hunter Title.
Lock icon.png Unlocks the Kraken Wheel for purchase.
Legendary Kraken Hunter emblem.png
Legendary Kraken HunterDefeat 10 Krakens+50 Doubloons
Title icon.png Rewards the Legendary Kraken Hunter Title.
Lock icon.png Unlocks the Kraken Cannons and Venomous Kraken Set for purchase.

Kraken meat

Each defeated Kraken tentacle drops a piece of Kraken (meat) meat.

Kraken meat takes 2 minutes to fully cook. The easiest way to tell when it's fully cooked is to look at the outer skin with the suckers.

Cooked meat can be sold to The Hunter's Call. Selling 50 pieces of Kraken meat to The Hunter's Call rewards The Hunter of the Monstrous Beast Commendation, which unlocks the Kraken Makeup for purchase at any Clothing Shop.

Each piece of Kraken meat allows for 2 bites before it is used up.

  • Cooked Kraken meat replenishes 100% health and gives half a circle of health regeneration per bite.
  • Under-cooked Kraken meat replenishes 90% health per bite without giving regeneration.
  • Burnt Kraken meat replenishes 11% health per bite without giving regeneration.
Raw Under-cooked Cooked Burnt
n/a 405 Gold 450 Gold 45 Gold

The Sunken Pearl

During The Sunken Pearl Tall Tale, the Kraken can be seen and heard outside windows, swimming around the Siren Spire and Siren Citadel. This was the first time in which the Kraken had been encountered in full body form. The Siren Queen calls in the Kraken near the end of the tale to destroy pirate intruders before her chamber is reached. Pirates must use cannons on the wreck of the Silver Blade to fight the Kraken as it bursts through the structure of the Citadel into the chamber. Here, the Kraken's beaked face is fully exposed and visible.


  • Some players in the community call the Kraken "Karen". This is also an internal nickname at Rare.
  • Art found in The Art of Sea of Thieves book implies inspiration for multiple types of Kraken during the planning phase of game development.
    • Krakens were shown in some promotional images to be similar to the Krakens of sea folklore, being giant octopus-like creatures that attack ships from underwater with their enormous tentacles.
  • Krakens did not spawn in any of the pre-release versions, including the Final Beta, but were shown in teaser trailers for the full release.
  • Kraken skulls and skeletons can be found throughout the Sea of Thieves, but more frequently in The Wilds.
  • At 3:00 AM each night a roar can be heard throughout the Sea of Thieves. The sound is believed to be produced by the Kraken.
  • There was once a massive Kraken known only as the Old Mother that plagued the Merfolk. The Mer sought the help of the indigenous humans of the Sea of Thieves, and using the magic these Ancients possessed, they created chains of unbendable iron to seal her away. The Old Mother thrashed for a century in these binds before dying. When she died, her children fled to all corners of the sea to hide.[1]
  • There is only one Kraken that we fight. It always runs before it dies, hence the absence of a body when defeated. This Kraken was blinded by The Pirate Lord and his crew, along with Briggsy and Eli Slate during his time on the seas. Due to this encounter, it now uses its ink to hide its body and only fights using its tentacles in World Event encounters.
  • The Kraken only has a rendered body during The Sunken Pearl Tall Tale and not during random encounters.
    • The full Kraken can also be seen swimming by during diving loading screens.
  • The Kraken's appearance may have been inspired by the mythical Caribbean sea monster known as the Lusca.


Patch history

  • (March 24, 2022)
    • Crews will now find a steady rotation of World Events taking place across the seas.
  • 2.4.0 (December 2, 2021)
    • Groups of seagulls now mark the locations of unretrieved tentacle loot for World Event encounters.
    • Treasure dropped by defeated tentacles will no longer begin sinking until the Kraken is fully defeated.
    • Water audio effects when the Kraken is leaving should no longer stop prematurely.
  • 2.1.0 (April 15, 2021)
    • World Event Rebalancing – The likelihood of being targeted by the Kraken immediately after a previous world event has been reduced.
  • 2.0.15 (May 27, 2020)
    • Sloop Kraken Encounters – When encountering a Kraken on a Sloop, tentacles are now weaker and take less damage. Kraken tentacles wrapping your ship also take less damage before they let go.
    • Brigantine and Galleon Kraken Encounters – When encountering a Kraken on a Brigantine or Galleon, tentacles no longer try to cover the lower deck to prevent access. When a tentacle releases your ship, the damage dealt has been made more consistent.
  • 2.0.9 (November 20, 2019)
    • Tentacles now have the chance the drop an Ashen Chest upon defeat.
  • 2.0.4 (June 19, 2019)
    • Improved Kill Contribution for Kraken Encounters – Participation tracking has been improved for players and crews engaging in Kraken encounters. Damaging the beast now counts towards killing it even if the player or crew subsequently leaves the encounter. Players will find that unlocking Commendation progress for winning these encounters is now much more consistent.
  • 2.0.3 (May 29, 2019)
    • Defeating a Kraken tentacle will now cause it to correctly drop Kraken meat in addition to other rewards.
  • 2.0 (April 30, 2019)
    • When fighting the Kraken, moving into a safe space while it attempts to snatch you up from the ship will no longer cause you to be pulled through the environment.
  • 1.4.3 (February 6, 2019)
    • Calming the Kraken - The Kraken has learnt to pick on someone her own size and will now take it easier on Sloops and Brigantines. Tentacle wraps that block access to lower levels have been significantly reduced.
    • After being drowned by a Kraken, Players returning from the Ferry of the Damned should no longer have their camera locked in position.
  • 1.4.0 (November 28, 2018)
    • Kraken Updates - The difficulty of Kraken encounters has been increased and balanced for different crew sizes, meaning it can now assault any ship, even your Sloop! Watch out for its new slap attack too.
    • Kraken Rewards - Loot can now be found bobbing on the surface after defeating a Kraken.
    • Player camera angles can no longer become incorrectly clamped after being grabbed by a Kraken tentacle.
    • Players can no longer potentially be sucked through the ship by the Kraken when targeted.
    • Fixed several issues which caused player camera chaos after being thrown by the Kraken.
    • If drowned by a Kraken tentacle, players will no longer be locked in a 180 degree camera rotation when spawning on the Ferry of the Damned.
  • 1.3.1 (October 10, 2018)
    • The ocean around the ship will appear completely black when a Kraken encounter begins.
  • 1.2.4 (August 30, 2018)
    • The Kraken has been unleashed upon the seas once again.
  • 1.1.7 (July 19, 2018)
    • It is no longer possible to clip through the Kraken tentacle when it is wrapped around a ship.
  • 1.0.7 (May 15, 2018)
    • Frame rates will now be more consistent during Kraken encounters due to visual effect optimisations.
  • 1.0.5 (April 24, 2018)
    • Kraken is no longer able to spawn around rocks.
    • Kraken tentacles should always be visible when holding a player.
    • Players just outside the inky murk will now hear Kraken fight audio when it attacks other ships.
  • 1.0.1 (March 27, 2018)
    • Players can no longer be held by a seemingly invisible Kraken tentacle.