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"Today you have the honor of dying at the hands of Captain Briggsy!"
— Captain Briggsy, on the offensive

Captain Briggsy is an NPC encountered originally as a Skeleton Lord during the The Cursed Rogue Tall Tale in Sea of Thieves. Upon defeat, Briggsy leaves behind her Skull, which must be returned to Madame Olivia at Plunder Outpost to finish the Tale.

In more recent times, Briggsy has returned as a ghost and an ally of the Pirate Lord's.

Official Description

Briggsy was a young maverick in the first days of the Sea of Thieves; a wild and impulsive pirate who cared more about adventuring and exploring than hoarding treasure. She became known for the exhilarating tales she would tell of her exploits, to rapt audiences including a young and impressionable Tasha. Eventually, like Grace Morrow before her, Briggsy was able to locate a Shroudbreaker, using it to reach the fabled Shores of Gold.

Once there, however, she succumbed to the cursed treasure found below the island and was transformed into a Skeleton Lord. She then encountered the Gold Hoarder, who promised her a cure if she agreed to do his bidding. Fearful that she was now an outcast, Briggsy reluctantly agreed to serve him, though she defied his orders and merely hid the Shroudbreaker's pieces rather than destroying it.[1]


Human life

Captain Briggsy was one of the four most legendary pirates in The Sea of Thieves, having gained notoriety for being an unpredictable wild card. She earned her nickname Briggsy from her almost superhuman talent for breaking out of cells and jails of all kinds[2]. She was considered a maverick even by pirate standards. She was a dedicated adventurer, disappearing for weeks and returning with wild tales every time. She also changed her crew constantly, sometimes leaving her own ship adrift while sailing under someone else's flag. No one knew what to think of her, but everyone knew of Briggsy and her exploits. Briggsy would personally recount her tales to a young Tasha who looked up to Briggsy and dreamed of being a glamourous adventurer visiting all the places Briggsy had been to.

Sudds, caretaker of The North Star Seapost, was navigator in Briggsy's crew, and one of her closest friends, both sharing a love for the stars.

Skeleton Lord

Yearning for the ultimate adventure, Briggsy sought to lay foot on the legendary Shores of Gold. With the use of the Shroudbreaker, she successfully found her way to the island, but wrecked her ship in the process, becoming stranded. Choosing to make the best of the situation, she explored, finding her way into the caves of the island. There she found piles of treasure from which she chose a small trinket as a memento to remember the adventure by. Soon afterwards, she began noticing changes to herself; She was slowly losing her humanity, cursed from the treasures she found there.

There in the caves, Briggsy also found the Gold Hoarder who promised her a cure should she follow his orders. Seeing no other choice, she agreed.

Rather than embracing her new power as a Skeleton Lord, she feels great shame from her downfall. Suspecting that the Shroudbreaker would be needed should she ever be able to discover a cure, Briggsy disassembled the artefact, hiding the pieces across The Sea of Thieves.

The Secret Wilds

When Tasha had an insidious Skeleton Curse, pirates had to use Captain Briggsy's Mask to locate nine Dark Constellations on The Crooked Masts, Old Faithful Isle, and Marauder's Arch, which led to small stone fragments of an Ancient Amulet. On Marauder's Arch, the memory of Briggsy comes back as a ghost, with Warsmith revealing that Warsmith herself cursed Tasha, and the Dark Brethren seek the same temple Briggsy was searching. When Briggsy left with the Dark Brethren, she left behind the torn pages of Tasha's book, saying that the hidden temple in the Sea of the Damned not only has the cure, but also a terrible monster locked inside that very temple.

The Skull of Siren Song

After a while, Briggsy began to ask crews from across the Sea of Thieves to search for an extremely valuable and powerful treasure: the Skull of Siren Song. Every crew was provided with two maps, each leading to a Key of Siren Song and a Chest of Siren Song containing said skull. Once the skull was unlocked from the chest, it was able to be used as a powerful weapon, but it also carried a curse that constantly spawns Coral Skeletons and slows down the ship that has the skull, forcing all the crews to fight to claim the skull. Once a Skull of Siren Song has been turned in, Briggsy pays the pirates and eventually leaves more notes leading to more Skulls of Siren Song.

In Athena's Fortune

Captain Briggsy later reappears in the Athena's Fortune Hideout alongside the Pirate Lord, revealing that she is working with the Pirate Lord to help cure Tasha of her skeleton curse while helping the Pirate Lord gather Skulls of Siren Song in return.


As a Skeleton Lord during The Cursed Rogue:

Captain Briggsy

  • Fire. Heat. Soon they'll be more than just words!
  • Oh, to have flesh once more.
  • I'll be able to smell the sea air! Feel the weight of coins in my palm! Taste the bottom of a barrel of Grog!
  • There wasn't a pirate alive who didn't cheer when they heard the name 'Briggsy' - Kraken Slayer, Shroudbreaker and Adventurer Extraordinaire!
  • Now look at me... Camped out in some nameless backwater with just you brainless boneheads for company...
  • It's all because of that damned curse!
  • Even my old shipmates think I'm dead, or that I'm some sort of monster! And maybe I am!
  • Once I'm free of it, everyone will know my name again!

Captain Briggsy


  • It's nothing personal. I just really want to kill you!
  • Surrender and I'll grant you a quick death!
  • I'm too strong for you!
  • Not bad for a flesh-faced thief! Now stand still and die.
  • I never asked to be cursed!
  • Today, you have the honour of dying at the hands of Captain Briggsy!

Skeleton Summons

  • Let me introduce you to my crew!
  • Wakey wakey, rise and shine!
  • Did you think I was alone?
  • Time to even the odds!

Shockwave Attack

  • You're pathetic!
  • Stay BACK!
  • You'll regret this!
  • See who you're dealing with?


  • I'm too fast for you!
  • Too slow!
  • Not quick enough!


  • Did you miss me?
  • Over here!
  • Looking for me?
  • Something wrong?

Captain Briggsy during The Skull of Siren Song Voyage:

Captain Briggsy

Accepting the Voyage

Thank you for accepting this most adventurous of expeditions!
I'm searching for a specific Skull. That's why I've asked multiple crews to embark on this Voyage.
Just be aware that once you have the Chest, Key, or Skull, you'll be visible to all the other crews.
You might have to fight them off to claim the reward for yourself...
As soon as you bring the Skull of Siren Song to the destination I give you, I will make my presence known.
So, what are you waiting for? On with the quest!
Oh, and good luck!

Waiting on Island

  • Just bring the Skull of Siren Song to me. Easy.
  • I'm over here. It can't be that difficult!
  • Coo-eee! Over here, pirate!
  • Here I am! Captain Briggsy, at your service!
  • I'm not playing hide and seek, you know? I'm right here!

On Voyage completion

Thank you! The Skull of Siren Song always amazes me.
And so do you! It's quite the battle you've fought to fend off other crews and win the prize.
Now, take your payment. It's very richly deserved!
I'm leaving before this place is overrun! I hate crowds... unless they're fans of mine. Haha!
And keep an eye out for more notes from me. They may well be other Skulls of Siren Song to be located!
I'll make a Rogue's Apprentice of you yet. Farewell!

At Athena's Fortune

Dialogue icon.png

Yes, it's me. Captain Briggsy - the Rogue herself - come to make amends for past transgressions.

Why are you a Rogue?

Have you been hiding under a sea rock? You're talking to a woman who's been a Skeleton Lord!
I've been all over the Sea of Thieves. Twice. The second time usually to apologise! Ha!
I've had many an amazing adventure unearthing hidden secrets and and finding lost isles.
I've studied the stars and discovered their hidden stories - both those we see now and those unseen.
But the truth is, I wasn't always alone. I've hidden that truth until now. Perhaps that's what makes me a true Rogue...

What past transgressions?

Well, when it comes to Louise what I said before is true. I've come back to apologise...
You see, I owe my life to this woman beside me. And I've felt guilty about that every day since she left us.
I tried to make it up to her by visiting Teddy and Tasha whenever I could. But I could never really fill her mum's shoes.
What I could do was spin yarns for her based on the daring quests her mother and I used to embark upon.
Yet I could never quite bring myself to tell the girl what happened to her mother. I was ashamed...

How are you going to make amends?

With this blade! The wondrous Sword of Souls! Entrusted to me by the Pirate Lord himself.
We're all going to cure Tasha of her curse with the powerful magic of cherished memories.
Me and Teddy and Louise, we're all filling it up with the best recollections we have of Tasha.
Between us we have so many wonderful stories of that noble and strong young woman.
Then I'm going to take the blade to her, and bring Tasha back just as we remember her, for good this time!

You've got a connection to Tasha as well?

Oh yes! She's been my Rogue's Apprentice, following in my footsteps, but really in those of her Legendary mother.
Tasha is an amazing artist, she was so good as a child illustrating my stories and she's grown in her talent and skill.
I remember once when I'd told her the story of a monster in the temple. I never described it, but she drew the scariest thing I'd ever seen!
Hers have always been such truly creative hands. But her poor bony claws have caused her to stop.
But she is a soaring soul. When she's flesh once more, she'll take up her brushes again, I'm sure of it.

Dialogue icon.png

Yes. Yes. It's me. Of course I'm a Pirate Legend! Captain Briggsy at your service. Now, what can I do for you?

What are you doing here? I thought you were in the Sea of the Damned?

I was. Trapped by my bargain with the Dark Brethren to help them seek a temple in return for a special cannonball that would keep Tasha's curse at bay.
I thought the only way to cure her was to work with them, regardless of the extreme danger I knew that entailed.
But that doesn't matter now. Besides, Wanda and Amaranta have other concerns - a new focus.
they are holed up in the Sea of the Damned. They see it as their path to glory in the Sea of Thieves...

So no more Dark Constellations?

Not for me. Not unless I am needed to find them. You know me! Always up for an adventure.
Although, this one has cost me dearly over the years. To even find clues, we had to search for the Ancient sacred sites.
Yes, "we". I've been hiding something, too. It shames me to say it, but I let down a friend.
My best friend. My partner in crime. A fellow Rogue! But I led her astray and she sacrificed herself for me.
That damned adventure was too dangerous. It cost too much.

So what about Tasha then?

Well, that's what all this is about! Ramsey is a wily old sea dog. He truly deserves the title Pirate Lord!
He realised that recent events with a certain blade had given him the power to help Tasha.
It's all to do with memories, you see. Madame Olivia understands that all too well.
And that is what we will do to save Tasha. Memories are such powerful things!

Aren't you going to ask me to find a Skull of Siren Song?

That's the other side of the bargain. In return for his help with Tasha, I'm helping Ramsey!
You see, this is all about families. Those bonds are everlasting - unbreakable even by death.
And if this works, I will be forever in his debt. Just as I am in debt to another, who saved me.
Anyway! That's why you'll find me popping up on your ship. The Pirate Lord has given me that power.
Once we find the right Skull of Siren Song, it will be cause for celebration.


Journal icon.png To browse the journals written by Briggsy, please refer to Briggsy/Journals.


  • Briggsy's Set - Briggsy's unique outfit is featured in her own cosmetic set with such items as her hat, cutlass, and sails featuring her likeness.


Briggsy is not found in typical gameplay encounters, but makes appearances during the following:


Like other Skeleton Lords, Captain Briggsy will have a large amount of health and a range of Skeleton Lord abilities at her disposal. She can:

  • Switch between the Pistol and Cutlass depending on the player's range. When she has her Cutlass equipped, she can also perform a lunge attack.
  • A high-damage stomp attack. She will rise up, and slam the ground sending all nearby players backwards into the air, dealing increasing damage depending on your proximity to the boss. This attack may cause additional fall damage.
  • Summon Skeletons, allowing them to overwhelm the Players for her. These Skeletons only have 50 health.
  • Perform a ritual to make herself invisible. She will take out a Disgraced Bounty Skull, perform an incantation, then retreat into the ground for a short time before popping up in a new location.


  • As with other Tall Tale Skeleton Lords, Briggsy's health scales with the amount of players on the Island when the fight is started.
    • She only has 1000 health when encountered by a Sloop Crew
  • Briggsy is a Gold Skeleton and is slowed down when exposed to water.
  • The Enchanted Compass can still track Briggsy's Skull after she has been defeated.
  • As of an update that saw a new Version of the Pirate Lords speech at the end of the "Shores of Gold" Tall Tale, a vision of Briggsy when she was human is now seen.


  • Gunpowder Barrels are an effective tool to deal large amounts of damage at once.
  • When Briggsy summons reinforcements, larger Crews should dedicate one member to eliminate the firearm Skeletons, and another to pull the Skeletons away from Briggsy while the rest work on killing the boss.
  • A good strategy would be to lure her in range of the ship's Cannons to kill her faster.
  • If you’re by yourself you can kill her with 5 gunpowder barrels around 5 feet. If she’s too far from the kegs, won't kill her.
  • Firebombs are also extremely effective.


Patch history

  • 2.0 (April 30, 2019)
    • Introduced.


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