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I always pick the winning side.
— Amaranta, During The Forsaken Hunter

Amaranta is an NPC who is a member of the Dark Brethren and former vice-leader of the Sea Dogs. As a Sea Dog, she was known to favor the domination aspect of The Arena competitions rather than friendly sportsmanship.

During the time that The Arena was open, she could be found stationed outside The Glorious Sea Dog as the only Sea Dogs representative available in Adventure Mode.

Official Description

A disillusioned ex-Sea Dog, Amaranta believes herself to be one of the most capable pirates to reach the Sea of Thieves, and longs for that golden opportunity to show the world her skills. This desire often draws Amaranta into the orbit of people in power, so that she can prove herself equal and earn their respect by any means necessary.

Ambitious and extremely critical of anyone who hasn't found a way to impress her, Amaranta can be thorny to deal with and it pays to stay on her good side – assuming you can find it.[1]


During Smuggler’s Fortune, Amaranta mysteriously left her post, leaving Lesedi to stand in for her at the entrance to The Glorious Sea Dog Tavern. This sparked speculation that Amaranta was the Masked Stranger, whose mask bears striking similarity to Amaranta's face shape and beauty mark. However, Amaranta was back at her post come the emergence of the Fort of the Damned while the Masked Stranger was still travelling with Stitcher Jim.

After the closure of The Arena, she left The Glorious Sea Dog setting sail for new adventures. However it wasn't long until her business with the Sea Dogs would quickly come back to haunt her as she became the primary suspect in the murder of DeMarco. She claimed to be innocent, but nobody would believe her because it was no secret that she believed herself superior to both DeMarco and his sister Lesedi and had sought leadership of the Sea Dogs. Amaranta lost everything and was forced into hiding.

In hiding she would join the Dark Brethren, assuming a disguise similar to Wanda's, who she would call "Sister". They would spend some time travelling between The Sea of Thieves and the Sea of the Damned recruiting phantoms to their cause. Their method of travel would soon come to a close, and Amaranta became stranded in the Sea of Thieves split from the others who were in the Sea of the Damned.

She would remain in contact with Wanda by utilizing the Box of Wondrous Secrets as a means to pass messages across worlds and they devised a plan to allow themselves to move freely across worlds again. Amaranta would have to gather a Trident of Dark Tides, the Gold Hoarder's skull, and through the assistance of Madame Olga the pieces would combine to construct a magical sceptre enabling travel between the worlds.

It was also in this time that she would become known as the Masked Assailant responsible for killing Merrick, sending his soul into the Sea of the Damned for Wanda and Duke interrogate. Belle and a group of pirates would find and confront Amaranta, but by this time the sceptre was complete allowing Amaranta to slip away to the Sea of the Damned before she could be apprehended.


Dialogue icon.png

I'm Amaranta, CURRENTLY the vice-leader of the Sea Dogs Arena.

Tell me about the Sea Dogs, Amaranta.

Apparently "we celebrate the competitive spirit."
That's what I've been told to say by that pair, anyway.
In my opinion, it's all about CRUSHING your opponents without the slightest remorse.
It's not the taking part that counts, it's the WINNING!

Is it worth me entering the Arena? I'm quite a busy pirate, you know.

The question is, are YOU worthy of the Arena?
When I'M in charge of the Sea Dogs, things will be VERY different.
Only the BEST will be allowed to compete!
EVERYONE else can go back to finding spotted pigs for the Merchant Alliance.

Why are you out here and not inside your warm, dry tavern?

Because they FEAR me!
DeMarco? Pah! He is just a prancing joke, a man with more interest in shining jewels than winning duels.
As for Lesedi, I'm THRICE the pirate she'll ever be!
Inside they talk of fair competition and friendly rivalries.
Outside, I'm speaking to every passing pirate and recruiting them to MY cause!

Voice lines

Player Interaction

• Join the new age of the Sea Dogs.
• Are you my new champion.
• Be the best, forget the rest.

Player Leaving

• Remember, every dog will have its' day.
• I shall count on your support.
• I only want the best. Second is just first loser.


Journal icon.png To browse the journals written by Amaranta, please refer to Amaranta/Journals.


Patch history

  • 2.5.0 (March 10, 2022)
    • Removed.
  • 2.0 (April 30, 2019)
    • Introduced.


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