Dark Brethren

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Disambig.png This article is about the alliance. For the Tall Tale, see Dark Brethren (quest).

The Dark Brethren, or simply the Brethren is an organisation led by Cap'n, and is featured as an antagonist force during the A Pirate's Life Tall Tales, and later, the time-limited Adventures.


Members with seats at the Dark Brethren court include:

Other members:

Sirens and Ocean Crawlers were known to be loyal to the Dark Brethren via the Siren Queen; Many Phantoms and Ghost Ships are also known to be loyal to the Brethren.


Most of the major members of the Dark Brethren have experienced sorrow from their life as pirates and were united by a desire to destroy the pirate's life in the Sea of Thieves and in the world beyond.

The Brethren became a known force when Cap'n came into possession of Davy Jones's heart and Jones became responsible for recruiting much of the Brethren's ranks, using his reputation and gifts to recruit Wanda, Gold Hoarder, and a disillusioned Duke as well as build an alliance with the Sirens. Following Davy Jones' defeat in Lords of the Sea, and subsequent imprisonment on the Ferry of the Damned, the surviving members of the Brethren went into hiding.

They would later resurface during The Forsaken Hunter, with a new recruit, Masked Assailant, who would trap Merrick in the Sea of the Damned for the other Brethren members to interrogate for information. However, during A Hunter's Cry, with the Pirate Lord and his allies successfully rescuing Merrick, the Brethren retreated, with Wanda swearing that they will continue to hunt Merrick down for his secrets, leaving Merrick no other choice but to stay as a ghost in order to keep his secrets safe.

They resurfaced again in The Secret Wilds, admitting that they were responsible for cursing Tasha so that they can get Captain Briggsy to help search for the temple.