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"In my day, pirates were not so arrogant!
A husk of wood and metal is all that stands between you and the icy depths.
Yet you claim mastery over the sea?
You've no idea what true terrors lurk beneath the waves..."
— Davy Jones, Lords of the Sea

Davy Jones is an NPC featured as the main antagonist in A Pirate's Life, originating from the Pirates of the Caribbean film series.


Pre-Sea of Thieves

Davy Jones is the soul of a great sailor and a highly skilled pirate. His love of the sea however, became weakened by the love of another: a sea goddess named Calypso. Calypso promised that if Jones spent 10 years ferrying souls he could spend one day on land to be with her. However, she had forsaken him and dishonored the agreement, which caused Jones to abandon his part as well and plot to bind her into human form. Jones still loved her, so much that the guilt drove him to cut out his heart and lock it away in a chest. Furthermore, his abandonment of ferry duty caused his crew and his ship to be inflicted with monstrous mutations.

A Pirate's Life

As a former ferryman, Jones quickly understood that he did not have dominion over death in the Sea of Thieves like the rest of the world. If he became the new ferryman, Jones would be the judge and jury of who is allowed back to life, only allowing those who make an oath to him live. Jones gathered dark lords from across the Sea of Thieves, assembling them into a Dark Brethren court with the goal of conquering Sea of the Damned. Jones sent the Black Pearl, along with its crew to the watery depths as Jack Sparrow stole the very treasure Jones needed to travel to the Sea of the Damned. This then leads to the events of A Pirate's Life.

In a meeting with the Dark Brethren, it is revealed that Jones' heart is held hostage by an unknown party.


Dark Brethren

Meeting with the Dark Brethren:

The battle inside the Coral Fortress:

Lords of the Sea

Battle to the Spire:



  • Jones made a deal with the Siren Queen not just to lock away the Black Pearl, but to also use their "precious daughter" (the Kraken) for an unknown reason, as he doesn't use it in the final battle during Lords of the Sea.


Patch history

  • 2.2.0 (June 22, 2021)
    • Introduced.

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