Lords of the Sea

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Battle begins as an evil alliance sets out to destroy the pirate's life once and for all...

Lords of the Sea is the fifth and final Tall Tale in the A Pirate's Life Arc. The Tale Book can be voted for at the Castaway's Camp on any Outpost. The Tall Tale can be cancelled by voting at the Ship's Voyage Table.

The details on the location of the Tale Book, related Commendations and unlockable Cosmetics are all presented in the Tall Tales Reputation Menu.

The reward for completing the Lords of the Sea Tall Tale is 8,000 Gold.




Jack! You're a slightly ethereal sight for sore eyes.
Still, I can't help noticin' a particular trinket is somewhat conspicuous by its absence…

Jack Sparrow

Aye, that's because Jones and his new "friends" still have it.
Seems he used it in some sort of ritual before escaping back to the Dutchman.
Extremely ungentlemanly behaviour of which I heartily disapprove.


With the Treasure's power in him clutches, Davy Jones and his Dark Brethren can move freely between worlds.
They plan to sail to the Sea of the Damned just as you did. To take it over and destroy the Ferryman.

Jack Sparrow

And if that happens, only pirates who swear an oath to Jones will be allowed back from the land of the dead.


But… That means he'd control everythin'.
It'd be the end of this place, for sure.


And what are we supposed to do about all this?
Jones has a whole fleet now, and we don't even have a ship!

Jack Sparrow

Well, I for one intend to get my Treasure back.
Even if I have to swim for it. Fortuitously, there's a speedier alternative available.
You! I'm commandeering your vessel and all who sail aboard her for Essential Pirate Business.
Besides, you've got as much of a score to settle with Jones as I.


Aye, it may be a lost cause, but if anyone can win a fight for pirates, it'll be Sea of Thieves pirates!
Ah, still… there's a mite bit of ocean to cover and we've only one ship. Where would we start?


The doorway to the Sea of the Damned was opened from this world, an' now it must be closed the same way.
But to find it, we need somethin' special… Somethin' touched by the hand of Davy Jones.


But we ain't got nothin' what belongs to Jones! Save for the holes in our pockets, that is.

Jack Sparrow

Wrong! I have something! Thought I might use it to open a coconut.

(Jack hands Calypso a dagger, and Calypso performs a magic spell with it)


I will always find you, Davy Jones!

Jack Sparrow

Well, now that we have our heading, it's time we set sail.
Meet me in your ship's cabin, wherein I shall be hard at work strategising a… strategy.
And then forth we shall sally. Savvy?


Aye, and we'll see if we can't muster up some help at the Outpost. Good fortune, and fair wind to us all!


Go… This is the last chance to stop Davy Jones.
If we do not put an end to the Dark Brethren, the light of freedom will vanish from this world… forever!

After the introductory cutscene, you must gather as many supplies as you can. Your ship and crew need all the food, planks, and firepower they can get for the coming final battle against Davy Jones and the Dark Brethren. Look for a cloud on the horizon sporting the appearance of Davy Jones. This is where the battle will take place. Along the way, Jack Sparrow will say the following dialogue

Jack Sparrow

(After boarding your ship)

Listen, mate, I've been thinking about what Tia Dalma said
that the door Jones opened can only be closed from this side.
If that's true, he'll not have left it unguarded.
Now I'm a man very much accustomed to thinking on his feet,
but even I'm inclined to stock up on provisions before we set sail to almost certain death.
Plenty of planks, cannonballs, that sort of thing.
Best not head into battle empty-handed.

(During the trip to the Davy Jones Cloud)

When I first came here, all that mattered was escaping Jones' wrath.
Never occurred to me that this might be a place worth running towards.
But Gibbs is right. Pirates here are... different. They don't just fight for gold, or power, or glory.
They fight for the freedom to choose. And that's a freedom no-one can ever be allowed to take away.
Oh, I see. the sentimental sort, eh? Well, enough of that. We have a war to win - and a sea to save!

(Casual Lines said by Jack)

• Don't mind me. Just pondering the plausibility of possibility.
• Are these all the cannons we have? Oi.
• When we win, we'll celebrate for days! Maybe a week. Not sure you can handle a month.

After arriving at the cloud, a giant coral spire will emerge from the waters under the cloud, and Ghost Brethren Ships serving the Dark Brethren will appear from the Sea of the Damned, ready to defend the spire and engage in battle against your ship.


Journals of the Forsaken Souls

All 5 Journals of the Forsaken Souls are found on the Spire. Each Journal will be placed near a ghostly pirate.

Perdition of the Past

Found next to a pirate with a bandana standing next to pink coral.

Dialogue icon.png

(It’s unclear who wrote this journal…)
Our heart’s desire, that which terrifies us the most, our greatest triumphs and our worst mistakes… All of them can and do return to haunt us here.
They say there is a tavern where the honoured dead may drink freely, coming and going as they please. A single point of light in the unending darkness.
The rest of us linger in our own lives, or what remains of them. Doomed to repeat, until we repent. Until the Ferryman calls our name at last.
And if we should remain, consumed by our own legends, we begin to dwindle. To forget the possibility of escape, of change, of hope.
We become naught but characters, players in stories of our own creation. And when there is nothing left of us but the story, we are truly lost.



Found after a wooden bridge near a window. The Journal is next to a pirate who has red hair and is wearing a skirt, standing near some pink coral.

Dialogue icon.png

(It’s unclear who wrote this journal…)
Well, this is a sticky pickle and no mistake. Must’ve hit my head really hard falling overboard, ‘cos I’ve got no clue how I washed up here.
S’pose there’s no use crying about it. I’ve gathered up all the wood I can and set a fire to smoking. That’s bound to catch an eye or two.
It’s a bit eerie, this place. Almost reminds me of the reef I stranded Rotten Roald on, so I could keep all the haul for my own two pockets.
In fact, I could have sworn I already wrote all this down yesterday. Or was it the day before? Or the day before that? I can’t rightly recall.
Ship ahoy! Rescued at last… Cor, there’s someone properly scary at the helm. Can’t help but wonder what’s underneath that mask.


A Strange Escape

Found further up, in the remains of a shipwreck near a pirate with braided hair. The Journal is hidden among a leafy plant.

Dialogue icon.png

(It’s unclear who wrote this journal…)
The worst part about being locked up in that old prison, apart from the smell, was thinking I’d only ever dreamed that I’d escaped.
Then the beardy bloke arrived. I say arrived… Fired a cannon shot clear through the wall of me cell, he did! Talk about making an entrance… Well, an exit.
As we sailed away he told me that it was the prison that was the dream – I really had escaped back in the day! It was one of them metty-for things, he said.
I don’t much care for being locked up, especially not when I’ve already broken out once, so I was more than happy to throw my lot in with him.
If this Dark Brethren can keep me out of any more metty-fors, I’m more than happy to raise a sword in their name. I reckon others’ll feel the same way…


I Serve Davy Jones

Found after sliding down a shipwreck into an open room. The Journal is near a bearded pirate who is standing in front of a tall leafy sea plant.

Dialogue icon.png

(It’s unclear who wrote this journal…)
All my life, I was told that to encounter Davy Jones was to be plunged into a nightmare. Today, his Dark Brethren has saved me from that same fate!
Better yet, they have promised me passage out of the Sea of the Damned, where I have been unwittingly trapped for countless lifetimes.
My old crew are at my side, looking just as I remember them. Perhaps they’re nothing more than my own hazy memories, but they can fight well enough.
Jones has promised us an end to our eternal imprisonment; no longer shall those of us who broke the Code be forced to suffer for our sins!
I shall take up arms against the pirates who abandoned me. I shall fight for my freedom. And I shall serve the Dark Brethren – Lords of the Sea!


A Company Man

Found in the shipwreck near the previous Journal. This Journal is by the pirate on the top deck of the wreck.

Dialogue icon.png

A Company Man, by Lord C. Beckett.
It is most disconcerting to be unsure of one’s own precise position in the world. I would have sworn that my men and I were aboard my vessel…
But as I am a Company Man, I shall continue to serve the interests of the Company. I can see that Jones and the pirates are locked in opposition, just as before.
This must, therefore, be the battle for which I have been preparing. There is no other logical explanation, and thus I shall continue to follow my plan.
The chest of Davy Jones shall be guarded with my soldiers’ lives, if necessary. The Flying Dutchman will certainly destroy that ragtag pirate alliance soon enough.
And then, once Sparrow is dead, and Jones is of no more use… Like the strings of the heart, unprofitable relationships are best severed. It’s just good business.


Journals of the Black Pearl

All 5 Journals written by Jack Sparrow are found in the Black Pearl which becomes accessible at the end of the Tale.

A Longing

Found on the round table in the Captain's Quarters.

Dialogue icon.png

A Longing, by Captain Jack Sparrow.
By rights, I ought to be the freest pirate on the seas. With the Black Pearl under my command and the stars to guide us, endless escapades must be just over the horizon.
Locating said aforementioned escapades, that’s the tricky part. Since that nasty business with the Trident of Poseidon, adventure has been conspicuous by its absence.
I rather hope that ridding the sea of unfortunate curses, the sort that once plagued poor Master Turner, hasn’t also diminished its capacity to enchant me.
Danger, intrigue, a plethora of potables, and something exceedingly shiny to covet isn’t much to ask, is it?
I can think of only one location still likely to provide me with any and all of the above.


A Rumor

Found near the ship's wheel on top of a table.

Dialogue icon.png

A Rumour, by Captain Jack Sparrow.
Sailing into Tortuga was rather like sailing into my own history. Though she’s been burned to the ground at least three times, her sweet, proliferous bouquet hasn’t changed a bit.
I sent my crew ashore with one instruction – eavesdrop, snoop and pry the night away, keeping an ear – two ears, if they’ve got ’em – open at all times.
We sought stories of the lucrative, yet nigh-unfathomable sort. Also, I was trying not to encounter anyone who might want to shoot me.
I so happened upon a cosy little hovel where the talk had turned to treasure. Not just any treasure, but a glittering trinket that could carry entire ships to other realms.
I admit I was intrigued and only slightly perturbed to learn who the Treasure presently belongs to…


A Plan

Found behind the ship's wheel on the railing near the rear mast.

Dialogue icon.png

A Plan, by Captain Jack Sparrow.
I had no inkling how Davy Jones returned, though I supposed that with Turner freed, there was a situation vacant. After all, the Dutchman must have a captain…
Knowing my crew would be less than keen to steal from Monsieur Fishface, I decided to do the only sensible thing. I didn’t tell them.
Besides, I’d learned that Jones had turned to schooling within an ocean stronghold, where not even mermaids could spy on him.
Clearly, he was going to great lengths to hide himself and his new Treasure from interested eyes. With a bit of luck, I’d be in, out, and away whilst ‘ol Squid-beard was none the wiser.
Having set my heart on depriving Jones of his most prized possession, all that remained was to examine my compass and plot a course for the Pearl.


A Theft

Found at the base of the front mast.

Dialogue icon.png

A Theft, by Captain Jack Sparrow.
Pirates! You can’t trust them. Jones’s fortress was barely in view before my crew got savvy to our destination and promptly abandoned ship.
The only ones left were Gibbs, who’s followed me to the ends of the earth already, Anamaria, who’d never back down from a fight, and Scrum, who… was there.
I deployed an upturned rowboat – an old favorite of mine – to sneak across the sea bed, keeping careful watch for any suspicious shellfish in Jones’ employ.
Ragetti had previously recovered Calypso’s locket in an uncharacteristic moment of usefulness, and its tune carried me into the heart of the Dutchman.
There, on a shelf in Jones’s cabin, I first laid eyes on what was to become my Treasure. The greatest fortune a pirate could hope for. A key to countless seas.


A Problem

Found below deck behind the front mast.

Dialogue icon.png

A Problem, by Captain Jack Sparrow.
There. That’s the truth of the Treasure…
For a time, I thought we’d gotten away with it. Then the Dutchman roared up from the water behind us, cannons already bristling.
We’ve no real hope of fighting her, not with such a meagre crew. Which means there’s only one other option really.
If we can sail the Black Pearl into the crease of the map and cross between worlds, we might just give Jones the slip once and for all.
Ta-ta, Tortuga. Adiós, Isla de Muerta. Au revoir, Saint Martin. It’s time for Captain Jack Sparrow to sail beyond the horizon.


Commendations and Rewards

Ancient Armada emblem.png
Ancient ArmadaDefeat Ghost Ships of Davy Jones' Brethren Fleet. (20 times)n/a
Sea of Silence emblem.png
Sea of SilenceDestroy Siren Statues. (10 times)n/a
A Touch of Destiny emblem.png
A Touch of DestinyWitness a long-overdue reunion.n/a
The Sea Rises emblem.png
The Sea RisesDefeat boarding Ocean Crawlers.n/a
Crew of Freedom emblem.png
Crew of FreedomRelease those who dream of freedom.n/a
Captains of the Past emblem.png
Captains of the PastOvercome the wrath of forsaken pirates.n/a
Dead Man's Fate emblem.png
Dead Man's FateLocate the source of an evil power.n/a
Sea of Freedom emblem.png
Sea of FreedomSave the Sea of Thieves.n/a
Journals of Forsaken Souls emblem.png
Journals of Forsaken SoulsDiscover the Journals of forsaken pirates, trapped in the Sea of the Damned.n/a
Journals of the Black Pearl emblem.png
Journals of the Black PearlDiscover Jack's Journals aboard the Black Pearl.n/a
Lords of the Sea emblem.png
Lords of the SeaComplete 'Lords of the Sea'.Lock icon.png Unlocks the Cannons of Sunken Sorrow in the Ship Customization Chest.
An Eternal Pirate Life emblem.png
An Eternal Pirate LifeLegendary Commendation: Complete all commendations for 'Lords of the Sea'.Lock icon.png Unlocks the Hull of Sunken Sorrow in the Ship Customization Chest.
A Pirate's Life For Me emblem.png
A Pirate's Life For MeComplete all commendations for the 'Sea of Thieves: A Pirate's Life' Tall Tales.Lock icon.png Unlocks the Yo Ho (A Pirate's Life) Shanty.


Patch history

  • (November 28, 2023)
    • ‘Lords of the Sea’ – Players are now prevented from taking Skull of Siren Song Voyage items into the Siren Spire during this Tall Tale.
  • 2.7.2 (January 19, 2023)
    • Jack Sparrow’s voice now stays in sync with his location throughout the Tale.
  • 2.3.1 (October 14, 2021)
    • Players should no longer be able to hear Captain Jack Sparrow’s voice after he sails out of the battle area.
  • (August 25, 2021)
    • While progressing through the Tall Tale, players should now more consistently hear Jack Sparrow speaking as he reacts to events within the story.
    • Upon defeating Siren Statues, players should now be able to hear Davy Jones’ voice as he speaks to crews.
  • 2.2.1 (August 17, 2021)
    • Sea fog should no longer overlap with the encounter at the Spire.
    • A pursuing Megalodon can no longer follow crews into the battle.
    • Skeleton Ships can no longer follow crews into the battle.
    • Davy Jones will now comment when Ocean Crawlers board the player's ship during the battle.
    • Davy Jones will now comment when crews accidentally open fire on a friendly Ghost Ship during the battle.
    • Davy Jones now has the correct voiceover lines when a player sails away before returning to the battle.
    • Phantoms should now continue talking even after the third wave spawns.
    • The portal no longer stays open after the Tale is completed.
    • After cancelling the Tale, players will no longer spawn in the air where the top of the Spire used to be.
    • Davy Jones now reacts when a Captain's Ghost Ship sinks.
    • The cutscene music should no longer become desynchronised.
    • Players will no longer see the storm effect pop in when starting the Final Chapter close to the Spire.
    • There is no longer a spelling error in the subtitles for Davy Jones' dialogue line "She said those statues are invincible!"
    • The Flying Dutchman should no longer be missing collision on the back of the ship.
    • Dying during the last wave of Phantoms should no longer prevent the required key from appearing.
    • When reaching the top of the Spire by using a cannon, appropriate subtitles are now shown for the VO lines.
    • Upon reaching the top of the Spire, there should no longer be missing VO when opening the mysterious chest.
    • The Journals of the Black Pearl Commendation should no longer contain a typo.
    • Objects and treasure can now be placed correctly on the deck of the Black Pearl at the end of the Tale.
    • When exploring the Black Pearl, wet audio effects should no longer be heard below deck.
    • Crashing into the Black Pearl at the end of the Tale should now cause damage to the player’s ship.
    • Lanterns on the Black Pearl should no longer glow when turned off.
  • 2.2.0 (June 22, 2021)
    • Introduced.