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The Ocean Crawler is an enemy type that can be encountered in an assortment of types on islands, and in the A Pirate's Life Tall Tales.


Created by the Sirens, the Ocean Crawlers are designed as servants and soldiers, fighting where a Siren's fin can't travel. They were also responsible for the construction of the Sirens' home, the Sunken Kingdom.

An Ocean Crawler is created through the transformation of a captured Human using a Siren Gem which bestows the victim with enhanced strength and abilities[1]. The Siren Queen believes they provide them with purpose.



Ocean Crawler Eel-ectric.png

The Eel-ectric is a ranged, fast-moving Ocean Crawler that uses electricity to stun its foes, and can be identified by the electric eel wrapping through its body.

  • The Eel-ectric has 150 health.
  • Dying to any of the Eel-ectric's attacks including the bubble bolt will make the Green Flame of Fate available.
  • Dying to the close-range chain stun effect will result in the White Flame of Fate being available.


  • The Eel-ectric can move quickly by gliding across the ground, making it difficult to escape from.
  • It can use its eel as a whip, dealing a small amount of damage while delivering knockback.
  • It can fire an electric bubble that explodes on impact, dealing damage. The electric bubble can also be detonated by shooting it with a gun.
  • If the Eel-ectric is attacked while it's charging an electric bubble, it will release a chained electric stun effect damaging nearby players & creatures. If it is shot from a distance, it will cause damage to itself rather than to others.
  • It can shield other Ocean Crawlers with an electric aura that deals shock damage to any player attacking the affected Ocean Crawler.


Ocean Crawler Hermit.png

The Hermit is a charging Ocean Crawler with a tough shell that can emit a poisonous cloud damaging players and creatures in its immediate vicinity.

  • The Hermit has approx. 175 health.
  • Dying to any of the Hermit's physical attacks will make the Green Flame of Fate available.
  • Dying to a poisonous cloud will make the Purple Flame of Fate available.


  • The Hermit can burrow beneath the ground for a few seconds to burst out with an explosive force. Its underground location can be tracked by a series of cracks in the ground along its path.
  • It can perform a fast charge, knocking back anything in its path and dealing a small amount of damage to any players unable to dodge the attack. If it misses the attack it will become stunned for a second, allowing for a chance to deal some damage upon this enemy.
  • It can emit a green poisonous cloud around itself, dealing slow damage to any player within a close radius and slightly impairing vision.
  • It can shield other Ocean Crawlers with a toxic aura, dealing poison damage to any player within a close radius.


Ocean Crawler Crab.png

The Crab is a slow-moving brute with a strong ground-shaking slam attack and a Coral Shield to protect its fellow Ocean Crawlers from damage.

  • The Crab has approx. 235 health.
  • Dying to the Crab will make the Green Flame of Fate available.


  • The Crab can perform a ground pound attack, dealing heavy damage and knockback.
  • It can curl up into itself to conjure a powerful Coral Shield to protect itself and other nearby Ocean Crawlers from incoming damage. Attacking the defending Crab Ocean Crawler will remove the defences.


Upon defeat, an Ocean Crawler has a chance to drop:


  • The Eel-ectric Ocean Crawler's model may have been inspired by the real life Moray Eel.
  • The Hermit Ocean Crawler's model may have been inspired by the real life Giant Clam.
  • The Crab Ocean Crawler's model may have been inspired by the real life Fiddler Crab.


Patch history

  • 2.4.1 (January 20, 2022)
    • While exploring islands, crews who encounter and vanquish individual Ocean Crawlers, Phantoms or skeletons from a group of enemies should find that they call in reinforcements less frequently before the group is defeated.
  • 2.4.0 (December 2, 2021)
    • Ocean Crawlers will now leave crews alone for longer between encounters.
  • 2.3.1 (October 14, 2021)
    • Ocean Crawlers encountered within Siren Shrines now drop Siren Gems upon defeat.
    • Ocean Crawlers should now take damage from environmental traps.
    • Eel-ectric Chain Lightning attacks can now damage skeletons.
    • Hitting any Ocean Crawler with a Cutlass should now play the correct audio effect.
  • 2.2.1 (August 17, 2021)
    • When encountering emergent threats while exploring islands, crews are now less likely to encounter Ocean Crawlers.
    • When attacked by Ocean Crawlers while exploring islands, the number of enemies that attack in a wave has been significantly reduced.
    • When facing a crew of Ocean Crawlers, crews will often find they have more time to tackle these challenging new foes before encountering additional threats.
    • When engaging with the Crab or Hermit Ocean Crawlers, players can no longer push too close and hide the enemy from view.
    • Hermits will no longer rush players if there is an obstacle in the way, and will now manoeuvre around the obstacle before performing an attack.
    • Eel-ectrics will no longer perform an Eel Slap after dashing away from their melee target.
    • Defeating Ocean Crawlers will no longer progress various fire-based Commendations and Deeds, as the Ocean Crawlers are unaffected by these weapons.
  • 2.2.0 (June 22, 2021)
    • Introduced.


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