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The Flames of Fate are coloured flames obtained from the Ferry of the Damned that can be used to light Beacons on Large Islands or to decorate Lanterns on a crew's ship. They were introduced as part of Festival of the Damned event.


A Flame of Fate is primarily obtained from the Well of Fate located between the main masts on the Ferry of the Damned, provided that the player has died by one of the specific requirements.

Alternatively, players may also take a Flame of Fate from any Beacon or Ship Lantern that is already lit with a Flame of Fate.

To take a Flame, a player must equip their Lantern then raise it (Secondary Use) close to either the Well of Fate, a lit Lantern or Beacon and then press the button prompt to "Take Flame". Be careful with Ship Lanterns as the other prompt is to "Place a Flame", which will replace the previous colour.

WARNING: If your ship sinks, all of the coloured Lanterns on board will reset to normal.

Flame colours

Flames of Fate are available in various colours, each with a specific type of death requirement.

Image Name & Colour Requirements & tips
Flame of Fate (Blue).png Blue Flame
"The Flame of Lost Seafarers"
Death by a Shark, Siren or Megalodon.
  • A shark's spawn chance can be increased with the whole crew waiting in water for a shark to arrive.
  • Sirens are common in deep water.
  • Waiting in water for a shark can be unpredictable, however a shark can be attracted to combat.
Flame of Fate (Red).png Red Flame
"The Flame of Burning Hearts"
Death by Fire, falling volcanic rocks, or death from flowing lava on islands in The Devil's Roar.
  • Can be easily obtained using Firebombs, taking 3 Firebombs to kill a player at full health.
Flame of Fate (Green).png Green Flame
"The Flame of Cursed Bones"
Death by a Skeleton, Ocean Crawler or Phantom.
  • Skeletons can be easily found on most islands and active Forts.
  • Getting killed by Skeleton Lords also counts for the Green Flame.
  • Ocean Crawlers and Phantoms are common on most islands.
  • Death by explosions, caused by a Gunpowder Keg Skeleton, also counts towards this.
Flame of Fate (White).png White Flame
"The Flame of Treacherous Weather"
Death by Lightning or the hitting a lightning ball of an Eel-ectric Ocean Crawler before it shoots it.
  • For a quick death by lightning, enter a storm with low health (20% or less).
  • One lightning hit will deal 20% damage, or 70% with a Cutlass equipped.
  • An equipped Cutlass has a better chance to attract lightning.
  • Spread your crewmates around the ship to cover a wide spread area to ensure a high chance of a player being struck.
  • To prevent hull damage in stormy seas, sail to an island or other landmark inside the storm. The calmer waters next to islands don't cause hull damage.
Flame of Fate (Purple).png Purple Flame
"The Flame of the Viper"
Death by poison through Snake bite, Venomball, Kraken ink or the Hermit Ocean Crawler's poison cloud, The water in the devil's shroud also causes this.
  • Snakes can be easy to find on many islands.
  • A crew can use Venomballs on fellow crewmates. Venomball deals ~25% damage, health should be lowered beforehand.
  • Slashing at a Kraken's tentacle will poison the player.
  • Ocean Crawlers are common on most islands.
  • The devil's shroud is easy to find as the grey water on the map.
Flame of Fate (Pink).png Pink Flame
"The Flame of Embattled Souls"
Death by Player Pirates from another crew.
  • This no longer works with a crewmate. The death must be caused by a member of another crew.


The Festival Party Boat Commendation Guide

The Festival Party Boat Commendation requires a boat to have one Flame of Fate of each colour on it (not counting the regular Lantern Flame). It is recommended to get the hardest flames done with first. Choose whether you want to aim for the White or the Pink flame first. The White flame is difficult simply due to the time and luck it requires to chase a Storm and get killed by Lightning. The Pink flame requires good luck with server population and enemy crew personalities. If the other Crews are friendly, you can set up a Player Alliance with them to easily acquire the Pink flame or even complete the Alliance of the Damned Commendation (Have all Lanterns lit with the same coloured Flames on all Alliance Ships). If you can't seem to get in an alliance, try to Cannon crewmates over to an enemy ship to board them and get killed. This is more risky, as the enemy Ship may start to chase you down. The Green, Purple and Blue flames can be left for last, since they can be acquired with very little harm to your Ship. If you have various rare Flames of Fate placed on your Ship's Lanterns, be careful of other player ships and dangers, because once your ship sinks, you lose all the coloured Lanterns with it. You can mitigate this danger when a ship is close to sinking by having each crewmate grab one of the rarer Flames on their own Lantern and try not to die. Once you grab a Mermaid you can travel back to your new ship and light the Lanterns anew. You also need to be careful when placing or taking flames from your Ship's lanterns as it is very easy to press the wrong button prompt and overwrite a valuable Flame with a different colour.

Legend of the Damned Beacons Guide

In order to unlock the Legend of the Damned Commendation and Title, a player needs to light all 12 large Beacons with any Flame of Fate. These Beacons are identical to the Well of Fate in the Ferry of the Damned and have been placed atop 12 Islands across The Sea of Thieves. Each of the four regions houses 3 Beacons, mainly on Large Islands. Note that while you can light a Beacon with the regular Lantern Flame, it will not count towards the Commendation, so make sure you have fetched a coloured Flame from the Ferry of the Damned beforehand. If a Beacon is already lit with a flame, you can extinguish it with a Bucket of water and then relight it. You have to raise your Lantern with Secondary Use before being able to light it. Once a player lights a Beacon with a Flame of Fate, the commendation will be counted for everyone on the Crew, so only one player needs to access the Beacons. The commendations are not shared in an Alliance.

The Shores of Plenty Beacons

Smuggler’s Bay - This Beacon is situated on the cliffs in the center of the Island. Easily accessible on foot.

Cannon Cove - This Beacon is on the very top of the main rocky peak in the central part of the Island. The Beacon can only be accessed by shooting yourself on the rock formation with the ship's Cannon.

Mermaid's Hideaway - This Beacon is situated on a cliff right above the pond. Easily accessible on foot.

The Ancient Isles Beacons

Plunder Valley - This Beacon is situated on the very top of the Island's central rocky peak. Easily accessible on foot.

Crook's Hollow - This Beacon is situated on the highest point on the Southern side of the Island. Easily accessible on foot.

Devil's Ridge - This Beacon is situated at the top of the Island's peak, right above the Waterfall. Easily accessible on foot.

The Wilds Beacons

Marauder's Arch - This Beacon is situated at the middle of the central arch of the Island. The peak can be accessed from the North-Western part of the Island. Easily accessible on foot.

The Crooked Masts - Placed on the Northern Peak of the Island, this Beacon is the most difficult to reach, as it requires precision aiming with the ship's Cannons. Try to sail your ship close, but not too close to the Northern side of the Island and aim it as high as possible, calibrating the aim based on your results. It is best to Anchor your ship so that the waves don't affect the position of the Cannons as much. Prepare some Food too, as you are likely to take a lot of fall damage from all the shots that you miss.

Kraken's Fall - This Beacon is situated on a lower peak at the Northern part of the Island. Easily accessible on foot.

The Devil's Roar Beacons

Fetcher's Rest - This Beacon is situated on a small peak atop the Northern Island. Easily accessible on foot.

Ruby's Fall - This Beacon is situated at the central part of the Island, by the bridge that connects the Northern cliffs to the Southern Volcano. Easily accessible on foot.

The Devil's Thirst - This Beacon is situated on the main rock formation of the Island, facing West. Easily accessible on foot.

Flame of Fate Journals

During the October 2020 Fate of the Damned Content Update, Players could embark on Fate of the Damned Voyages, which lead them to dead Bilge Rats who kept journals on trying to obtain Flames of Fate. The Journals are documented below:

Dialogue icon.png

The Green Lantern Bilge Rat Crew Journal


Larinna asked us to write everything down, so this is me. Writing everything down. Hooray!
I know Duke could be impulsive but at least he knew how to have a good time. We are Bilge Rats after all!
My job is to collect a green flame from the Ferry of the Damned, which is easy enough, if a little humiliating.
I've slaughetered so many skellies over the years, the idea of letting one of them do me in, it's... well, a little embarrassing, frankly.
Once I'm dead, I'll scoop up my flame from the Well of Fates and return to take my revenge on whichever bone-bag killed me. HAH!

Dialogue icon.png

The Purple Lantern Bilge Rat Crew Journal


Ship's Log, Day 10. Setting sail on new Voyage. Special assignment from Bilge Rat Leader L. Top secret, v. big opportunity.
Crew in high spirits. Expecting a good fight. Will make camp later for supplies / to align strategy. Legend-tier teamwork!
Update #1: Forgot pig cages. Bananas for dinner. Now assigning crew to collect special flames from Ferry. L will be impressed.
my crew hates me

Dialogue icon.png

The White Lantern Bilge Rat Crew Journal


Our Quarry may be out in the Shores of Plenty, but the storm on the horizon didn't care.
Rather than change heading, my lovely crew packed me off in a rowboat and left me all alone on the waves!
By the time I caught up to the storm, I was glad of the rain. For one thing, it washed the sweat away.
I abandoned my mighty vessel on the beach and trekked to the peak of Devil's Ridge, cutlass in hand and striking a pose.
Not my most dignified moment, but whatever. Down came the lightning, and I returned from the Ferry with the white flame we need.

Dialogue icon.png

The Blue Lantern Bilge Rat Crew Journal


After arguing all night, we drew lots. Guess who picked the short straw? Me, that's who!
I hate sharks. Their cold dead eyes. Their skin. How quiet they are. And I had to serve myself up to one as a snack!
Two hours I sat in the freezing water, and not one single fin did I spy. The others were no help. Kept joking about marinade...
I must've dozed off floating there, because next thing I knew... CHOMP! Talk about a rude awakening, 'cept I woke on the Ferry.
Still, now I've a bright blue flame in my lantern. That'll show those Shadow skellies how serious we are about taking 'em down!

Dialogue icon.png

The Red Lantern Bilge Rat Crew Journal


If I must journal / when I should be killing things / then so shall it be
Simple is my quest / red flame from the Well of Fates / held in lantern high
Volcanoes thunder / and molten rocks soon descend / I spread my arms wide
The killing blow strikes / my head slumps on molten sand / the Ferry awaits
Rosy flame in hand / I step through the fabled door / this journal is done

Dialogue icon.png

The Pink Lantern Bilge Rat Crew Journal


"We need a pink flame for those Shadow things," says the Captain. I couldn't believe my luck, not after such a rotten day.
I knew that picking a fight with another pirate, even a fight I had to lose so I could go to the Ferry, would cheer me right up.
Course, I don't want to get us sunk and lose all the other flames, so raising the Reaper's Mark was out. Then I had an idea...
I head to The Reaper's Hideout and wait. Figure sooner or later someone'll arrive, see me sat all alone and use me for target practice.
Who turns up? Only me dear old Pa! Turns out he's a Reaper now. We had a good laugh about it and then he shot me. Cheers, Dad!


The Flame of Lost Seafarers emblem.png
The Flame of Lost SeafarersIgnite your lantern with a blue Flame of Fate from the Ferry of the Damned.+Doubloons
The Flame of Burning Hearts emblem.png
The Flame of Burning HeartsIgnite your lantern with a red Flame of Fate from the Ferry of the Damned.+Doubloons
The Flame of Cursed Bones emblem.png
The Flame of Cursed BonesIgnite your lantern with a green Flame of Fate from the Ferry of the Damned.+Doubloons
The Flame of Treacherous Weather emblem.png
The Flame of Treacherous WeatherIgnite your lantern with a white Flame of Fate from the Ferry of the Damned.+Doubloons
The Flame of the Viper emblem.png
The Flame of the ViperIgnite your lantern with a purple Flame of Fate from the Ferry of the Damned.+Doubloons
The Flame of Embattled Souls emblem.png
The Flame of Embattled SoulsIgnite your lantern with a pink Flame of Fate from the Ferry of the Damned.
High Seas only
Lightbringer of the Shores of Plenty emblem.png
Lightbringer of the Shores of PlentyLight a beacon with a Flame of Fate in The Shores of Plenty.+10 Doubloons
Lightbringer of the Ancient Isles emblem.png
Lightbringer of the Ancient IslesLight a beacon with a Flame of Fate in The Ancient Isles.+10 Doubloons
Lightbringer of the Wilds emblem.png
Lightbringer of the WildsLight a beacon with a Flame of Fate in The Wilds.+10 Doubloons
Lightbringer of the Devil's Roar emblem.png
Lightbringer of the Devil's RoarLight a beacon with a Flame of Fate in The Devil's Roar.+10 Doubloons
Alliance of the Damned emblem.png
Alliance of the DamnedBe in an alliance with all ship lanterns ignited in the same colour.
High Seas only
+20 Doubloons
The Festival Party Boat emblem.png
The Festival Party BoatIgnite your Ship's Lanterns using Flames Of Fate of all six colours.
High Seas only
+20 Doubloons
Legend of the Damned emblem.png
Legend of the DamnedFind and light all Beacons around The Sea of Thieves with a Flame of Fate.
Note: This can be completed across multiple sessions.
+50 Doubloons
Title icon.png Rewards the Legend of the Damned Title.

Patch history

  • 2.4.1 (January 20, 2022)
    • Upon reaching the Ferry of the Damned after drowning, the Well of Fates correctly shows that no Flame of Fate can be acquired.
    • The Well of Fates on the Ferry of the Damned now has appropriate tooltips telling players that they need to raise their Lantern to collect a Flame of Fate.
  • 2.2.1 (August 17, 2021)
    • When changing the ship’s Lantern from a Flame of Fate colour back to default, attempting to collect the default colour will no longer take the previous Flame of Fate colour into your Lantern.
  • 1.3.2 (October 31, 2018)
    • Introduced.