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Plunder Valley is a large island located within the region of The Ancient Isles at coordinate G-16.

It is a mountainous island that has several levels spiralling upwards. The island is somewhat divided by a valley running from the southeast corner (by a wrecked galleon) to the southwest corner, leaving a smaller hill on the south end of the island, disconnected from the main hill. Caves are strewn throughout the main hill as well.

Plunder Valley Map-Blank.jpg


The island features:

  • A Beacon, atop the highest point.
  • A Rune Tablet, found hidden behind some rocks in the cave with the Trapmaker's puzzles.
  • 2 Ammo Chests
    • Mid-level near the Butterfly rock painting.
    • Atop the north-facing cliff, on rocks near cannons.
  • 2 Campfires
    • On the east beach, near Salty and the shipwreck.
    • On the north cliff, near the Ammo Chest.
  • 4 Cannons
    • On the east beach.
    • Atop the southern ridge.
    • 2 Atop the north-facing cliff.


Tall Tales

The following Tall Tale objectives take place on this island:

The Cursed Rogue The Cursed Rogue
  • Possible location to dig up the Skeleton Chest, found at the bird shrine near the island caves.
The Legendary Storyteller The Legendary Storyteller
Stars of a Thief Stars of a Thief
  • Journal: "The Little Glimmer Fish", found atop the island's highest point near the beacon.
Wild Rose Wild Rose
The Art of the Trickster The Art of the Trickster
  • Start/End: Salty & Tale Book, found on the east beach.
  • Location of the Rum Bottle Spyglass.
  • Possible location to find Trapmaker's Key, led to via puzzles.
  • Journal: "The Perfect Trap", found in a cave on a rock near the skeleton puzzle.

Easter Eggs

Known Riddles

Cliffside Camp
Find the cliffside camp overlooking the North East seas on your way, when this is done then music play
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Cliffside Camp
Map needed
Painting Mark of the Blood Red Hand
At the Mark of the Blood Red Hand on the North coast something is hidden here, read me and it shall appear
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Mark of the Blood Red Hand
Map needed
Painting Painted Feathers
Seek the painted feathers high to the North West, close to plunder, dig 6 paces North West, don't make a blunder
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Painted Feathers
Show on map
Painted Feathers on the map
Painting Scarab Hidden at the Edge
At the scarab hidden at the edge of the North East beach something is hidden here, read me and it shall appear
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Scarab Hidden at the Edge
Map needed
Stone Gate
At the stone gate to the North something is hidden here, read me and it shall appear
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Stone Gate
Map needed
Stone Guardian of Canyon Pass
The stone guardian of Canyon Pass holds secrets untold, 9 paces West-by-North-West dig a fine hole
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Stone Guardian of Canyon Pass
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Stone Guardian of Canyon Pass on the map
Painting Trumpeters in the Shadow of the West Peak
Find the trumpeters in the shadow of the West peak, if I remember right, 8 paces South, unearth my gold there you might
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Trumpeters in the Shadow of the West Peak
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Trumpeters in the Shadow of the West Peak on the map

External links

See it on RareThief's Interactive Map


Patch history

  • 2.7.0 (November 22, 2022)
    • Players can no longer walk through rocks on the north side of Plunder Valley.
  • 2.4.0 (December 2, 2021)
    • Ladders added for ease of vertical movement.
  • 2.2.0 (June 22, 2021)
    • During The Legend of Glitterbeard, players should hear the vocal audio when the tree starts to glow.
  • 1.1.7 (July 19, 2018)
    • Viewing textures on Plunder Valley from long distances no longer displays gaps in the terrain.
    • It is no longer possible to get permanently stuck in the half-submerged ship on Plunder Valley.
  • 1.1.5 (July 4, 2018)
    • There is no longer a wall on Plunder Valley that players can clip through to see outside the map.
  • 1.1.0 (May 29, 2018)
    • Light will no longer appear to flicker underneath the large eagle rock on Plunder Valley.
  • 1.0.8 (May 23, 2018)
    • Fixed areas on Plunder Valley where Bounty Skeletons were not spawning.

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