The Cursed Rogue

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Only the Order of Souls can help locate the fearsome Skeleton Lord who split apart the Shroudbreaker...

The Cursed Rogue is the second Tall Tale in the Shores of Gold Arc. The Tale Book can be voted for next to Madame Olivia inside the Order of Souls tent on Plunder Outpost. This Tale is locked until players have completed the previous Tall Tale, The Shroudbreaker. Players can unlock two Checkpoints during this Tall Tale. If they wish to continue the Tall Tale at a later time, they can vote on any acquired Checkpoints at the Voyage Table.

The details on the location of the Tale Book, related Commendations and unlockable Cosmetics are all presented in the Tall Tales Reputation Menu.

The reward for completing The Cursed Rogue Tall Tale is 8,000 Gold.

This Tall Tale must be completed to unlock the third Tall Tale, The Legendary Storyteller, in the Shores of Gold Arc.


You have acquired The Shroudbreaker Artefact, but the Mysterious Stranger tells you that it is missing four jewels that grant its power to break The Devil's Shroud. He remembered Captain Briggsy reaching the Shores of Gold, so she should have knowledge of these jewels, however, she has reportedly become a Skeleton Lord. The Stranger believes that the Order of Souls Mystic, Madame Olivia, on Plunder Outpost should have the tools to track her down.

Madame Olivia tasks Crews with tracking the fate of Captain Briggsy's old Crew, as they may know of her personal belongings. If Player Crews can find her personal items and bring them back to Madame Olivia, she could perform a ritual that uncovers the location of the dreaded Skeleton Lord herself.

The Tale Book can be found and voted for by Madame Olivia on Plunder Outpost.


For a full, step-by-step Walkthrough of the Tall Tale with Hints and Images, visit The Cursed Rogue Walkthrough Page!

The Tale Book

TT2 Book Icon.png

Once the Crew has voted on the Tall Tale and listened to Madame Olivia, they are given the "Chronicle of Forgotten Lives" Tale Book, which they can find and take out in the Map Radial Menu. Any Tale Book can be viewed with the Primary Use button (Left Mouse Button/Right Trigger). Once taking a closer look at the Tale Book, its pages can be turned with the Q and E keys on a Keyboard and the Left and Right buttons on a Controller. As players progress through the Tall Tale, they can pick up or receive additional pages in their Tale Books. These pages may be different depending on the types of puzzles that players encounter during the Tale - some puzzles have many variations, taking players to different locations for a more varied experience.

The Enchanted Compass

Enchanted Compass Icon.png

In addition to the Tale Book, the Crew will also eventually acquire an Enchanted Compass from Madame Olivia, which always points towards Captain Briggsy. When acquired, the Compass can be found and equipped from the Quest Radial Menu, just beside the Tale Book. The Compass interactions are the same as any other Compass' interactions.


The following are the NPCs and Enemies encountered during The Cursed Rogue:


Click the button below to reveal the voiced dialogue in the Tall Tale:

Olivia's Opening Lines

Madame Olivia

Pray, enter and take respite.
I am Madame Olivia of the Order of Souls, and your arrival was foretold to me...
As was your quest to seek out and destroy the abomination once known as Briggsy.
As you may know, the Order offers bounties for the skulls of those undead wretches who roam the Sea of Thieves.
Yet even I am not permitted to send pirates in pursuit of a Skeleton Lord, for that would be sending them to oblivion.
In life, Briggsy was a flamboyant adventurer who thrived on danger and excitement.
How could she not seek out the fabled Shores of Gold? But now she has been consumed by evil's thrall and is a fearsome foe to all she encounters.
And yet, if the whispers on the wind are true, you have already claimed the Shroudbreaker.
Perhaps there is a chance you might prevail...
Very well. These papers hold fragments of memories of those who pledge allegiance to the Skeleton Lord.
If you can decipher their meanings, they may lead you to artifacts - relics of Briggsy's life.
Bring all that you find to me and I will shine a light into the darkness that awaits you. Go now! I must prepare the ritual ready for your return...

Captain Avery Before Fight

Captain Avery and Crew


'Ere, how comes I gots to keep watch again? Stan always keeps watch, all the time. Not fair.


Oh yeah? If you was keeping watch proper, them fleshies wouldn't have found our camp!


An' if you knew how to shoot straight, Marrow might still be here, then 'e could keep watch!


Filth-tongue! Jones is the sharpest at shooting. That's why Briggsy likes Jones best.


Then why ain't Jones Captain? Because Briggsy knows yer too stupid!

Captain Avery

You both ain't captain, right, because that's me! That's why I get the shiny-shiny key.
Now shut yer stinkin' skulls before we gets heard like the last time!
If any fleshies take her treasure, Lord Briggsy'll grind us to powder.


Naawww, no fleshie'd be daft enough to fight Briggsy. She'd mutalise 'em!

Captain Avery

Just 'cos they still got brains in their 'eads doesn't mean they ever use 'em. Now QUIET!

Captain Avery During Fight

Captain Avery

• Bones for eternity!
• Protect the Key!
• You little pig!
• She glitters and shines! You'll rot in the earth!
• Is that it?
• She'll punish you if you fail!
• They want the key!

Captain Blake Before Fight

Captain Blake and Crew


So, captain, Molly has a question.

Gold Tooth

Not another question! It's like being back at school.


Molly weren't talking to you, Gold Tooth. An' when did you ever goes to school anyway?

Gold Tooth

I wents t' school! I wents almost every day.


You did? Really?

Gold Tooth

Well I had to, dint I? There was lots to steal and I only had little hands.

Captain Blake

What you askin' me now, Molly?


D...d'you ever think about being it? Being alive, I mean? Cos Briggsy says there's a cure-

Captain Blake

There ain't no cure, Molly. How d'you cure being dead - stay inside and keep warm?
Nah, Briggsy's potty. But she's potty and powerful, so you two stays respectful, hear me?


Yeah, but if there was a cure... Would you take it? Become a fleshie again?

Captain Blake

Oh, for... go to sleep, Molly. We've got a chest to guard.

Captain Blake During Fight

Captain Blake

• The chest is hers!
• You'll die here!
• She shines true!
• Kill the worm!
• Briggsy will wear your skull!

Delivering Briggsy's Items to Olivia

Madame Olivia

Are those Briggsy's precious treasures? Let me see..
Ah, the tools of an adventurer.
I spend so much of my time surrounded by bones, it is sometimes easy to forget that they were once people too..
Tell no-one what you're about to witness! There are some secrets that even we, the Order of Souls, are forbidden to share...
By recall's light and wisdom's might, the past shall point towards the future...
Behold! The true power of the Order of Souls.
There are few left with the knowledge to create an artefact with such... potential.

(Madame Olivia adds the artefacts and some ingredients into a transmutation box, which processes them into an Enchanted Compass)

Imbued with the Order's magic, this compass will point the way to Briggsy, no matter where upon the Sea of Thieves she may be lurking.
Once again, I implore you to be cautious. Death has only made her more formidable.
Should you triumph, return to me with the skull of your enemy.
In exchange for such a valuable prize, I will do all that I can to help you onwards along your journey.

Captain Briggsy Before Fight

Captain Briggsy

Fire. Heat. Soon they'll be more than just words!
Oh, to have flesh once more.
I'll be able to smell the sea air! Feel the weight of coins in my palm! Taste the bottom of a barrel of Grog!
There wasn't a pirate alive who didn't cheer when they heard the name 'Briggsy' - Kraken Slayer, Shroudbreaker and Adventurer Extraordinaire!
Now look at me... Camped out in some nameless backwater with just you brainless boneheads for company...
It's all because of that damned curse!
Even my old shipmates think I'm dead, or that I'm some sort of monster! And maybe I am!
Once I'm free of it, everyone will know my name again!

Captain Briggsy During Fight

Captain Briggsy


• It's nothing personal. I just really want to kill you!
• Surrender and I'll grant you a quick death!
• I'm too strong for you!
• Not bad for a flesh-faced thief! Now stand still and die.
• I never asked to be cursed!
• Today, you have the honour of dying at the hands of Captain Briggsy!

Skeleton Summons

• Let me introduce you to my crew!
• Wakey wakey, rise and shine!
• Did you think I was alone?
• Time to even the odds!

Shockwave Attack

• You're pathetic!
• Stay BACK!
• You'll regret this!
• See who you're dealing with?


• I'm too fast for you!
• Too slow!
• Not quick enough!


• Did you miss me?
• Over here!
• Looking for me?
• Something wrong?

Olivia's Closing Lines

Madame Olivia

The skull of a Skeleton Lord! Oh, I've waited years for this moment...
So few people stop to wonder what the Order of Souls does with the bounties once we have them.
Each skull holds many secrets, memories of old hoards and old encounters, long forgotten.
If Briggsy truly did possess the Shroudbreaker, the missing pieces should lie somewhere within her recollection.
But be warned, such visions are not always easy to interpret.

(Madame Olivia peppers the skull with glowing dust, then inhales the dust to blow onto the skull. She whispers an incantation to activate the skull, then inhales the memory-filled dust.)

Such a long life... There are many memories to sift through, but I can make out a few names...
Tasha, a girl in a tavern, staring in awe as the firelight flickers and great tales are told...
Sudds... A dear friend who threads his way across the wildest oceans by the light of the stars...
Salty... trembling before a blade, revealing the lair of a Trickster.
Wild Rose... True love shining like a beacon that calls across the waves...
Fate has bound you to meet with these wanderers, for they alone know of the precious stones you seek.
I can offer you nothing more than my gratitude and faith that you have the strength to reach the Shores of Gold. Farewell..

Quest Items

There are several Quest Items present in each Tall Tale. These Items serve as elements of progression within the Tales and are of no value to anyone else aside the Crew doing the Tale. The following Quest Items can be acquired during The Cursed Rogue Tall Tale:

Bounty Hunter's Journals

The Commendations of the Tall Tale reveal that there are five Journals belonging to a Bounty Hunter that are hidden away on the Islands of the Tall Tale. These five Journals can only be found and read when the Tall Tale is active and they are only present for the Crew who is doing the Tall Tale. These Journals are hidden around the Islands that Players visit during the Tale, retelling the accounts of a Bounty Hunter seeking Captain Briggsy's head. Each of the Journals give hints of the next journal's location.

The locations and the contents of the five Journals are presented below. Click Expand under any Journal to see an image of its exact location.


A New Prey

(Rowboat wreckage near the southern tunnel, Shark Bait Cove)

Dialogue icon.png

Three flagons of brandy and a fine meal claimed the last of my coin. Fortunately, I already have a new bounty in my sights.
The simpering woman in her tent at first refused to hand the wretched paper over. "Too dangerous", she said. What rot!
I might well have turned my blade upon her but for my cardinal rule: I never kill for free. The paper is mine now, regardless.
And who is this Briggsy? A capering child, it seems; a pirate more concerned with showing off than amassing any great fortune.
She is known to make camp at Discovery Ridge. Doubtless I shall catch her there at play. We'll see how long her humour lasts.


Bounty Hunter's Journal 01.png

Surrounded By Fools

(Northeast rowboat wreckage. Discovery Ridge)

Dialogue icon.png

If there's one thing pirates love more than their rum bottles, it's making up ridiculous names for their pitiful flights of fancy.
They insisted that Briggsy, my quarry, has been transformed into a 'Skeleton Lord' with others at her beck and call.
Did they really expect to scare me with this revelation? Whether or not they can walk and talk, bones can be broken just the same.
It makes me all the more eager to hunt the rat down and put her in her place. Perhaps we'll finally meet at Kraken’s Fall...


Bounty Hunter's Journal 02.png

At last, a clue!

(Southeast skull pile, Kraken's Fall)

Dialogue icon.png

I reached another of Briggsy's nests to find it empty, or so I thought at first. That was when I heard the cries for help.
His shouting led me to a scrawny little man, whose head fell some way short of my shoulder, mewling from inside a barrel.
Having climbed inside when Briggsy and her crew arrived, he had spent the night cowering in his keg, only to find the lid stuck fast.
I released him in exchanged for what little coin he had, and he was only too happy to reveal Briggsy's heading: Wanderer's Refuge.


Bounty Hunter's Journal 03.png

Closing In

(Stuck in a wall, Hilltop ruins, Wanderer's Refuge)

Dialogue icon.png

Too late once again, but by a matter of minutes. The ashes of her campfire were still smouldering, her prints fresh.
If the wind remains fair, I'll make it to Crook's Hollow in time to introduce myself, and we'll see how brave Briggsy really is.
Her crew deserve no such consideration. I'll smash them before they even know I'm there. A 'fair fight' for hunter and prey.
Her smart-mouthed skull will fetch a handsome price — that is, if I don't decide to keep it as a trophy for myself instead...


Bounty Hunter's Journal 04.png


(Cave across the docks, Crook's Hollow)

Dialogue icon.png

To think when I began my hunt at Sharkbait Cove that it would end this way! Beaten and humiliated, my weapons tossed aside.
I struggled and spat as her bony fingers knotted my ropes together, binding me. Each threat I uttered only made her laugh harder.
And yet... She was glorious! I cannot deny it. With every shot she dodged, each blow parried, I realised I had finally met my match.
I refuse to board the ferry. I cannot bear to return in shame — to see the faces of those who know me twisted into mocking sneers.
Death it is, then. A new kind of journey, and perhaps new bounties? Maybe the Reaper himself needs an apprentice...


Bounty Hunter's Journal 05.png

Commendations and Rewards

Any Player who completes a Tall Tale receives 8,000 Gold. This reward can be increased by Event reward multipliers and shared through Player Alliances.

The Cursed Rogue Commendations and Cosmetic Rewards are listed below:

The Rogue's Key emblem.png
The Rogue's KeyRecover the Skeleton Keyn/a
Relics of the Cursed Rogue emblem.png
Relics of the Cursed RogueReturn Captain Briggsy's Artefactsn/a
Free at Last emblem.png
Free at LastDefeat Captain Briggsyn/a
The Cursed Rogue emblem.png
The Cursed RogueComplete 'The Cursed Rogue'Lock icon.png Unlocks the Briggsy's Sword in the Armoury.
The Hunter's Trail emblem.png
The Hunter's TrailDiscover all of the Bounty Hunter's Journalsn/a
Briggsy's Greatest Foe emblem.png
Briggsy's Greatest FoeLegendary Commendation: Complete the Tale (5 times)n/a
Fateful Memories emblem.png
Fateful MemoriesLegendary Commendation: Complete all Commendations for 'The Cursed Rogue.Lock icon.png Unlocks the Curse of the Order in the Vanity Chest.


  • The Enchanted Compass will keep pointing at Briggsy's Skull after she has been defeated. This gives the Crew a second chance if they've misplaced, lost or sunk with the Skull. (not anymore)
  • The final Checkpoint of this Tall Tale can be used to give other Players easy completions of the Tale, as it spawns Briggsy's Skull on the Voyage Table. The Player who put down the checkpoint can leave before the item is turned in for completion so that they can still keep their Checkpoint in their Quest Inventory.

Patch history

  • 2.0.2 (May 23, 2019)
    • ‘The Cursed Rogue’ – Resolved spelling issues in Madame Olivia’s opening cutscene subtitles.
  • 2.0 (April 30, 2019)
    • Introduced.