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Quest Items are special items that are acquired and used during Tall Tales and special Voyages. Their shape can vary, appearing as Keys, Totems, Medallions, Trinkets, Skulls, or Equipment.

Most of these items can not be sold for gold, with a few marked exceptions.

Types of Quest Items

Although each Tall Tale has unique Items tied to its completion, they can roughly be categorized as follows:

Equippable Quest Items

These are the various unique Equipment items or tools that you acquire during certain Tall Tales. These are special and modified Compasses, Spyglasses, Lanterns or other tools that need to be used to solve the puzzles of the Tall Tales. While these items mimic Equipment items, they can only be accessed via the Map Radial Inventory and are usable only during the specific Tall Tales. These Equipment Items are as follows:

Transportable Quest Items

These items comprise all the Trinket-like items that can be carried around for solving puzzles or for turning them in for Tall Tale completion. While these items vary by type, they can be more or less categorised in the following groups:


These are the various Items used as Keys for opening hidden Vaults or Chests.

Totem Keys

These Totem Keys can be found as a part of the Tall Tales The Shroudbreaker (Quest), Stars of a Thief and The Art of the Trickster. Each quest will provide one of these Totems randomly, which will open a hidden Vault on a specific Large Island:


These coin-like Medallions are used as Keys for opening Treasure rooms in Vaults. Totem Vault Medallions

Shores of Gold Medallions

Misc. Medallions

Traditional Keys

These are Keys that are used to unlock specific Chests or locks.

Miscellaneous Keys

These are the Key Tall Tale Items that cannot be categorised under any of the above.

Tall Tale Trinkets

These Trinkets are significant items to significant characters, which are brought to Order of Souls Mystics as voodoo magic material.

Briggsy's Belongings

These are the trinkets gathered during The Cursed Rogue Tall Tale.

Rose and George's Belongings

These are the trinkets gathered during the Wild Rose Tall Tale.

Pendragon's Skulls

Shroudbreaker Pieces

These are the individual pieces that make up the legendary artifact Shroudbreaker.

Skeleton Lord Skulls

These are the skulls of the legendary Skeleton Lords.

Misc. Skulls

Voyage Trinkets


Container Chests

These are the various Container Chest variations acquired during Tall Tales. All of these Chests, with the exception of the Old Sailor's Chest and Poor Dougie's Chest, can be sold to any Trading Company (except Sea Dogs and Athena's Fortune, for Gold and Reputation.

Miscellaneous Chests

These are Chest items that cannot be categorised anywhere else.

Crate Items

Time-Limited Quest Items


Patch history

  • 2.0.2 (May 23, 2019)
    • Resolved numerous cases where spawned quest items were cleaned up after an extended period of time prior to players reaching them, triggering a ‘Tale Failed’ state.
  • 2.0 (April 30, 2019)
    • Introduced.