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The Soulflame Captain was a boss Phantom encountered on Shipwreck Bay during Chapter Two of the Shrouded Islands Adventure. Once all surrounding braziers have been lit, the central beacon will become available for lighting. After taking on a few waves of Phantoms the Soulflame Captain will appear. Defeating this boss will award crews with a relic map leading to a Hexing Skull located in either Crescent Isle, Marauder's Arch, or Devil's Ridge.

He later reappears as a part of the Legend of the Veil voyage.


Lighting braziers on Shipwreck Bay during Shrouded Islands

Soulflame Captain

Lighting inland brazier below west cliff

Hear me, my ghostly brethren. Protect the relics, our master wills it.

(A Soulflame Captain watches over 2 Reaper Phantoms with a Box of Wondrous Secrets)

Taunts while fighting during Shrouded Islands

Soulflame Captain

• May the Flame burn!
• You'll never stop my master!
• Try again, mortal!
• Your weapons are no match for me!
• Your weapons are weak!
• Mortal weapons, ha!
• Ha! You fool!
• Death is only the beginning!
• I do not fear you!
• Come, mortal!


  • The Souflame Captain's model is a ghostly version of the Soulflame Captain Costume with the only difference being that the boss has a Reaper's Mark badge on its chest instead of a chain cross.

Patch history

  • 2.4.2 (February 10, 2022)
    • Introduced.