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"You can feel it as well, huh? The world is changing, and I don't think the tide is turning in our favour..."

Shrouded Islands is the first Adventure in Sea of Thieves. It began on February 17, 2022 and ended on March 3, 2022. Its story centred around Golden Sands Outpost and select other islands which became abandoned, derelict, and engulfed within a mysterious fog known as the Fog of the Damned. The Adventure could be started by speaking to Larinna outside any Outpost Tavern.

Official summary

What’s the cause of the mysterious fog slowly consuming the Sea of Thieves? Just who is Belle, and what is her relationship to the Sea of the Damned? Can Golden Sands Outpost be saved? It’ll be up to you and your crew to discover these answers for yourselves by taking part in Sea of Thieves’ new Adventures.

Until then, those with a thirst for lore can reacquaint themselves with the likes of Larinna, Pendragon and the Pirate Lord via some of our expanded universe materials, like the Athena’s Fortune novel and audiobook and the Sea of Thieves: Origins comic series. Just don’t get too immersed and lose track of time – you can only explore ‘Shrouded Islands’ in Sea of Thieves from February 17th to March 3rd…

Adventure Recap before Forts of the Forgotten

Give us a Belle

The sudden onset of an ominous fog across the Sea of Thieves was bound to draw comment sooner rather than later – particularly from visitors to Golden Sands Outpost, who learned that the once-tranquil trading point had been laid waste and its residents were nowhere to be seen.

This supernatural smog also drew the attention of a long-awaited arrival on the seas: Belle, known to many as a Legend of the Deep, arrived on the scene soon after. As someone with unfathomable knowledge of the Sea of the Damned, Belle is determined to prevent the likes of Captain Flameheart from using that ethereal realm for their own ends.

Misty Misdeeds
Pirates dispatched by Belle to investigate these shrouded islands found themselves at Shipwreck Bay, a landmark that’s gloomy enough at the best of times. Lanterns furnished with the Flame of Souls revealed moments from the past – more specifically, an occult ritual by masked Phantoms loyal to The Reaper’s Bones.

Leading these renegades was none other than the Servant of the Flame, confessing a familial tie to Flameheart (and putting an end to some long-standing arguments in the process). While they’ve always stood firmly against the established Trading Companies, the Reapers have now begun moving to more actively assist Flameheart in his plans for conquest. Like father, like son, it would seem.

Heart and Soul
The purpose of the Reapers’ rituals became clear when crews ignited an oversized brazier at Shipwreck Bay, summoning forth a Soulflame Captain – a figure thought by most to be nothing more than a myth. Pirates were all too eager to take up arms against this new threat, which unfortunately proved to be rather foolhardy…

The Soulflame Captain was intended to be a sacrifice rather than a soldier; its destruction released energies that briefly bridged the divide between two worlds. Flameheart took full advantage of this event to bring forth his Sea Forts, created from the memories of those who dwell within the Sea of the Damned, and manifest them permanently in the land of the living.


Deeds are challenges related to the Adventure but reward Renown:


Image Memento Description
Shrouded Compass.png Shrouded Compass "An otherworldly compass with a mysterious origin - but don't worry, it still helps you find treasure."
Seeker of Shrouded Souls emblem.png Seeker of Shrouded Souls "A title awarded to those who aided the mysterious Belle and learned the fate of Golden Sands."


Chapter One: The Adventure Begins...

  1. As you approach any Outpost tavern, Larinna can be heard beckoning you over. Speak with her and choose the "[BEGIN ADVENTURE] I'm ready to investigate Golden Sands." dialogue option to begin the Adventure. Once she has delivered the dialogue, begin your sail to Golden Sands Outpost.
  2. Locate the Mysterious Compass in the tavern on Golden Sands Outpost and follow where it leads.
  3. Continue to follow the Compass until you arrive at Belle. Speak with her and choose the "[COMPLETE CHAPTER] I believe I've found your compass." dialogue option to complete the first chapter.

Chapter Two: The Shipwreck Saviour

  1. Speak with Belle at this location by selecting the "[CONTINUE ADVENTURE] I'm ready to investigate the latest shrouded island." dialogue option. She will give you a hint to the next area you must uncover. In this case it is Shipwreck Bay.
  2. Here, you will have to light braziers around the island until the central beacon becomes available for lighting. Once lit, take on waves of Reaper Phantoms until the Soulflame Captain appears.
  3. After defeating the Soulflame Captain, it will drop a map leading to the next island.
  4. After you have collected the relic map dropped by the Soulflame Captain, head to the island it leads to.
  5. Once on this island, use the map to dig up a buried Hexing Skull.
  6. Find Belle on the same island, and deliver her the Hexing Skull. Speak with her and select the "[COMPLETE ADVENTURE] What have you learned about the ritual?" dialogue option.

Chapter Three: The Ritual Revealed

  1. After a short section of spoken dialogue, the Adventure will complete and the Shrouded Compass and Seeker of Shrouded Souls title will be awarded immediately.


Chapter One Dialogue

Beginning Adventure


[BEGIN ADVENTURE] I'm ready to investigate Golden Sands.

So, rumour has it that a strange fog has taken over Golden Sands and the traders have gone missing!
If you're looking for adventure, I'll fill you in on all you need to know.

Larinna: While the Adventure has been activated

Dialogue icon.png

There's no time to lose! Head to Golden Sands Outpost - what's left of it - and look for any clue that will lead you to the truth.


Completing Chapter One


[COMPLETE CHAPTER] I believe I've found your compass.

I knew you'd come.
I'm Belle. I see you have my compass, are you ready to learn more?

Chapter Two Dialogue

Beginning Chapter Two


[CONTINUE ADVENTURE] I'm ready to investigate the latest shrouded island.

I've spent more time than I care to consider exploring the Sea of the Damned.
There is no soul that knows those waters better than me.
I have followed souls from there to here.
These Phantoms do the bidding of the Reapers and their master.
They will do all in their power to keep their master's secrets.
The Flame of Souls will allow you to uncover these secrets.
Something tells me you've seen this flame before...
Memories have seeped through, the gap between the worlds is thin here.
Find the memories and return to me when you know more.

Belle: During Chapter Two

Dialogue icon.png

I'll continue my work here. Take my Flame of Souls, sail to The Wilds and find the cause of all this!


The Servant of Flame and Soulflame Captain as braziers are lit on Shipwreck Bay

Servant of the Flame

Lighting west cliff brazier

Break the seals and let our Captains taste freedom.

(The Servant of the Flame holds a chalice as 3 Reapers surround 3 Boxes of Wondrous Secrets)

Lighting south beach brazier

Ahh, with the prisoners in their rightful places, we can begin the next phase of the plan.

(The Servant of the Flame watches as 3 Reapers load 2 Boxes of Wondrous Secrets into a Rowboat)

Light east brazier by the back of the Blackwyche

I pledge my allegiance to you, Captain Flameheart. My sword is yours and always has been, father.

(The Servant of the Flame kneels down as he holds a sword above his head)

Lighting north east brazier

Go, be my eyes.

(The Servant of the Flame sends off a Reaper's Heart Parrot to spy on pirates)

Lighting brazier south of inlet

(A lone Reaper carries a Box of Wondrous Secrets)

Lighting brazier west of inlet

Bury it deep. Our master's plans must not be uncovered.

(The Servant of Flame hands a Rune Tablet to a Reaper to bury)

Lighting north west beach brazier

The time has come to release them from their bondage.

(The Servant of Flame watches 3 Reaper carrying 3 Boxes of Wondrous Secrets)

Lighting inland brazier below west cliff

Soulflame Captain

Hear me, my ghostly brethren. Protect the relics, our master wills it.

(A Soulflame Captain watches over 2 Reaper Phantoms with a Box of Wondrous Secrets)

Taunts while fighting

Reaper Phantom

• That's enough snoopin'!
• Stay away from the relics!
• Stop your snoopin'!
• Pirates for all eternity!
• Aye! Get over here!
• Boo!
• May the Flame burn!
• Freedom and glory!
• You'll never find 'em all!
• Stop meddlin'!

Taunts while fighting

Soulflame Captain

• May the Flame burn!
• You'll never stop my master!
• Try again, mortal!
• Your weapons are no match for me!
• Your weapons are weak!
• Mortal weapons, ha!
• Ha! You fool!
• Death is only the beginning!
• I do not fear you!
• Come, mortal!

Chapter Three Dialogue

Completing Adventure


[COMPLETE ADVENTURE] What have you learned about the ritual?

The Soulflame Captains were the key, their deaths weakened the border between the worlds.
This was his plan all along, Flameheart is bringing something through from the Sea of the Damned.
I will find out what, but I fear there is nothing we can do now.

Progress Log

During Adventure period

Chapter One Beginning

An ethereal mist has begun to consume islands across the Sea of Thieves, beginning with Golden Sands. With the Outpost in ruin and its residents missing, Larinna is urging pirates to investigate the island and look for any clue as to what may have happened.

Chapter One End
Investigating Golden Sands Outpost to discover the reason for its ruination led to the discovery of a mysterious compass, which in turn pointed the way to a meeting with the enigmatic Belle.

Chapter Two Beginning
Eager to learn more about the mysterious fog that continues to shroud islands across the Sea of Thieves, Belle has given you new instructions to follow, taking her Flame of Souls in hand as you search for the cause of these strange events and returning artefacts to her for study.

Chapter Two End
Exploring Shipwreck Bay with the Flame of Souls revealed the presence of the Reaper’s Bones, as well as a terrifying ritual to summon a Soulflame Captain. What could the Servant of the Flame hope to accomplish with these dark deeds?

Chapter Three Beginning
Belle has been studying relics of the rituals taking place at the shrouded islands. The time has come to speak with her and learn the truth.

Chapter Three End
Belle’s study of the artefacts retrieved from shrouded islands has taught her the truth: the destruction of the Soulflame Captains has further weakened the wall that separates the living world from the Sea of the Damned. Now Flameheart plans to bring something across the divide that will increase his hold over the Sea of Thieves…

Post Adventure period

Chapter One

A mysterious mist had begun to shroud the Sea of Thieves, leading to the destruction of Golden Sands Outpost. Investigating the ruined settlement was the start of a dangerous journey, firstly to meet with the enigmatic Belle and then to investigate Shipwreck Bay, the most recent island to fall into the fog.

Chapter Two
At Shipwreck Bay, Belle’s Flame of Souls revealed a ritual site, established by the Servant of the Flame and guarded by Phantoms loyal to his cause – a ritual designed to summon a Soulflame Captain! Although this deadly new foe was eventually defeated, its destruction was all part of Flameheart’s plan, and briefly opened a gateway to the Sea of the Damned.

Chapter Three
Now the fog has mostly retreated, though Golden Sands Outpost remains in disarray and the whereabouts of its residents are unknown. Elsewhere, Sea Forts that have emerged from the Sea of the Damned present new dangers of their own…


  • Shrouded Islands was first announced during the Sea of Thieves 2022 Preview Event.
  • The Prisoners mentioned by The Servant of the Flame during the ghostly flashbacks are the same phantoms which point you in the direction of the nearest Brazier. This is implied by how they can be seen wearing shackles and helping you undo the Servant of the Flame's plans.
  • The Servant of the Flame appears to be the owner of the ghostly Reaper's Heart Parrot seen on islands affected by the Fog of the Damned.


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