Fog of the Damned

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The skellies recently stole some Dark Relics. With those and the right ritual, you could create a kind of... window to the Sea of the Damned.
The whole place is being warped by the other world... it's like a dark mockery of the Ferryman's Portal!

The Fog of the Damned is a ghostly fog which began to cover certain islands with the 2.4.2 update, leading up to the Shrouded Islands Adventure and played an important role in the Adventures following.

Unlike normal Fog, the Fog of the Damned stays attached to specific locations.


Any islands which have been shrouded in this fog take on a ghostly green glow and are surrounded in a thick fog that even sunlight struggles to filter through. Wisps of the fog curls along the ground, soft green sparkles will flicker in the air, and even the occasional ghostly apparition can be seen fading in and out of existence. In addition, locations obscured by the fog gain a new eerie musical score and uniquely styled location banner.


Not much is known about the Fog of the Damned other than it has a very strong connection to the Sea of the Damned and appears to contain capabilities which strengthen the connection between the Sea of the Damned and the Sea of Thieves. It came to be known that the fog is an aftereffect caused by rituals performed by The Servant of the Flame and the Reaper's Bones using Dark Relics. The ritual was an attempt to forcibly open a window into the Sea of the Damned, and is responsible for an increase in ghostly apparitions and activity.

This activity ranges from physical manifestation of ghostly cannons and supply barrels, spectral Reaper Galleons, and Soulflame Captain. The most prominent of these apparitions are Sea Forts, which first appeared as ghostly mirages veiled in the Fog of the Damned that would fade away when approached, then later solidified as a result of the Souflame Captains' defeat following the events of Shrouded Islands which briefly bridged the gap between the Sea of the Damned and the Sea of Thieves providing sufficient opportunity for Captain Flameheart to permanently manifest the forts within the realm of the living.


Currently the fog has receded from all islands it had previously settled over.


  • Although the words "Shroud" and "Shrouded" are used heavily in reference to the Fog of the Damned, it not appear to have any connections to The Devil's Shroud.
  • The Fog of the Damned is believed to be either the same or similar to the fog which covered Old Boot Fort as part of the ritual that converted the fort into the Fort of the Damned.
    • This is further reinforced by the use of the Hexing Skull, a Dark Relic, as part of the shrouding ritual leading to the events of Shrouded Islands, and the use of the skull and other Dark Relics used in the ritual that created the Fort of the Damned. These relics are known to be capable of opening a window into the Sea of the Damned, and would explain why islands have increased phantom activity.



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