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The past month has seen big news in the form of the Season Seven Captaincy announcement, now mere weeks away. Until then, you can enjoy the fruits of your ‘Lost Sands’ labour as New Golden Sands Outpost begins its recovery, impress people with amber from the Pirate Emporium and pick apart a new stack of adjustments and improvements. And one last time, remind yourself of the features that came front-loaded into Season Six via the trailer below!

Ready to move forward? Then take our hand (not the hooked one, for your own sake) and let us show you exactly what’s new in the latest update...


The fifth time-limited Adventure is here, and following a Megalodon melee in ‘The Shrouded Deep’ and a war of attrition in ‘Lost Sands’, many pirates were probably hoping for some downtime. As was Merrick, but things are rarely so simple on the Sea of Thieves...

The Forsaken Hunter’ (June 30th – July 14th)

  • After recently putting himself on the front line, helping Belle retrieve the Veil of the Ancients and rallying traders and pirates alike in the rebuilding of Golden Sands Outpost, Merrick has gone missing under mysterious circumstances.
  • With several days having passed since he was last seen, many are worried about his whereabouts. Speak to Larinna to begin this next Adventure and search for the missing Hunter before it’s too late!
  • Pirates who fully complete the Adventure will earn an exclusive Title and a cosmetic reward to serve as a Memento of their quest.

World Changes

The world of Sea of Thieves doesn’t stay still for long, from major regional discoveries down to the smallest island alterations. And with certain Adventures comes a new way to bring about change – driven by the decisions of pirate crews!

New Golden Sands Outpost

  • After tireless work from all its supporters, Golden Sands Outpost has been saved. Merrick and the Outpost residents are eternally grateful to those pirates who joined their cause.
  • The enshrouding fog has lifted and island life is beginning to return to normal, although the scars of battle remain. The residents have begun to make repairs and are more than happy to resume trading!
  • However, the Pirate Lord and Golden Sands’ traders will not stop there. They have plans to protect the island from future threats, meaning that more changes will emerge over time.
  • To commemorate the rebuilding, all have agreed that the island will from now on be known as New Golden Sands Outpost.

Pirate Emporium

Bring millennia-old prizes into the present with the Prehistoric Plunderer collection, comprising a ship set, costume, weapons and lantern. You can double dip on new emotes too, and this time it really is your last chance at this Season’s Plunder Pass!

Season Six Plunder Pass

Prehistoric Plunderer Ship Collection

Prehistoric Plunderer Costume

  • Studded with dinosaur bones and turning your skin to amber, this costume urges you to let out your finest primeval roar!
  • While wearing this ferocious outfit, players can perform the Amber Inspector Emote.


  • Feel the brutal bite of beasts from a land before time with these four fossilised weapons.

Prehistoric Plunderer Lantern

  • It’s amazing to think the tiny creature encased in this lantern evolves into a mighty Megalodon. Truly, life finds a way.

Stage Dive Emotes

  • Hide in the most dramatic fashion possible with this set of outrageous yet somehow stealthy emotes.

Sports Day Emotes

  • Let’s get physical with this selection of athletic emotes. Don’t forget to warm up properly!

Freebie Rant and Rave Emote

  • This petulant display is often followed by a colourful tirade through the speaking trumpet.

Fossil Frenzy Bundle (Store Only)

Emporium Summer Sale (starts June 24th)


Twitch Drops

Outpost Cosmetics

Plucky Ruffian Sea Dog Set


Swapping Analogue Sticks

  • Players using a controller can now swap the actions performed by the two analogue sticks using ‘Swap Sticks’ under Input Settings. When enabled, the Left Stick will be used to look around, while the Right Stick will be used to move.

Gameplay Improvements

Skeleton Fort Improvements

Island Threat Balancing

  • Skeletons encountered while exploring islands have had their damage slightly reduced.


Emissary Flags and Tunnels of the Damned

  • Following the discovery of a gameplay exploit, active Emissaries passing into a Tunnel of the Damned will no longer drop a broken Emissary Flag upon leaving the server. This is a temporary mitigation which will be replaced by a permanent fix in a future update.

Pirate Legend Hideout Shops

Fixed Issues


  • Players should no longer experience an extended wait time on the Ferry of the Damned before the portal opens.
  • Players should once again be able to deliver Fruit Crates and Wood Crates to the Merchant Alliance, and no longer be redirected to Merrick.
  • After passing through the Tunnels of the Damned, crews should find that other players they encounter in the world can still be muted when using ‘Mute All Other Crews Voice Chat’ from the Settings menu.
  • When a player is sitting at an angle, moving the first-person camera will now have slightly less vertical movement when looking from side to side.
  • The ‘Place Map Bundle’ tooltip should no longer be shown on the Captain’s Table when a player is not in possession of a Map Bundle.

Legend of the Veil Voyage

  • Playing through the Legend of the Veil Voyage and then migrating servers will no longer cause players to lose their progress.
  • Treasure items left untouched following a Haunted Island encounter should no longer disappear if the Veil Stone is used prior to collecting the rewards.
  • Ancients summoned during the Haunted Island ritual can now be heard speaking during the final battle.
  • Purchasing a Legend of the Veil Voyage from the Pirate Lord now displays the correct iconography in the confirmation window.
  • Players exploring a Shipwreck Graveyard will now encounter sharks.
  • Treasure Crates discovered while exploring a Shipwreck Graveyard should now always be retrievable.
  • Improved grammar in the Shipwreck Graveyard quest book pages and tooltips.
  • The Veil Stone treasure chest recovered from a Shipwreck Graveyard can now be opened while being held.
  • Quest Book pages provided by the Pirate Lord to seek out Belle during a Haunted Island quest now use correct landmark names.


Visual and Audio

Text and Localisation

Performance and Stability

  • Improvements made to reduce scenarios where players can experience extended black screen loading times when using a mermaid or returning from the Ferry of the Damned.
  • Improvements made to the accuracy of a player’s firing location when shooting a ranged weapon. This is intended to improve hit detection across a range of gameplay scenarios where the player is moving while firing.
  • Server optimisations made to reduce the frequency of server performance spikes, which can result in players experiencing lag spikes, rubberbanding and server correction during gameplay.
  • Server stability has been improved, reducing scenarios where crews are removed from a game session.

Known Issues

Reduced Server Performance

  • Players may experience scenarios where they encounter ping spikes at random while playing, resulting in rubberbanding or client stutters. While more improvements have been released in update 2.5.3, the team continue to work on further improvements for future updates.

Steam Achievement Unlocking Issues

  • Some Steam players may find that after an achievement is unlocked in the game, it is not unlocked within Steam.

Ranged and Melee Weapon Hit Detection

  • In areas of intense action, players may find themselves firing shots or landing strikes that do not cause damage to their targets. While small improvements continue to be delivered during our regular updates, we are continuing to investigate and identify further improvements to the player combat experience.

To learn more about known issues in Sea of Thieves currently being tracked and their status, head over to our Known Issues support site article.

Download and Installation

Download size:

  • Xbox Series X: 9.24 GB
  • Xbox Series S: 5.36 GB
  • Xbox One X: 9.24 GB
  • Xbox One: 5.36 GB
  • Microsoft Store: 9.3 GB
  • Steam: 9.51 GB