Stage Dive Emote Bundle

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List of bundled items

  • Total cost of items separately: 596 Ancient Coins
  • Savings from bundle purchase: 97 Ancient Coins
Stage Dive Emote Bundle
Image Item Cost Description
Fatal Fall Emote.png
Fatal Fall Emote 149 Ancient Coins "There's playing dead, and then there's this extravagant manoeuvre."
Keel Over Emote.png
Keel Over Emote 149 Ancient Coins "Play it nice and cool... just lean up against this wall..."
Slip Up Emote.png
Slip Up Emote 149 Ancient Coins "The quintessential pratfall."
Wall Press Emote.png
Wall Press Emote 149 Ancient Coins "Someone took the instruction to 'press up against that wall' literally."



Patch history

  • 2.5.3 (June 26, 2022)
    • Introduced.