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Athena's Fortune, also known as Athena's Fortune Hideout, Pirate Legend's Hideout, or Tavern of Legends, is the location and headquarters of the Athena's Fortune Trading Company. The area contains shops and services catered to Pirate Legends and players who have rank in the Athena's Fortune company. An additional area, which provide further services, can be opened by players with Guardians of Fortune Allegiance 100.

The location of Athena's Fortune is secret and only accessible through ethereal portals found in locked underground tunnels. A locked tunnel entrances can be found in an Outpost's Tavern and may only be opened by Pirate Legends who play the Shanty of Legends at is threshold found on the Tavern's floor. Playing any instrument close to an entrance automatically switches to the correct shanty. The entrance will then glow with the Legendary Mark, logo of Athena's Fortune, before sliding open to reveal a stairway leading down to the portal.

Once a tunnel entrance is opened, any player may enter and access the portal to Athena's Fortune until the entrance eventually closes again. Exiting Athena's Fortune is done through a similar portal within Athena's Fortune. Players who enter this portal will be transported to the Tavern from where they first entered.

At Athena's Fortune, players begin within a tunnel leading to a large open underground cavern. A dock stretches out from the tunnel spanning nearly the whole length of the cavern. At the dock's front is the main building while down at the dock's end is the Athena's Fortune Shipwright.

Main area

The main building is built using the hollowed out remains of the Pirate Lord's ship, Athena's Fortune. The bulk of this front facing area is known as the "Tavern of Legends" and houses both a Tavern and the Athena's Fortune Shop. The Pirate Lord, is found off to the side in the captain's cabin of the shipwreck.



Guardians of Fortune area

A locked door in Pirate Lord's cabin can be opened by players with Guardians of Fortune Allegiance 100, providing access to additional areas and services.


  • Samuel, Chronicler
    • Provides updates on the battle between factions
  • Gloria, the Emissary Representative for Athena's Fortune
  • Merrick
    • Offers the Blessing of Athena's Fortune ceremony
    • Can be sold fish for gold and Hunter’s Call reputation
  • Belle
    • Offers the Blessing of Athena's Fortune ceremony
  • Misc unnamed patrons

Blessing of Athena's Fortune

When a player reaches Allegiance level 100 with the Guardians of Fortune, they can undergo the Blessing of Athena's Fortune ceremony performed at the raised platform within the Guardians of Fortune area. Interact with the prompt in front of Belle and Merrick to undergo the blessing. This rewards the player with the Blessing of Athena's Fortune.

During the ceremony:

Pirate Lord

Well now! All together at last.
And standing here before us, a pirate who knows what it truly means to live freely on these waters.
Our Sea of Thieves isn't perfect. Like this ship, Athena's Fortune, she has a long history and carries the scars of great battles...
But she has always endured.
Even if she needs a bit of work here or there, this place is our home.
And so long as valiant souls are willing to make a stand and protect the pirate life, there'll always be a future worth fighting for!


A future filled with mystery, discovery and opportunity!
With a courageous spirit and hope in your heart, you've already been on grand adventures that have changed this world forever.
Here, surrounded by your fellow pirates, you will always have a place to enjoy true freedom.
A refuge to share stories of you daring deeds with crews from different horizons and dream of what tomorrow will bring.
This ship is a promise, that pirates will always have a canvas upon which to paint their own legends!


Yeah, an' you've fought tooth an' nail to defend that promise!
Battlin' the kinds of monsters that'd crush everything we know an' love.
You stood your ground, you never gave up, an' you shown us us what it means to really belong down here!

Pirate Lord

That's right, and long may it continue!
Your deeds have ensured you a place alongside the most legendary pirates to ever sail the Sea of Thieves.
Today, we are honoured to welcome you into your crew.


Cloaked in folds of midnight waters
Side by side, we sons and daughters
We set forth for no King's orders
But we'll sail together.
Hold fast! Tides are turning
Flames roar, fires are burning
We'll all be returning
If we sail together!
All on the waves shall know our story
Sing of the battles fought ashore, we
All shall thrive on fame and glory,
We shall sail together

Legendary Pirates

[Rapturious cheers]

Pirate Lord

Hah, now you're really part of the crew! But there's still much to be done.
Set sail, and continue to fight in our name!
And remember, where you sail, the blessing of Athena's Fortune will carry you onward to glory!



Patch history

  • 2.9.0 (October 19, 2023)
    • Environment improvements have been made to prevent players becoming stuck or launched into the air while navigating the path to the Athena's Fortune Hideout.
    • Players can no longer move through the scenery in multiple areas of the Athena's Fortune Hideout.
  • 2.5.1 (April 7, 2022)
    • Within the Pirate Legend Hideout, players should no longer be able to push through the environment and appear in the sea.
    • Pets should no longer become blocked by invisible barriers when leaving the waterfall cave entrance.
  • 2.4.1 (January 20, 2022)
    • Players burying items within the Hideout will no longer receive a treasure map.
  • 2.2.1 (August 17, 2021)
    • Players can no longer reach the Glorious Sea Dog Tavern by breaking through the environment within the Athena's Fortune Hideout.
  • 1.3.2 (October 31, 2018)
    • Whilst in the water in a Pirate Hideout lightning will now appear correctly.
  • 1.0.8 (May 23, 2018)
    • Music of Legends - The musical sting that plays when entering the Legendary Hideout has been updated.
    • Pirate Legend band in the Hideout now play audible shanties.
  • 1.0.5 (April 24, 2018)
    • It is no longer possible to drop behind the bar and get stuck in the Pirate Hideout.
  • 1.0.4 (April 18, 2018)
    • Appearance of the water in the Legend Hideout has been improved.
    • Rain will no longer appear inside the Legend Hideout Tunnel.