We Shall Sail Together

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We Shall Sail Together is a playable shanty in Sea of Thieves.

The shanty is given to a players by the Mysterious Stranger once the player has fulfilled the requirements for the Pirate Legend Title, then added to the player's permanent collection of shanties.


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We Shall Sail Together Lyrics


Cloaked in folds of midnight waters
Side by side, we sons and daughters
We set forth for no king's orders
But we'll sail together.

Hold fast! Tides are turning
Flames roar, fires are burning
We'll all be returning, if we sail together.

All on the waves shall know our story,
Sing of the battles fought ashore
We all shall thrive on fame and glory
When we sail together.

Words of warning have been spoken
Ancient creatures have awoken
Still, until our bond is broken
We shall sail together.


  • We Shall Sail Together is a shanty that was first featured in the E3 2016 Cinematic Trailer[1].
  • It was composed by Robin Beanland and sung by Anna Hon. The lyrics were written by Chris Allcock.
  • Instruments featured in the song include the hurdy-gurdy, electric bass, drums, and nyckelharpa.
  • We Shall Sail Together is adapted from the melody of sea shanty "Drunken Sailor". The time signature was switched from 4/4 to 6/8, which gave it a brisk "waltz feel".
  • The full version of the shanty was included as a playable shanty in-game in the Haunted Shores update.
  • A lyric book can be randomly encountered in the game.

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