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As Captain Flameheart’s power rises, his influence across the Sea of Thieves begins to escalate. The infamous spectre has discovered a way to bridge the gap between the land of the living and the Sea of the Damned summoning long lost vessels to his service!

Haunted Shores is the name of the June 2020 Monthly Content Update, released on June 17th, 2020. Haunted Shores introduces Ghost Ships and a new related World Event and Voyages to the game, as well as a number of new Shanties and User Interface improvements. Haunted Shores was preceded by the May Lost Treasures Content Update and followed by the July Ashen Winds Content Update.

New features

Ghost Ships

Main article: Ghost Ships

Ghost Ships are a new enemy Ship addition to Sea of Thieves. These Ships can currently be encountered during Order of Souls Ghost Ship Voyages or during the new Ghost Fleet World Event. These ships shoot Phantom Cannonballs, powerful Wraith Cannonballs and leave behind Ghostly Mines. They usually appear in large groups, but are in turn quite fragile, only taking a few Cannonball hits to defeat.

Ghost Ship Voyages

The Order of Souls now offer a second type of Bounty Voyage, the Ghost Ship Voyage, for any Pirates that are above Reputation Rank 25 with the company. These Voyages see Players defeating Ghost Ships and a Captain's Ship for ghostly Bounty Skulls.

During the Haunted Shores Content Update, Duke will also offer a cost-free exclusive Mercenary Voyage to take on the new Ghost Ships:

Ghost Fleet World Event

Main article: Ghost Fleet

Also called the Battle with Burning Blade, this new World Event sees players face Captain Flameheart, the Burning Blade and his Fleet of Ghost Ships. This Ghost Ship Battle will join the other exclusive World Event pool, signified in the world by a massive ghostly Flameheart. The World Event takes place around Islands and spawns a large number of Ghost Ships around it. The World Event ends with a boss wave where players can take on Flameheart's ghostly ship, the Burning Blade and its retinue of Ashen Dragon Ships for plenty ghostly Treasure.

New Shanties

Main article: Shanties

Along with the original selection of Shanties, 7 new Shanties are also available, including an exclusive shanty for Pirate Legends! When equipping an Instrument, the Equipment Radial Menu now expands to a new menu allowing players to select which shanty to play.

New Events

Main article: Events

Ashen Expeditions – Tuesdays are heating up as crews set sail into the Devil’s Roar! Brave volcanic destruction in the Sea of Thieves' most perilous region and earn double the usual rewards for handing in Ashen Treasure between 00:00-23:59 UTC. The value of all Stronghold items will also be boosted.

New items

Ghostly Treasure

With the introduction of Ghost Ships, players can now earn new Ghostly versions of regular Treasure for Gold Hoarders, Merchant Alliance and Order of Souls (or Reaper's Bones). These ghostly items are signified by phantoms circling around them when dropped by Ghostly Ships.

Ghost Cannonballs

The Ghost Ships shoot three types of new ghostly Cannonballs. Player Crews can also get their hands on these Cannonballs when they defeat the Ghost Fleet World Event and claim the Cannonball Crate of the Damned.

New Cosmetics

Ghost Sails

Two new Sails Cosmetics have been added to the game, themed after the Ghost Ship Encounters. These Sails can be purchased from Duke during the first month of the update and require the completion of new Order of Souls Commendations to unlock. After the update, they will be only bought from the Shipwrights.

  • Ghost Captain Sails - 49,000 Gold | Requires the "Hunter of Damned Captains" Commendation to unlock
  • Burning Blade Sails - 49,000 Gold | Requires the "Banisher of the Spectral Flame" Commendation to unlock

New Black Market Cosmetics

Main article: Black Market

As Flameheart's power continues to grow, Duke is fearful of the ghastly power flowing from the Sea of the Damned. Fear not, he hasn’t forgotten to stock the Black Market with new items for your hard-earned Gold and Doubloons!

Desirables for Doubloons

This month, players will have to put aside 105 Doubloons if they want to buy all the new items from the Black Market.

Wild Rose Clothing
  • Wild Rose Eyepatch - 20 Doubloons | Rose herself only used an eyepatch when she needed to sleep with one eye open.
  • Wild Rose Hook - 25 Doubloons | George made this for Rose to warn her that she might need it if she didn't stop feeding the sharks.
  • Wild Rose Trousers - 20 Doubloons | These durable trousers are modelled on the ones Rose wore to go hiking around Cannon Cove.
  • Wild Rose Gloves - 20 Doubloons | Not just stylised parrot gloves, but also great gloves for handling parrots. Those beaks are sharp!
  • Wild Rose Belt - 10 Doubloons | Pretty but tougher than they seem, just like Rose - actually, she said the same about George.
  • Wild Rose Boots - 10 Doubloons | Crafted as a wedding present for Rose, though sadly she never received them.

Goodies for Gold

This month, players will have to put aside 166,390‬ Gold to buy everything new from the Black Market.

Inky Kraken Equipment
  • Inky Kraken Bucket - 12,825 Gold | Bailing won't save you from the clutches of the dreaded Kraken.
  • Inky Kraken Compass - 18,900 Gold | Find your way home, safe from Kraken attacks. If you're lucky.
  • Inky Kraken Fishing Rod - 43,200 Gold | Not tempting fate at all, nope, not one bit, you choose a fishing rod that looks like a Kraken.
  • Inky Kraken Lantern - 12,825 Gold | A lantern made from a real Kraken's eye, or so you tell the new pirates...
  • Inky Kraken Pocket Watch - 18,900 Gold | Every second counts when the Kraken seizes your ship!
  • Inky Kraken Shovel - 12,490 Gold | What better for digging up treasure over on Kraken's Fall?
  • Inky Kraken Speaking Trumpet - 15,525 Gold | Be heard even over the chaos of a Kraken attack with this creepy trumpet.
  • Inky Kraken Spyglass - 25,650 Gold | Watch the waves for tell-tale signs of a looming Kraken!
  • Inky Kraken Tankard - 6,075 Gold | Drink a grog to celebrate defeating the dreaded Kraken, making sure to spread your legend.

New Emporium items

Main article: Pirate Emporium

As spectral ships swarm the seas, summoned forth by an evil spirit, why not pop into the Pirate Emporium and defend yourself against the fleet with…an angry shark dance?

Counting Bundles, players will have to put aside a total of 10,079‬ Ancient Coins to purchase everything new added to the Emporium.


New Collector’s Pets

These pets were transformed into living treasure by touching, pecking, or licking cursed gold!

  • Gold Curse Capuchin - 649 Ancient Coins | Sometimes monkeys just love to steal coins. Sooner or later...
  • Gold Curse Parakeet - 649 Ancient Coins | Okay, you win. You are a pretty boy, then!
  • Gold Curse Wildcat - 649 Ancient Coins | The Gold Curse that turns skin golden affects animals too, if they sleep on your coin pile.

New Pet Outfits

Bilge Rat Outfits for Cats

Is your feline-friend that bit more rough-and-ready, fearless, or just a ragamuffin? Then pick them up a Bilge Rat Outfit to finish that scruffy look.

Ghost Pet Outfits

After reaching Athena’s Fortune Reputation Rank 20, why not pick something up for your pet to celebrate the achievement? Ghost outfits are now available for all Pets and breeds!

  • Wildcat Ghost Outfit - 249 Ancient Coins | This ghostly outfit suits a cat who has used up a few of their nine lives already...
  • Mau Ghost Outfit - 249 Ancient Coins | Now that's a cat of distinction, who has seen a thing or two and probably bitten them.
  • Ragamuffin Ghost Outfit - 249 Ancient Coins | A spectral hat gives your Ragamuffin a certain Legendary bearing.
  • Macaw Ghost Outfit - 249 Ancient Coins | This glowing ruff will help your Macaw blend in when you're drinking in the Tavern of Legends.
  • Parakeet Ghost Outfit - 249 Ancient Coins | Ethereal duds like these make your Parakeet unsettlingly spooky.
  • Cockatoo Ghost Outfit - 249 Ancient Coins | With this haunting eyepatch, your Cockatoo will creep out any other pirate's pet.
  • Capuchin Ghost Outfit - 249 Ancient Coins | Dress your pet in the ghost of a dead outfit... well we assume that's how these are made.
  • Marmoset Ghost Outfit - 249 Ancient Coins | A cute outfit with an otherworldly glow, if your pet is brave enough to wear it.
  • Barbary Ghost Outfit - 249 Ancient Coins | Wearing this spectral hat, your Barbary looks uncannily like the Ferryman...
Ragamuffin Bilge Rat Bundle

Together this Tawny Ragamuffin and Bilge Rat Outfit make a kind of mini-Duke.


Players can find the new ‘Shovel Skills’ Emote available for free in the Pirate Emporium. Show us your skills!

Hide and Peek Bundle

With four new hiding Emotes, you’re armed with plenty of options for all kinds of sneaky shenanigans. There’s even an emote given away for free! When using these emotes, your Gamertag and Title will be hidden automatically for as long as you stay silent. However, should you speak up your gamertag and title will quickly reappear, so keep quiet to stay hidden!

  • Total Bundle Cost - 299 Ancient Coins
  • Cannonball Hide Emote - Ancient Coins | Curl up small like a cannonball, stay still and hope you're on the enemy's eyepatch side!
  • Playful Hide Emote - 149 Ancient Coins | Either you want to get caught, or you just can't resist taunting your quarry.
  • Post Hide Emote - 149 Ancient Coins | Stand straight, stay still - no, don't peek out! Come on now, hiding is not a game!
  • Wall Hide Emote - 149 Ancient Coins | Stick to that wall and suck in your gut! You're a master of the art of stealth, pirate.

Animal Dance Bundle

Show off your animalistic moves! Join your Cat or Parrot in dance, wiggle those limbs like a squid or shake those fins like a shark!

  • Total Bundle Cost - 499 Ancient Coins
  • Cat Dance Emote - 149 Ancient Coins | You need feline poise and style to attempt this dance. Or ten grogs in you.
  • Parrot Dance Emote - 149 Ancient Coins | This dance is very popular at parties, but don't let Salty catch you doing it.
  • Shark Dance Emote - 149 Ancient Coins | The ancient tribes of the Sea of Thieves used this dance to honour the Megalodons. Probably.
  • Squid Dance Emote - 149 Ancient Coins | Are you doing that crazy new squid dance, or are your elbows cursed?


Remaining items of the Blighted ship Set can now be picked with the Blighted Ship Collection. A Blighted Ship Bundle is also on offer which also includes all the regular ship cosmetics at a discount!

Blighted Ship Bundle

State of Decay fans can bring a little zombie mayhem to the seas. Excludes Collector's variants.

  • Total Bundle Cost - 2,499 Ancient Coins
  • Blighted Figurehead - 599 Ancient Coins | These grasping, decaying hands were designed to warn other pirates to be careful beyond the Shroud.
  • Blighted Sails - 599 Ancient Coins | The mark of the Trumbull, a ship whose crew claims they found a valley ravaged by undead monsters.
  • Blighted Hull - 349 Ancient Coins | Few believed the Trumbull crew's tales of flesh eaters, so they made their whole ship a reminder.
  • Blighted Wheel - 349 Ancient Coins | A constant reminder of the undead creatures infesting a lost valley somewhere beyond the Shroud.
  • Blighted Cannons - 349 Ancient Coins | Thankfully, these sinister cannons work on pirates, skeletons and everything between.
  • Blighted Capstan - 349 Ancient Coins | Well, they do say that many hands make light work...
  • Blighted Flag - 349 Ancient Coins | The Trumbull's crew swear that a fever in a blighted valley made dead pirates seek human flesh.

Collector’s Blighted items

Commendations, Achievements & Titles

New Commendations have been added to the Order of Souls, charting players’ progress in vanquishing Ghost Ships. By progressing through these Commendations, players can earn the Ghost Captain Sails and the dreaded Burning Blade Sails.

New Commendations

Order of Souls Commendations

New Achievements

New Achievements can be unlocked by progressing through the new in-game Commendations. A total of 40 gamerscore is available to earn from this update, and these achievements will remain in the game indefinitely.

  • Banisher of the Spectral Flame [10G]
  • Scourge of the Damned [30G]




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