Ragamuffin Bilge Rat Bundle

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The Ragamuffin Bilge Rat Bundle is a time-limited Bundle on the Pirate Emporium in Sea of Thieves, which allows players to purchase a Pet Tawny Ragamuffin and a Ragamuffin Bilge Rat Outfit for a discounted price. The Bundle was available during the June 2020 Haunted Shores Content Update.

List of bundled items

Ragamuffin Bilge Rat Bundle
Bundle Cost: 649 Ancient Coins
Item Cost Description
Tawny Ragamuffin 499 Ancient Coins Wearers of black clothing should beware the fearsome shedding power of this cat.
Ragamuffin Bilge Rat Outfit 249 Ancient Coins Now that's a rough-and-ready Ragamuffin out for an adventure!