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The latest monthly update for Sea of Thieves has been unearthed! May brings a wealth of Lost Treasures to the game, from tasteful Tall Tale refinements and cavalcades of cosmetic additions to Daily Bounties and time-limited events designed to keep pirates in pursuit of gold and Doubloons. Watch the official content update trailer to learn more!

Lost Treasures is the name of the May 2020 Monthly Content Update, released on May 27th, 2020. Lost Treasures is a minor Content Update introducing various Quality of Life features, handful of bugfixes, new Events and Cosmetics. It was preceded by the April Ships of Fortune Content Update and followed by the June Haunted Shores Update.

New features

Improvements to Tall Tales

The Lost Treasures Content Update brings various gameplay improvements to Tall Tales - the "Story" Quests of Sea of Thieves.

  • Checkpoints System - Every Tall Tale now has Checkpoints after each Chapter that allow Players to complete these Story Quests at their own pace. Checkpoints will always be available and can act as "save states" for Tall Tales when Players have to leave early or lose a Quest Item.
  • Quest Inventory - The previous Voyage Inventory under the Pirate Menu has been updated into a "Quest Inventory" that stores Voyages and Tall Tales separately. The Tall Tale Inventory allows players to store one Checkpoint per Tall Tale.
  • Map Markers - While Map Markers for Tale Book locations were added with the previous Content Update, players can now hover over Tall Tale icons to receive more information on the Tale and its location.


The Lost Treasures Content Update sees the introduction of regular Daily and Weekly Events that can be tracked at the Events Hub Page on the Website.

Quality of Life features

A number of Quality of Life Gameplay Improvements have been forced into effect with Lost Treasures:

  • Ferry of the Damned Armoury - The Ferry of the Damned has been equipped with an Armoury, where Players can switch Weapons before going back to the seas again. This can help Players pick different gear to face Pirates who are camping on their Ship.
  • Alliance Nameplates - When Crews form Player Alliances, the Gamertags of Allied Player Pirates will now be Purple to differentiate them from Crewmates and non-allied Pirates.
  • Rowboat Storage Interaction - The keybinds for interacting with a Rowboat's Storage Chest have been split from the "Sit" keybinds to prevent players from performing the wrong action.
  • Mermaid Recovery - The distance of appearing Mermaids has been improved to help Players get back on their Ship quicker.
  • Animation Quality Settings - Windows 10 Players can now change their character animation quality in the Settings Menu.
  • Default Settings - The Crew Status Tags and Sticky Radial Items settings are now enabled by default for new Players.

New cosmetics

Shipwright Shop cosmetics

The Outpost Shipwrights have finally received a long-lost shipment of Ship Cosmetics that will allow pirates to complete a wide range of Cosmetic Sets. Head to the shipwright on any Outpost to see what you can add to your collection. Players will have to put aside 1,951,250 Gold to buy everything new from the Outpost Shipwrights.

New flags:

New figureheads:

New wheels:

New cannons:

New capstans:

Reaper's Rewards challenges & rewards

These four Reaper's Bones Set Emotes can be unlocked by completing Reaper's Rewards Challenges during the first week of the Content Update:

  • Mask of Union Emote - Present your mask and bow; but will the other pirate respond in kind?
  • Join Us Emote - Yes, yes... join us! Let none stand in our way.
  • Good Orders Emote - We can do this! A plan, a crew and plenty of treasure to divide, starting with the plan reader...
  • Bad Orders Emote - Have you seen these orders? We'll be lucky to come back without pegheads, never mind peglegs!

New Black Market cosmetics

Main article: Black Market

Duke continues to pass his time in the Tavern, kicking back with a Grog or five. Fear not, he hasn't forgotten to stock the Black Market with new items for your hard-earned Gold and Doubloons!

Desirables for Doubloons

This month, players will have to put aside 140 Doubloons if they want to buy all the new items from the Black Market.

Aristocrat Set Equipment

This month, feel more dignified as you head out onto the seas.

  • Aristocrat Bucket - 10 Doubloons | This bucket is so posh and ornate that the water it bails feels fancy.
  • Aristocrat Compass - 15 Doubloons | This ornate compass always guides you to port, where you can show it off then leave.
  • Aristocrat Fishing Rod - 40 Doubloons | One does not 'go fishing'. One is a merely an aficionado of maritime cuisine procurement.
  • Aristocrat Lantern - 10 Doubloons | An elegant lantern, perfect for poetry in the garden at midnight. Or pirate stuff, if you insist.
  • Aristocrat Pocket Watch - 15 Doubloons | A delicate timepiece, suitable for a seafarer with many functions to attend.
  • Aristocrat Shovel - 10 Doubloons | Seems a shame to get dirt and sand on this shovel. But, more treasure means more finery.
  • Aristocrat Speaking Trumpet - 10 Doubloons | One does not raise one's voice to address one's crew. Use this instead.
  • Aristocrat Spyglass - 20 Doubloons | This fine spyglass is ideal for watching for one's suitors on a summer night.
  • Aristocrat Tankard - 10 Doubloons | The taverns may be filthy and common, but that doesn't mean your tankard has to be.

Goodies for Gold

This month, players will have to put aside 120,840 Gold to buy everything new from the Black Market.

Nightshine Parrot Set Clothing

Feathers are about to fly!

New Emporium items

To celebrate everyone's favourite fun-loving fishy friend, the Pirate Emporium has been stocked with new items on a Ruby Splashtail theme!

Counting Bundles, players will have to put aside a total of 5,245 Ancient Coins to purchase everything added to the Emporium.

Pirate items

This Month, Players will be able to acquire a Free Emote mimicking the gestures of "Joe Neate" in the Monthly Sea of Thieves Update videos. Players can also acquire a Ruby Splashtail Set Costume and Fishing Rod to match with their new Ship Set.

  • Three Sheets to the Wind Emote - Ancient Coins | Time-limited | Joe 'Three Sheets' Neate had this mesmerising mannerism that kept pirates hooked on his every word.
  • Ruby Splashtail Monarch Costume - 999 Ancient Coins | The Splashtail Monarch in folklore provides bounty from the sea... and maybe the occasional nightmare.
  • Ruby Splashtail Fishing Rod - 149 Ancient Coins | Time-limited | This rod honours the Splashtail, many a proud pirate's first catch. And second. And third...


Show your love for everyone's favourite fish with this colourful Ship Collection. A Ruby Splashtail Bundle is also on offer which includes all the regular ship cosmetics at a discount to hook you in!

Ruby Splashtail Ship Collection

Main article: Ruby Splashtail Set

Including Collector's variants, this full set makes your ship an homage to everyone's top fish.

Ruby Splashtail Ship Bundle

Show your huge love for the Ruby Splashtail with this livery set, excluding Collector's variants.

  • Total Bundle Cost - 2,499 Ancient Coins
  • Ruby Splashtail Figurehead - 599 Ancient Coins | May your ship leap from the water like a Splashtail onto a frustrated pirate's fishing hook!
  • Ruby Splashtail Sails - 599 Ancient Coins | Honour the Splashtail with sails that depict the piscine pal that pirates love to hate.
  • Ruby Splashtail Hull - 349 Ancient Coins | The Ruby Splashtail gets its name from being red and having a splashy tail. Pirates are direct folk.
  • Ruby Splashtail Wheel - 349 Ancient Coins | Mount a Ruby Splashtail on your wheel and you'll be reminded that perseverance is important.
  • Ruby Splashtail Cannons - 349 Ancient Coins | Hopefully as accurate as Ruby Splashtails are when they dive onto your hook for the tenth time.
  • Ruby Splashtail Capstan - 349 Ancient Coins | Pirates push their capstans harder when forced to look at yet another Splashtail.
  • Ruby Splashtail Flag - 349 Ancient Coins | The most common fish of these waters. Thankfully, they are not currently aggressive or organised...
Collector's Ruby Splashtail Items


New Achievements can be unlocked by progressing through five Trading Company Emissary Achievements that require players to place in the top tier of a Company's Emissary Ledger five times. A total of 100 gamerscore is available to earn with these Achievements.

  • Gold Hoarder Incarnate [20G]
  • The Order's Finest [20G]
  • Employee of the Month [20G]
  • Athena's Greatest [20G]
  • Feeding the Flame [20G]