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A Gamertag is a player's Xbox username and the name they are identified by in Sea of Thieves.

Sea of Thieves uses an Xbox Live account to sync player progress across Xbox game consoles, and Windows 10 versions (both Steam and Microsoft Store). A Gamertag is always displayed above a Player Pirate if they are in close proximity. Some cirsumstances will hide a Gamertage, such as if one player is under water while the other is above, or during the use of some emotes. Titles can be displayed below Gamertags, which are equipped in the Vanity Chest once unlocked.

Gamertag colour

Gamertag colour will depend on the following:

  • A green Gamertag is seen on all players within the player's own crew.
  • A white Gamertag will be displayed on players from another crew.
  • A purple Gamertag signifies players from another crew that have formed an Alliance with the player.

Gamertag settings

Crew Status Tags

Crew Status Tags.png

Crew Status Tags (found under Settings > Gameplay) is an option that displays the current action of a Player Pirate next to their Gamertag. These appear as small circular icons beside the names of your Crew Members.

The following Actions are displayed with the Crew Status Tags:

Icon Description
Crew Status Digging icon.png Digging with a shovel.
Crew Status Treasure icon.png Carrying treasure.
Crew Status Wheel icon.png Steering a ship's wheel.
Crew Status Sails icon.png Adjusting a ship's sails.
Crew Status Capstan icon.png Interacting with a capstan.
Crew Status Cannon icon.png Interacting with a cannon.
Crew Status Harpoon icon.png Using a harpoon.
Crew Status Repairing icon.png Repairing ship damage using Wooden Planks.
Crew Status Bucket icon.png Scooping water with a bucket from a ship's hull.
Crew Status Bucket Bailing icon.png Tossing contents of a filled bucket.
Crew Status Bucket Fire Dousing icon.png Dousing a fire with a bucket of water.
Crew Status Battle icon.png Taking damage in a fight. (Ex. from Skeletons, Player Pirates, or Throwables.)
Crew Status Dead icon.png Dead but can be revived for a short time before being sent to the Ferry of the Damned.

As well as the addition of an icon, the Crew Status Tags option also allows a Player Pirates Gamertag to be displayed from further away and through any obstacles.

Replace Gamertags

Replace Gamertags (found under Settings > Gameplay) is an option to replace all Gamertags with pre-made names. This is often referred to as "Streamer mode" as it helps streamers preserve the anonymity of themselves, the players in their crew, and players they encounter to prevent harassment and stream sniping.

Most of these names are references to characters or things from Sea of Thieves lore.

  • Names from the Sea of Thieves Comic Book Series:
    • Sneaky Alessia
    • Silvertongue
    • Osgar Seamark
    • Sharpshot Rin
    • Healing Naveed
    • Phillip Martin
  • Names from Athena's Fortune (novel):
    • Cpt. Adelheid
    • Banana Larinna
    • Forgiven Faizel
    • Little Ned
    • Ramsey's Ghost
    • Rathbone's Ally
    • Mercia's Quill
    • Cheerful Shan
    • Lubber Rowenna
  • Names from Tales from the Sea of Thieves:
    • Nine Cat Nura
    • Half-Stew Jean
    • Trading Isidro
  • Games presented in Tales from the Sea of Thieves:
    • Cho-han Master
    • Karnath Fortune
    • Liar's Dice
    • Betting Betty
  • Names referring to generic things in lore or game:
    • Moonlit Shanty
    • Clouded Skull
    • Buried Treasure
    • Ruby Splashtail
    • Captain Chicken
    • Cutthroat Cat
  • Names of other reference:
    • Cannonball Chris
    • Anna de Aquatic
    • Sprinty John

Hiding Gamertags

Gamertags can be hidden by using "Toggle HUD" but first requires a Controller or Keyboard bind to be set under the appropriate Game Options menu. This also hide all other HUD components such as interact prompts, health and ammo, and radial menus.

Xbox Reputation

Players can check the Reputation of their account at The Xbox Reputation Page. Here players can see how many times they have been reported and for what reason, which makes up their reputation.

Patch history

  • 2.5.2 (May 12, 2022)
    • (Undocumented) Adjusted several premade names for the Replace Gamertags option to be shorter than 15 characters:
    • "Alessia in Disguise" to "Sneaky Alessia", "Mele Silvertongue" to "Silvertongue", "Sharpshooting Rin" to "Sharpshot Rin", "Naveed The Healer" to "Healing Naveed", "Captain Adelheid" to "Cpt. Adelheid", "Banana Stall Larinna" to "Banana Larinna", "Seaworthy Faizel" to "Forgiven Faizel", "Rathbone's Secret" to "Rathbone's Ally", "Journalling Mercia" to "Mercia's Quill", "Landlubber Rowenna" to "Lubber Rowenna", "Half-a-Stew Jean" to "Half-Stew Jean", "Cannonball Chris" to "CannonballChris".