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Tales from the Sea of Thieves

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The Tales from the Sea of Thieves was written by Paul Davis and released in hardcover only on March 20, 2018. The book features narrations from three fictional pirates as it takes a look at the Sea of Thieves world through their eyes. Readers will find adventures stories of krakens, mermaids, buried treasure, and so much more. The book is based on the world created for the Sea of Thieves video game, and includes sea shanties, illustrations, and sketches 'created' by the pirates who lived the adventures. It is currently available on Amazon. Tales from the Sea of Thieves is presented as the Journal of Flameheart Junior, as he records his adventure to become a pirate, sailing upon the Silver Blade and travelling into the Sea of Thieves. The latter part of the book changes narrator to Marisabel 'Diving Bel', and her girlfriend Nine-Cat Nura, who finds Flameheart Junior's Journal and begins writing in it herself.

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