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The latest monthly update for Sea of Thieves has been unearthed! May brings a wealth of Lost Treasures to the game, from tasteful Tall Tale refinements and cavalcades of cosmetic additions to Daily Bounties and time-limited Events designed to keep pirates in pursuit of Gold and Doubloons. Watch the official content update trailer to learn more!

The new Events Hub page should be your primary destination for all things related to this update's live events. But first, read on to appreciate all the fine details, fixes and quality of life improvements under the lid of Lost Treasures...

Improving Tall Tales

Tall Tales are a great way to explore the astonishing stories of past pirates on the Sea of Thieves, leading to many unique encounters, locations and challenges. With Lost Treasures, the Tall Tales experience has been improved to make the journey even smoother.

  • Tall Tale Checkpoints – From the original Shores of Gold series to the more recent releases of ‘The Seabound Soul’ and ‘Heart of Fire’, all Tall Tales now allow you to save progress and pick up where you left off. Completing a Chapter automatically saves a checkpoint. Lost a Tale item in a surprise Kraken encounter? Met a ruthless crew of Reapers? Or just want to play through at your own pace? Resume from your checkpoint and carry on!
  • Quest Inventory – The Voyage Inventory has been replaced with a new Quest Inventory, storing Voyages and Tall Tale Checkpoints separately. The new Tall Tale Checkpoint tab can now hold one Checkpoint Voyage per Tall Tale, whereas the Voyage Tab remains unchanged.
  • Ship’s Map Markers – When ‘Show Tall Tales on Map Table’ is active, players can now hover over a Tall Tale icon on the ship’s Map which offers a prompt (360 Y.png on console and Keyboard White Mouse Right.png on PC) to pop out a Voyage card displaying key information and where to begin.

Regular Events

Pirates love a challenge, especially when there’s loot up for grabs! A range of regular Events are now on offer for players to tackle throughout the Lost Treasures update. For more information on all these, head to our dedicated Events Hub.

Pirate Emporium 

To celebrate everyone’s favourite fun-loving fishy friend, the Pirate Emporium has been stocked with new items on a Ruby Splashtail theme!

  • Ruby Splashtail Ship Collection – Show your love for everyone’s favourite fish with this colourful Ship Collection. A Ruby Splashtail Ship Bundle is also on offer which includes all the regular ship cosmetics at a discount to hook you in!
  • Ruby Splashtail Monarch Costume – Dress like the mythical Splashtail Monarch with this complete one-item ensemble. You too can be part man, part fish, all pirate!
  • Ruby Splashtail Fishing Rod – Launching at a special discount to celebrate the return of the Hunter's Haul event, you can show off your catch of the day with this colourful Fishing Rod!
  • Lost Treasures Sale! – Holding off on that Pet Outfit or out to refresh your pirate on a budget? Head to the new Sale tab in the Emporium to see the discounts available.

This Lost Treasures Sale is time-limited for the duration of the Lost Treasures update, so snatch up these bargains while they last!

Black Market

Duke continues to pass his time in the Tavern, kicking back with a Grog or five. Fear not, he hasn’t forgotten to stock the Black Market with new items for your hard-earned Gold and Doubloons!

Outpost Cosmetics

The Outpost Shipwrights have finally received a long-lost shipment of Ship Customisations that will allow pirates to complete a wide range of Cosmetic Sets. Head to the shipwright on any Outpost to see what you can add to your collection.

Gameplay Improvements

  • Ferry of the Damned Armoury – A new Armoury has been added to the Ferry of the Damned, allowing you to change your equipped Weapons before respawning.
  • Alliance Nameplates – When you form an Alliance with another Crew, the allied crews’ nameplates will become Purple to help identify those in your Alliance.
  • Rowboat Storage Interaction – The keybinds for interacting with the Rowboat Storage Chest have been changed to improve the interaction between sitting and accessing the chest. Interacting with the chest is now done using R on keyboard and 360 Y.png on controller.
  • Mermaid Recovery – When swimming in open water, the distance at which your Mermaid appears has been reduced, allowing you to return to your ship more quickly.
  • Animation Quality Graphics Setting – A new graphics setting has been added for PC, allowing players to adjust the character animation quality. On higher-spec machines, this will provide a smoother experience when multiple players are on-screen, though higher settings may impact CPU performance.
  • Default Settings for New Players – New players entering Sea of Thieves will now find that both ‘Crew Status Tags’ and ‘Sticky Radial Items’ settings are enabled by default, improving their initial onboarding experience. Existing players will not have their settings changed.


  • Ending an Emissary Session – The Gold awarded when ending an Emissary session via the Voting Table has been reduced at lower Grades, encouraging players to reach higher Grades for their payout.
  • Emissary Grade Multipliers – The multiplier bonus for rewards cashed in has been rebalanced. Grade 1 no longer provides a multiplier bonus, encouraging players to reach higher Emissary Grades for their rewards. The bonus has been shared between Grades 2 and 3 to compensate. Grades 4 and 5 remain unchanged.
  • Sloop Kraken Encounters – When encountering a Kraken on a Sloop, tentacles are now weaker and take less damage. Kraken tentacles wrapping your ship also take less damage before they let go.
  • Brigantine and Galleon Kraken Encounters – When encountering a Kraken on a Brigantine or Galleon, tentacles no longer try to cover the lower deck to prevent access. When a tentacle releases your ship, the damage dealt has been made more consistent.
  • Sloop Megalodon EncountersMegalodons encountered while on a Sloop are now less likely to attack if not provoked.
  • Arena Ship Supplies – When starting a session or returning after sinking, Ship supplies in The Arena have been increased. Crews should now have ample Food, Cannonballs and wood supplies, ready for battle.
  • Arena Dig Locations – When discovering a buried Glorious Sea Dog Chest in The Arena, the dig location has been reduced, requiring players to dig at the beacon to unearth the chest.
  • Crew Status Tag Range – The distance at which Gamertags can be seen when ‘Crew Status Tags’ is enabled has now been reduced.
  • Simplified Chinese Support – Sea of Thieves now supports Simplified Chinese localisation across the entire game.
  • Text Chat Censoring – When players try to send a text message that will be censored, a warning notification will appear.
  • Text Size Accessibility – Text sizes and button prompts across the game have been increased to improve accessibility.
  • In-Game Platform Accessibility Settings – Within the game’s accessibility settings, players now have improved control of Text-To-Speech (TTS), Speech-To-Text (STT) and Let Games Read To Me (LGRTM), previously only configurable within the Xbox platform settings.
    • For Text-To-Speech and Let Games Read To Me, the default is set to ‘Not Overridden’ and will use the Xbox platform setting. However, setting this to ‘Enabled’ or ‘Disabled’ will force the feature on/off and override the Xbox platform setting.
    • For Speech-To-Text the default is set to ‘Not Overridden’ and will use the Xbox platform setting. However, setting this to ‘Disabled’ will force this feature off and override the Xbox platform setting.
  • UNDOCUMENTED Trading Company Achievements – New Xbox Achievements can be unlocked by progressing through five Trading Company Emissary Achievements that require players to place in the top tier of a Company's Emissary Ledger five times. A total of 100 gamerscore is available to earn with these Achievements.
    • Gold Hoarder Incarnate [20G]
    • The Order's Finest [20G]
    • Employee of the Month [20G]
    • Athena's Greatest [20G]
    • Feeding the Flame [20G]
  • UNDOCUMENTED Title Screen Prompts – Title screen on PC now has buttons to start the game or exit the game, replacing the function to start the game by pressing any button.

Fixed Issues


  • When abandoned at sea with an active Mermaid, climbing on board a rival’s Ship will now cause that mermaid to disappear.
  • Respawning on your Ship after death or by Mermaid is no longer affected by having Treasure items on player spawn points, reducing scenarios where players would not arrive on their ship.
  • Reaching Rank 50 with The Reaper’s Bones now counts towards Pirate Legend status.
  • Players can now take water from the Water Barrel on the Ship from any angle.
  • When choosing from the Cannonball Radial during Cannon fire, the correct cannonball will now be loaded for the next shot.
  • Players are now able to add Wood to Campfires.
  • When defeating the Ghost of Graymarrow during the Fort of the Damned, all supporting Flames of Fate Skeletons are now destroyed.
  • The ‘Allow Friends to Join Me’ Setting now persists between sessions.
  • After defeating a Megalodon, its rewards will once again be released from the depths to float up rather than appearing directly on the surface.
  • When water is boiling inside the Galleon, it now cools at a much slower rate.
  • Resolved an issue with Windows 10 hardware detection that could cause some graphics settings to be set to incorrect levels for your spec. Following this fix, please check your graphics settings are correct!
  • Swimming up to the back of one on the ships in the Pirate Legend Hideout no longer pushes you through the world.
  • A prompt will now appear when passing Pets, Loot and Items to another Player.
  • Changing Game Settings with sliders using a mouse will now correctly save the settings when leaving the menu.
  • Adjusted layout of the Promotion offers in Company shops to prevent text being cut off.
  • The order of the cosmetic items purchasable in the Athena's Fortune Ghost and Pirate Legend shops is now alphabetical.
  • When disconnecting from an Xbox-only server on Xbox and moving to PC, players will no longer receive a ‘beard’ error but will receive a message explaining they need to change their settings or use a controller.
  • During the initial Company onboarding dialogue from the Mysterious Stranger, leaving the proximity of the Tavern and returning should no longer cause two Mysterious Strangers to be present.
  • Using a Rowboat after holding the Mysterious Key no longer causes the oars to appear upside-down.
  • Opening text chat now closes all open radial Menus.
  • When radial Menus are bound to E or R and ‘Toggle Radial Menus’ is set to On, the radial menus will now open and close as expected.


  • Improvements to hit registration when shooting at swimming Players.
  • Improvements to hit registration when shooting at Players using interactive Items on Ships.
  • The Galleon, Brigantine and Sloop hulls have been modified around the tops of Ladders, allowing Players to hit targets through the ladder cut-out in the Hull.
  • Performing a block-sword lunge then quickly entering block on landing will now correctly display the player in block stance to their opponent.
  • Attacking with a Cutlass while blocking then quickly stowing your blade no longer causes your player shadow to show an incorrect stance.

Trading Company Emissaries

Tall Tales


  • Returning from the Ferry of the Damned while a crewmate is being revived should no longer cause the revived player to appear stuck in a downed state.
  • Players now take damage from Fire if they die and are revived while still standing in it.
  • If a limping player is killed and then revived, they will no longer have the limping effect.
  • Players will now hear the ‘revive in progress’ SFX when another player is being revived.
  • Venom damage over time effect now ends when a Player loses all health and does not persist through revival.

Pirate Emporium 

Visual and Audio Effects

  • Players should no longer become permanently stuck as a green skeleton when loading into the game or returning from the Ferry of the Damned, though this effect will remain in place as the player arrives.
  • Sound no longer becomes distorted and increased in volume when a player surfaces from water or is briefly submerged by a wave.
  • The bloom brightness on the Ghost Set Equipment and Weapons has been dimmed to make it less intrusive during gameplay.
  • Placing the Ritual Skull in the Fort of the Damned cage no longer causes the skull to disappear.
  • Players will no longer hear Skeleton Ship music inside the Pirate Legend Hideout when a Skeleton Fleet battle is active in the world.
  • VFX are now visible when hitting the deck of a Sloop or Galleon with a Blunderbomb explosion.
  • Tavern fireplace VFX no longer flicker occasionally.
  • Defeating a Skeleton Lord now plays the full SFX.

Performance and Stability

  • Improvements to server stability focused on reducing lag spikes while sailing.
  • Improvements to client stability focused on reducing stutters and potential stalls when approaching other Crews out at sea.

Known Issues

  • Ranged and Melee Weapon Hit Detection – In areas of intense action, players may find themselves firing shots or landing strikes that do not cause damage to their targets.
  • Stuck UI Menus – When interacting with a Barrel and moving quickly through its inventory, players may find that the barrel’s state is not updated as items are removed. Players can also experience the Game Options Menu becoming stuck on-screen when exiting a barrel in this state.
  • Joining a Session – Players Receiving Groomedbeard – On attempting to join a session either via Session Rejoin, an invite or joining in progress, some players may receive a Groomedbeard error and be unable to join.
  • Visual Issues – Nvidia RTX GPUs – Some players with Nvidia RTX GPUs may see visual issues in the sea when set to Mythical Graphics Quality.

To learn more about known issues in Sea of Thieves currently being tracked and their status, head over to our Known Issues support site article.

Download and Installation

Download size:

  • Xbox One: 9.11 GB
  • Xbox One X: 9.39 GB
  • Windows 10: 9.39 GB

Xbox Installation Instructions can be found here.
PC Installation Instructions can be found here.

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